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Older News

Please note that many of the links on this page may no longer be valid, as some of these news posts are very old and out of date. This page is provided as an insight into the history of AGS, rather than as an active resource for up to date news!

17 Apr 2011

It's been a while, but AGS 3.2.1 is now here! This includes a re-written audio system amongst tons of other improvements!See the full list of changes.

27 Feb 2009

Service Pack 1 for AGS 3.1.2 is now released! This fixes a few issues with the original release; upgrading is strongly recommended.See the full list of changes.

11 Feb 2009

AGS 3.1.2 is now released! This includes support for fixed transparency with alpha-channel sprites, as well as loads more!See the full list of changes.

10 Feb 2009

AGS Awards 2008 winners have been announced! See theforum thread for details.

17 Jan 2009

Voting in the AGS Awards 2008 is now open!Play the nominated games and cast your votes!

24 Dec 2008

AGS 3.1.1 is now released! This includes Theora video support, scripting support within dialogs, and more!See the full list of changes.

07 Nov 2008

AGS 3.1 is now released! This includes native hi-res co-ordinates, support for 1024x768 resolution and much much more!See the full changelist.

04 Jul 2008

There was a problem with importing portions of sprites in 3.0.2, so Service Pack 1 has been released to fix it. Grab it from the download page.

21 Jun 2008

AGS 3.0.2 is now released! This brings a new Global Variables editor as well as loads of fixes and improvements to AGS. See the full changelist.

20 Apr 2008

AGS 3.0.1 is now released! This is a minor update, but includes several fixes and improvements from 3.0.See the full changelist.

18 Feb 2008

The winners for last year's AGS Awards have now been announced! Congratulations to all the winners and nominees -- you can see the full results on the Wiki

26 Jan 2008

AGS 3.0 is now available! This is a major update, more than a year in the works, and brings a completely rewritten editor, hardware acceleration support in the engine, and more!See the full changelist.

18 Sep 2007

AGS is now eight! That's right, on 18 September 1999, Adventure Game Studio 2.0 hit the adventure gaming scene like a tonne of bricks crushing nice Mrs Miggins underneath. And somehow, eight years on, we're still here. It's been a while since 2.72 was released, but watch out over the next few months for the next version of AGS, which will include some major improvements.

06 Aug 2006

AGS 2.72 is now available! It includes high-colour icon support, graphic filters, and more. Check out thefull changelog.

07 Jan 2006

AGS 2.71 is now available! It includes new friendly string support, sprite compression and much more. This is an important upgrade; check out the full changelog.

05 Jun 2005

Finally, after 7 months of preparation, the new AGS Version 2.7 is now released! It includes features such as a significantly improved scripting language, better auto-complete and loads more. This is a major upgrade and we recommend you check it out!Read the full changelog.

18 Apr 2005

The winners of the AGS Awards 2004 have been announced! The ceremony was held live on IRC, and you can see the full resultson this page.

13 Mar 2005

Voting in the AGS Awards 2004 is now underway! Now's your chance to play the nominated games, and then vote for who should win the coveted AGS Awards trophies!More information.

09 Nov 2004

Well, it's new version time again! The November elves have been busy preparing v2.62 just for you! Changes include GIF importing, pixel-perfect click detection on scaled sprites, tinted objects and more. View the full changelog.

10 Jun 2004

Finally, v2.61 is now officially released for your downloading pleasure. New features include repeatedly_execute_always, view previews, ActiveX plugin support, plus much much more.View the full list of changes!

17 Apr 2004

New website unveiled! Thanks to Darth Mandarb for coming up with this new design, it replaces the rather aged-looking one we had for the past 2-and-a-bit years. Enjoy, and let us know what you think on the forums!

31 Jan 2004

The AGS Awards, an annual community event designed to promote amateur adventures and have a bit of fun, had its awards ceremony today where the winners were announced. The ceremony was held on IRC, and a record 54 people showed up to watch it live! If you didn't manage to attend, the full list of winners isposted on the forums.

30 Jan 2004

A few relatively minor bugs were found in v2.6, so a new version has been released to correct them - 2.6 Service Pack 1. You can view thelist of changes.

22 Dec 2003

Its been a long time coming, but version 2.6 is finally with us - just in time for Christmas! This is a major release including several new features, 32-bit colour being the main one. Rather than me ranting about it here, why don't you check out the full changelist.

06 Sep 2003

Due to an issue with the placement of Lucasarts-style text, there is now a minor update, v2.56d. It simply fixes up this problem from the original version, but it's recommended that everyone upgrade.

29 Aug 2003

It's new version time again. So, what does v2.56 offer to complement your calorie-controlled balanced diet? Well, custom properties, scaling-linked movement speeds, RGB tint for regions, and much much more. Check out the full changelist for the whole story.

06 Jun 2003

AGS v2.55 is now here! It comes with new added goodness such as new game templates, room regions and speed optimizations, but more importantly tons of more minor usability enhancements - see the full changelist for more.

20 Mar 2003

Finally, AGS v2.54 is released! What's new? Well, a Linux port of the game engine, lip-sync speech animations, anti-aliasing for TTF fonts and scaled characters - plus loads of other more minor new features and bug fixes. See the full changelist.

09 Feb 2003

The ceremony was held on IRC, and a record 44 people showed up to watch it live! If you didn't manage to attend, the full list of winners is posted on the forums.

01 Feb 2003

The AGS Awards, an annual community event designed to promote awareness of amateur adventure gaming and have a bit of fun, has its awards ceremony live on Sunday 9th Feb at 1600 GMT on the AGS IRC channel. Swing by and find out which games take home the prestigious virtual trophies as the highlights of 2002!

30 Jan 2003

Happy new year to you all, and merry v2.53. What's in store this version? Well, 800x600 support, multiple sound channels, music crossfading, and tons of more minor new features and fixes.

25 Nov 2002

Another month, another version. Actually, v2.52 doesn't have many new features, but is released now because of two very important ones - a significant speed optimisation, and the fixing of the notorious "Not enough memory to load masks" Windows XP error.

25 Oct 2002

Version 2.51 is now here! This adds support for user-written plugins, sprite frame mirroring, continuous scaling for walkable areas, plus more new features and tons of minor fixes.

23 Sep 2002

Version 2.5b is now released. This is just some minor fixes, correcting a few problems with v2.5. Everyone is recommended to upgrade.

18 Sep 2002

Today is the 3rd Anniversary of AGS! Adventure Game Studio v2.00 was released on 18 Sept 1999, and what a long way it's come in the meantime. To celebrate, version 2.5 is now released! It includes a lot of major overhauls to AGS, and has a whole load of new features, including OGG Vorbis sound support, a new script editor, new interaction editor, hi-res walkbehinds, mouse wheel support and more!

21 Jul 2002

Version 2.4b now released. This just fixes up some minor bugs here and there. This version includes a whole host of other new features and bug fixes too, such as AVI/MPG video, game translations, TTF fonts and more - so check it out! The CHANGES.TXT inside the download describes what's new.

18 Jul 2002

Finally, it's here! Yes, version 2.4 is now released. It includes a completely re-written from scratch IDE, which is now a native Win32 application. Goodbye DOS-based RoomEdit, you can now create games on Windows 2000 and XP!

30 Jun 2002

I've finally opted for paid hosting, so the website should be up and running 24/7 from now on. Thanks to Adventure Developer for hosting us for free for the last few months. AGS v2.4, the long-awaited "AGS for Windows", is now into the Release Candidate stage and should be with you shortly.

23 Mar 2002

Version 2.31 is now out! This is largely a bug fix release - I took a break from new features to get various bugs and minor issues fixed up to make the engine as stable as possible. I strongly recommend everyone upgrade.

26 Jan 2002

AGS version 2.3 is now here! This includes a lot of exciting new features and bug fixes, so download it now.

12 Jan 2002

Moved host - thanks to the kind folks at Adventure Developer, this website is now hosted there instead of spaceports, which eliminates that infuriating banner across the whole of the bottom of the screen.

01 Jan 2002

Happy new year! The new site design is unleashed, apart from the Links page which will be updated shortly. Hope you like it.

13 Dec 2001

Happy Christmas! To celebrate, version 2.22 is now available! Loads of new features and bug fixes - the full changelog is in this forum post.

06 Aug 2001

Finally, version 2.21 is available. This includes various new features and bug fixes - for the complete change list see this messageboard post.

28 May 2001

Version 2.2 is now released, which includes major changes. Sorry, no patch is available from previous versions.

30 Mar 2001

Service Release 3 is now available. This fixes a couple of bugs and adds a couple of new functions.

10 Mar 2001

Service Release 2 is now released. This is mainly a bug-fix release and fixes quite a few more minor little niggles that people had with the engine.

28 Feb 2001

Service Release 1 for version 2.15 is now available. It fixes a few bugs, and also adds MP3 support for the Windows engine.

22 Feb 2001

Yes, version 2.15 is here! It includes MOD/XM support in the Windows engine, auto-speech support, transparent objects and more!

14 Feb 2001

Happy valentines people, and to celebrate Service Release 5 is now available. This is a bug-fix only release, and fixes several more minor bugs reported recently. Hopefully this will be the most stable version to date :-)

07 Feb 2001

Service Release 4 is now available, which fixes the problem with text script "Player enters screen" actions causing a crash, as well as a problem with walking speed 1.

04 Feb 2001

Service Release 3 is now available, which fixed the demo crash bug from the last version, and also adds support for idle animations and characters following the ego.

01 Feb 2001

Because I managed to break MIDI music in SR-1, Service Release 2 is now available. This fixes these KB articles: Q15: BUG: MIDI music won't play; Q16: BUG: Screen is visible on "Player enters screen" event as well as a couple of other problems, and adds a couple of new features. Sorry, no patch is available.

27 Jan 2001

Version 2.14 SR-1 is now available. This fixes a couple of issues, including this bug from the KB: Q13: BUG: No "Text Window" checkbox in GUI setup and some other minor points.

01 Jan 2001

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great time, and I haven't been idle either, cos AGS v2.14 is now released! It includes new features such as the new Slider control for your GUIs, as well as lighting effects and a fair few new script functions. Check it out below.

23 Dec 2000

Happy Christmas! v2.13 Service Release 3 is now released. This is a purely bug-fix release, and fixes the following problems: Q6: BUG: Talking frame not reset after conversation; Q7: BUG: Starting game gives "INI_Lib (E150)" error; Q8: BUG: Inventory window messes up when combining two items; Q9: BUG: Using MoveObjectDirect won't compile script; as well as a couple of other problems that aren't on the knowledge base.

03 Dec 2000

Version 2.13 Service Release 2 is now available. This fixes the load game bug and a couple of other issues. Sorry, no patch is available this time, you'll have to re-download it.

28 Nov 2000

Version 2.13 is finally released! This release includes the new Windows engine and quite a few bug fixes - not to mention a couple of new features too! Check it out below.

22 Aug 2000

Version 2.12 is now available. This has a couple of new features, such as the ability to display text permanently in the background, but it's mainly a collection of all the bug fixes since the last release. I'd strongly recommend everyone upgrade.

25 Jul 2000

Service Release 2 now available, this fixes the mouse cursor disappearing in RoomEdit, transparency problems in the engine and a couple of other minor fixes.

23 Jul 2000

v2.11 now released. This just fixes a couple of bugs, adds some translations and roomedit now runs in the game's color depth so your backgrounds and sprites look better in the editor.

22 Jul 2000

AGS v2.1 released, now with hi-colour support! There's loads of other new features too, so check it out below. Or, head over to the messageboard to discuss it. Sorry, no patch available for previous versions. Oh, and the poll has been changed.

19 May 2000

v2.07 SR-4 released. This fixes NewRoomEx (again), and also the save-load game problem with controlling different player characters.

13 May 2000

v2.07 SR-3 released. This just fixes two bugs: first, there was a bug where objects were incorrectly drawn behind walk-behind areas in some circumstances, and the other fix is a bug with NewRoomEx not allowing Y co-ordinates above 200. Also, new site design uploaded. Let me know what you think! Thanks to Sylpher for the design.

04 May 2000

The poll has been changed. The results of poll #3 (which game interface did you prefer) were, with 233 votes total: Sierra interface: 37%; LucasArts interface: 58%; Neither: 5%

03 May 2000

Version 2.07 SR-2 is released - this fixes a couple of things, and adds the ability to have a default script that gets called if no interactions are specified for a hotspot/object.

01 May 2000

Version 2.07 SR-1 is released. This includes a couple of bug fixes, and also some neat new features like ShakeScreen and RemoveWalkableArea.

28 Apr 2000

Version 2.07 is released. This includes a completely re-written interface editor, and many bug fixes.

09 Mar 2000

Released v2.06 SR-1. This fixes a problem where roomedit would crash if you had more than 80 files in your game, and also adds support for importing Paint Shop Pro palette files.

07 Mar 2000

v2.06 is now released. This is mainly bug fixes and quite a few minor new features, but there isn't one feature that really stands out. You'll be glad to know that the text size problem at high resolutions is finally fixed. :-) I'm releasing it now because I'm not going to have much time to work on AGS over the next few weeks, so don't expect another version until April.

17 Feb 2000

Another minor bug found - this time, the engine wouldn't load animating backgrounds if you built an exe file. That's fixed, along with a minor fix to roomedit. Dear me, this is getting as bad as Microsoft products - releasing constant patches. I think this has tought me a lesson though - I rush-released v2.05 without proper testing. It won't happen again ;-)

15 Feb 2000

I found a minor bug in RoomEdit v2.05 - the full-screen preview screwed up with a 640x400 res room. That's fixed, and I also added dialog import/export and an Undo feature to Service Release 1, which is now available.

13 Feb 2000

Another new version? Yes, that's right, v2.05 is now released. It includes animating background support, character export/import and loads of other new features.

29 Jan 2000

Well, the hi-colour poll gave an overwhelming majority (62%) in favour of converting AGS to hi-colour. You can see the results of the poll here. I'm a bit reluctant to do it because of it increasing the system requirements, but I guess most people have a Pentium-166 or above by now. So here's the plan - there will be two or three more new versions with the current 256-colour AGS (so it will end on v2.06 or 2.07). This is to ensure that people who don't want to use the hi-colour one have the most complete system possible. Then, I'll attempt to add hi-colour.

10 Jan 2000

Finally, AGS v2.04 is released. What's new? Well, I've been going through the future.txt file from v2.03, and adding in stuff. I'm glad to say that the remaning future.txt is now just 2,141 bytes - compared with 2,736 in v2.03. so that's 600 byte's worth of improvements :-). Seriously though, it includes new features such as the ability to use close-up-face animations for speech text, object naming for Lucasarts-style interface, screenshot-saving function, custom transparent colour for importing sprites, and more. Read the changes.txt in the archive to see everything that's been added. This is a release with just improvements that you have asked for. I hope you like it.

04 Jan 2000

No new version uploaded yet, but you can expect v2.04 to come around the end of January. For now, I've added a new poll to this page (on the right, up a little bit). I've had a lot of people asking for HiColor support in AGS. However, this would mean a total conversion to HiColour, meaning that 8-bit colour support would no longer be available. Bear in mind, before you vote, that using HiColour would cut the speed of the run-time engine in half, making the games unplayable on less than about a Pentium-166 system. And no, I can't support both 8- and 16-bit colour: I've looked into that and it would be very difficult to implement.

14 Dec 1999

I've just given the website a bit of a Christmas makeover. I've moved the links to the panel on the right, and shuffled bits around. Let me know whether you think this design is better or worse than the other one. On the AGS development front, I'm afraid I haven't had much time recently to work on it - I've been busy with work and answering all your e-mails, which gives me less time to work on the program. But I'll try to get down to it over Christmas.

26 Nov 1999

v2.03 released. This is mainly a maintenance release - it's just some minor improvements, along with a preview of the new AGS-Windows engine. The reason it's taken so long with so little improvements is because I had a hard disk crash recently so I lost all the changes I'd made since v2.02 - and I've now put them back in, and decided it was time for a new release.

01 Oct 1999

Version 2.02 released, fixes bugs where you couldn't save the game position, font importing crashed and the engine sometimes crashed on startup. Also added support for importing 640x400-resolution sprites, option to prevent player skipping speech text, and software wavetable synth midi driver.

26 Sep 1999

Minor update: v2.01 released, fixes bugs and introduces a couple of new features. These include characters having an optional Talking view which allows animated mouths in conversations, longer hotspot names, many dialog system bug fixes, and other more cosmetic improvements.

18 Sep 1999

Yes, it's finally here - v2.00 is released at last. Don't be confused by the name change from Adventure Creator - it's still as easy to use, but it has just got easier and more powerful. Don't believe me? Check out these improvements over v1.14: Character scaling, customizable interface, animating mouse cursors, scrolling rooms, conversation system, inventory objects can be used on each other, and more. Best of all, practically everything in the engine is now customizable. The only fixed parts left are the inventory window and the save/restore game dialogs. And it's all done from the new Room Editor - no more fiddling with INI files or compiling the game before running it! Finally, I couldn't leave out the fact that the demo game's graphics have been completely re-drawn (see the screenshot above), courtesy of D281@aol.com. It looks SO much better now!

02 Jul 1999

Ok, I know it's been a long time since the last version was released. Don't worry, AC v2 will hopefully be released in late August. Until then, there's a preview of v2 which you can get from here (comments to the messageboard please). Anyway, what's the news? Well, I have uploaded the latest language pack and the AC docs in MS Word format (tired of reading those text files :-) ) to the resources page.

10 Apr 1999

Version 1.14 now released. This includes a complete overhaul of the text script system: it is now much more powerful and easier to use. Also in this version - change the main character's graphic in different areas of the screen: this allows for a shadowed version when beside a building, a swimming version when in water, and so on. Customizable score and error sounds, ability to move man as close as possible to destination instead of using red X, new intro system, XM music support and many bug fixes.

20 Mar 1999

Version 1.13 now on-line. There's a new Sierra-style inventory window and many new commands to make the graphical script more powerful. You can also use custom mouse cursors and customize the status bar. New Windows version of the Project Manager and a faster route-finder. Mod music support. Loads of other new features, improvements and bug fixes. Sorry, no patch this time. You must re-download the whole thing.

13 Feb 1999

Version 1.12a now on-line. This is mainly a bug-fix release - in fact, the only new feature is that you can move non-player objects in an animation. It fixes the bug where objects weren't properly removed from the screen, and changing the main character's graphics actually works now.

31 Jan 1999

Version 1.12 now on-line. You can now change the main character's graphic, do simple animations like a door opening, import FLI/FLC full-screen animations, turn off the main character for doing things like close-ups of a control panel or for a puzzle. The Sprite Manager importer has been improved and there are now translations for Finnish and Norwegian. There are lots of other small fixes and additions - see the Changes.txt file in the archive for a complete list.

16 Jan 1999

Version 1.1 now on-line. This has a lot of improvements, including: SVGA 640x400 support, background music and sound effect support, mouse-controlled character movement, national language support, and you can now import your own BMP/PCXs to use as graphics for objects. Also includes better room file compression, more commands in the text script and minor bug fixes. If you're an existing user you'll definitely want this update.

18 Dec 1998

Service Release 1 now on-line. This new version includes major updates to the Room Editor, and a couple of bug fixes in the main engine. NEW graphical script editor - create multiple responses easily without using misc conditions! The other Room Editor updates are mainly cosmetic - they include a new file selector which allows changing directory and supports long filenames, and better replacements for some dialogs such as the 'are you sure you want to quit' dialog. Oh, and the demo game has one extra screen and now ends gracefully.

02 Dec 1998

Minor update now online. Removes shareware nag screen, and adds facility to define startup position of the character on the first screen.

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