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Games with Download Links Marked As Broken

'Adventure Game' demoCMonkey 
[Into the series] OceanSpirit DennisIcey 
[Into the series] PMQ LegendsIcey 
[Into the series] Portable Knights: PMQIcey 
[Into the series] Pub Master Quest 3Icey 
[Into the series] Pub master quest.2Icey 
[Into the series] Shogin Crystal Legends B2Icey 
1st DropTechnocrat 
2034: A.C. (After Canada) II [Bake Sale 2]Ponch 
4 of Clubs<NO OWNER SET> 
6 Days a Sacrifice<NO OWNER SET> 
7th Sense, TheAbisso 
9 Hours to DawnCogliostro 
9 Months Intzachs 
A Cure for the Common ColdMashPotato 
A Date in the Parkshaun9991 
A night in Berry - long versionCreamy 
A Night To RememberEthan D 
A Sloth for Both SeasonsCaptainD 
Absent: Part I - Innocent Until Proven GuiltyFNGames 
Achar chronicles: OblitusTheRoger 
Adventure Game DemoTom S. Fox 
Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous WondermentPumaman 
Adventures of Fatman, TheIonias 
Adventures of Max Fax 1maxfaxgames 
AGS Awards Ceremony 2010Dualnames 
AGS Background Editor v1.4Erica McLane 
AGS Mittens ShooterSquinky 
AGS Quit Game Dialog: The GameFSi++ 
AGS Rock, Paper, ScissorsSinSin 
Al Gurbish in... Nick it & Run!!! (English & Spanish available)aussie 
AL-QUEST 1Baron 
Alba the Explorer: Princess Marian part VSSH 
Alien Cow Rampage: Orion Needs Your Milk!Ghost 
Aliens Inc. (demo)Pumaman 
All Gone Soon 2vertigoaddict 
All the magical thingsGepard 
Alpha X - Project: SMASHWanderingWizard 
An Egypt AdventurePumaman 
Anastronaut: The Moon HopperAnasAbdin 
Anna's Quest Vol. 1: Winfriede's TowerSughly 
Anton Ulvfot's SuperdiskMachineElf 
Apprentice II: The Knight's MoveGregjazz 
Arden's Valeantipus 
Are We There Yet? 2Gord10 
Armageddon MargaretElaineMc 
Asterix and the Roman UndergroundDa_Elf 
Astranded (Astro-Stranded)Pumaman 
Audio Quest<NO OWNER SET> 
Awakening - Part 1: EscapePurpleNurple 
Background Blitz Collection Screensaverarj0n 
Baldy's AdventureHernald 
Baltazar the FamiliarKing_wiking 
Banana Racerarj0n 
Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday 1Ponch 
Barn Runner Halloween 1: Fully Automatic MojoPonch 
Barn Runner: The Rich Dame Who Cut The Cheese (Bake Sale)Ponch 
Bart's Quest For TVTakara 
Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 6 - Scourge of the Sea PeopleGrundislav 
Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 8 - Relics of the PastGrundislav 
Bernard's RoomKhris 
Bert the Super Demon Slayer GuySquinky 
Bestowers of Eternity - part oneDave Gilbert 
Big Blue World Domination [MAGS]WHAM 
Black Lump Of CoalPumaman 
Black Sect 2: The Cursed Crypt (PnC Remake)arj0n 
Blackwell UnboundDave Gilbert 
Blades of Passion: An Oceanspirit Dennis Adventureddq 
Blockz [Demo] - A Slider Puzzle Gamearj0n 
Blue Lobe Inc.Baron 
Bluecup on the Runjannar85 
BlueGui v2.5 (updated 10-27-02)RickJ 
Bowser Quirk Questmr.me 
Broken Windows - Chapter 1ddavey1983 
btoooooom!<NO OWNER SET> 
Bunny QuestWretched 
By the Sword: Conspiracy (playable first chapter)TerranRich 
C.U.T.E. The Marvellous Adventures of Princess Marian part VIISSH 
Camp 1StillInThe90s 
Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping Boots (Demo)CaptainD 
Cayanne PepperMontague 
Chance Of The DeadGhost 
Charlie Foxtrot & The Galaxy of TomorrowBaron 
Chez ApaHalgwet 
Chinese Checkersmintymint 
Chongo's China AdventureHAL 
Christmas QuestAGA 
Christmas Quest 3: Santa's Little Help DeskAGA 
Chronicles of Captain CringeMontague 
Chucksy in the Great (Demo)Johanas 
Class Notesjuasma 
Columbus LanderMandle 
Connect 4<NO OWNER SET> 
Connect 4 v.2.1Maddin 
CosmoKid (DEMO)Goldfish 
CosmoKid 0.9Goldfish 
Count Spatula, Volume 1 :: The Seafood Years.. 
Crap QuestLGM 
CryoPeder 🚀 
Danger Mouse DemoDadalus 
Dark of NightBarbarian 
Day of Schoolbotkiller 
Deadly Consequences!Slasher 
Death on StageDuncanFx 
Death's DoorSeb 
Demonslayer 2: DemonSlayer vs. Vegetable VampiresSquinky 
DemonSlayer 3: Hotel and AlleySquinky 
Desktop Adventures: The 11 Minute GameLGM 
Diamonds in the Roughalkis21 
Doc ApocalypseMidian Design 
Domestic Conspiracy DemoVince Twelve 
Don't Push The Buttonselmiak 
Donnie Darko: The adventure game<NO OWNER SET> 
Dr. Lutz and the Time Travel Machine<NO OWNER SET> 
Draculator II: Byte of the DraculatorBaron 
DSM: Are we alone?Slasher 
Earl Bobby is looking for his BallsLe Woltaire 
Earl Mansin: The BreakoutHillBilly 
Educating Adventures of Girl and RabbitUbel 
El Ammo & the Flying Dutchman's MinePumaman 
ELF: And soon the darkness...Slasher 
Epic adventures of BarryPaoul 
Equilibrium - Out of TimeJudasFm 
Eric the AnteaterAnteater 
Ernie's Big Adventure IIDr. Eric Moreau 
ESPER: The Town on the Edge of DarknessWanderingWizard 
Eternal Chrysalisselmiak 
Eternally UsCalin Leafshade 
Exile sourcejrp 
Exposed Reality: a RON gamebush_monkey 
FAR NOWHEREnaamlock 
Feng Shui And The Art Of TV ReceptionMandle 
FIFA International Football 2004Duzz 
Firefly story 3d Pumaman 
Fists of Murder [MAGS]Jack 
Floaty Rog'Khris 
Flophouse Hijinks (Deluxe Edition)Ponch 
Flux WorldPumaman 
Forgetten Death Demo (Turkish Version)X-Star 
Fractal Creatorcharliechuck 
Fridge FolliesBaron 
FSi's SymDefecationFSi++ 
FSi's Vacuum Cleaner Gone Mad!FSi++ 
Fun With Numbersmintymint 
Gaea Fallenamaranth 
Gasse Suit Tollis - 3 - Looking For LovePumaman 
Gateway RemakeHandsFree 
Gear Blade™.DX<NO OWNER SET> 
Generation FunSlasher 
Gesundheit! Demo VersionMatt Hammill 
Gil: The Trillion Dollar Journey DEMOPumaman 
Go North 3Dualnames 
Grandfather's TreasureMonkeySpank 
Guy who landed on weird red planetThe Fool 
Guyver Quest II: CronosSledgy 
Hard Space: Conquest of the Gayliks!Shane 'ProgZmax' Stevens 
Harry's 21st Birthdaynewton64 
Harrys Strange Day<NO OWNER SET> 
Hell's Satansmozza 
Hello Neighbor!Sayhello-hello 
Horror Hospital Incomplete DemoMozesh 
Horse Park FantasyMarion 
Hotel Hansen 2.0Yo Mama! 
Hotel HellKreator 
House of de SadeSlasher 
Hubris - a Popular Pub PastimeGhost 
I ForgotLRH 
I Need A Wee!BOYD1981 
I'm free (Soy libre)<NO OWNER SET> 
Indiana Jones and the Gold of Genghis KhanGabarts 
Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold Demodoctorfargo 
Indiana Jones™ and the Fountain of Youth DEMO<NO OWNER SET> 
Indy Bones: The Book Of The Godsbarefoot 
Infinity StringSektor 13 
Insane BertDanvzare 
Inside Monkey Island: 2nd chapterFafri 
Invincible Island Remakemacon 
James BondageJD 
James Peris es el agente 00,5lacosaweb 
Javelin CatchErenan 
Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracygreg 
John Harris and the Treasure of the PharaohRoliX 
John Lost his key episode 1 and 2Pumaman 
Johnny Rockett AdventurePixelton 
Jonny and the sweet fragrance of fecesjayfactor 
Journey To HellRomeo 
Julius Dangerous 2Julius Dangerous 
JWB Games Demo Game<NO OWNER SET> 
Kathy RainJSH 
Keys of a gamespace. An expressive gamesebgenvo 
Kill Davy Jones (demo)FSi++ 
Kill Rem vol. 1(fixed bugs)Pumaman 
King's Quest IX: The Silver Lining VGA (Demo I)Pumaman 
Kiselyova Unleashed!FSi++ 
Klaus Kerner and the Fate of AtlantisMr Banana Man 
Koschei The Immortal: The BeginningSledgy 
La Cicutatanito0 
La Croix PanTheJBurger 
Larrywilco: Paradise LostTimosity 
LazyTown: The New Kid ~Demo~Ultra Magnus 
Legend of Rovendale 2 Mystic IslandEndrews 
Leisure Suit Larry 2 Point and Click (Final version)Rui 'Trovatore' Pires 
Let's Cook: with KoalaSlasher 
Life of D. DuckLeChuck 
Lifeboat: Story of CedrickLordHart 
Lifeboat: Story of Cedrick: The Directors Ultimate Super Cut EditionLordHart 
Lightning MasterPumaman 
Little DreamerLittlenate 
Little Girl in UnderlandThe Ivy 
Little Willie's Shotgun Fun Zone!Ben 
Living Nightmare DeluxeLRH 
Living Nightmare: Endless DreamsLRH 
Lone Case 2: ScarsDualnames 
Lone Case 4 - EpitaphDualnames 
Lone Case: Locomotive BreathDualnames 
Lorry Lenu1bd2005 
Lost In The Nightmare - DemoGord10 
Maniac Mansion DeluxeLucasFan 
Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 2 - CommotionKhris 
Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 40 - Trapped in the cellar v.3.1RamoramaInteractive 
Marshmallows Of Everalasting Realms<NO OWNER SET> 
Matt and James Amazing Game For Everyone<NO OWNER SET> 
MAYAK: lost way game<NO OWNER SET> 
Me Go Store II - Me Go Away!Akatosh 
Meaning Quest DEMOEinoo 
Medieval PrisonerGepard 
Melrin: The disciple ordeal. Updated version!Joacim Andersson 
Merry Christmas, Alfred RobbinsHillBilly 
Mimis the ratBelphegor 
Mind's Eye<NO OWNER SET> 
Mittens Mystery Extravaganzajetxl 
MonkeyWrench Issue ZeroGoldfish 
Monty the Komodo DragonFitz 
Mordy 2: The Mirror of TruthMordalles 
Ms PinguStromvin 
Murder Dog IV: Trial Of The Murder Dogthecatamites 
Murder in a WheelPumaman 
My 40 bullets (v1.1)mchammer 
Mythical Gambit Tales of the OceanSpirit[Demo]Icey 
N.orth E.ast W.est S.outhGepard 
Naked Fear<NO OWNER SET> 
NecroQuest 1. Deluxeyarooze 
neku's new trip (chap1)Icey 
neku's new trip[complete book]Icey 
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!Ali 
Nerdy Quest<NO OWNER SET> 
Night of the Testicle<NO OWNER SET> 
Nightmare DemoR4L 
No, I Am Spartacus!LordHart 
Nobody CaresxBRANEx 
Not FineZapZap 
OceanSpirit Dennis 2 betaIcey 
Oceanspirit Dennis Gets Textualddq 
OceanSpirit Dennis: A Ray of Hopetzachs 
Oceanspirit Dennis: The Naked & The NinjaPonch 
Odissea - An Almost True StoryMidian Design 
Oh no not again!Dualnames 
Oldman's QuestRobert Eric 
One of a Kind [MAGS]Crimson Wizard 
One Rainy Daybustee 
One RoomWyz 
Only The Good Die Young.M.M. 
OpenQuestGiddy Plant 
Order of the Thorne : The King's ChallengeKlytos 
OSD Archipelago Adventures 1Ponch 
OSD Moby GearWhaleDXPonch 
Outrage Dreamer Roads 4-3 [MAGS]Ponch 
Oz Orwell and the Crawling Chaos (DEMO)Midian Design 
Oz Orwell and the ExorcistMidian Design 
Pennis: The Ultimate in Pong!LordHart 
Permanent Daylight2ma2 
Perpetrator v1.1Esseb 
Pixel HuntSSH 
Pizza QuestIonias 
Platform Horde Arcade Gamesuicidal pencil 
Platformerius: The Ninja Incident2ma2 
Play It Again: An Improv Point & Click AdventureEggie 
Predators Prey For PlantsMandle 
Prime Minister's Questions: The Gamemarkbilly 
Prince DicklessJNGames 
Princess Marian XI: Light re-leafSSH 
Professor Neely And The Death Ray Of Doomsonicrumpets 
pSyCHo!@!Femme Stab Mode >:D 
Pub master quest Legends v3.0Icey 
QN2 [Demo]Midian Design 
Quest Fighter IIMortal Wombat 
Quest for EkobanSlasher 
Quest for YetiShoo 
Quikstrike89's Stupid Test GameQuickstrike 
RAM GhostGhost 
Ramses Porter and the Relay for LovePumaman 
Raven Chapter 1joelphilippage 
Ray Bexterdeltamatrix 
Razors In The Nightpiraatlife4me 
Red Hot OverdriveAprilSkies 
Righteous City - Part IIFranco 
Ringo's Big AdventurePumaman 
Robot PsychiatristPica 
Rocky roamsMr.E 
Roger's Lame AdventurePumaman 
Roger's QuestTheRoger 
rough diamond demo (working link)strangechicken 
Rowen Goes To WorkDanvzare 
Run bitch Run! 1.03Perkele2012 
Ryan's Day OutObi 
Saddson IsseinTimosity 
Salazar's Evil Planjayfactor 
Sam&Moos and the treasure of grandpaMinimi 
Satch's QuestPumaman 
Sawn 1: Pain is just the start!barefoot 
Scary Maze Halloween 2016Mandle 
Scum PubEkeko 
Secret Santa GeneratorCharity 
Secrets Of sultan Kanuniproximity 
Secrets of Sultan Kanuni 2proximity 
Shadow Wars [DEMO]Midian Design 
Sharky's 3: The Heistbarefoot 
Sheep Questcat 
Shooting GalleryGreg Hurst 
Sisters' SecretCherrySock 
Skumring: Extra Noir Edition!SeamanNaranja 
SkyTower Rescue DemoAlynn 
SL vs AUS O7sameera 
Sleight of Hand - DemoStorygamer 
Sliders Quest<NO OWNER SET> 
Slime Quest 2 DemoFemme Stab Mode >:D 
Slug PrincessWretched 
Smile or Die Nonplayable Demotr9000 
Smokin' WeedPumaman 
Snakes on a PlaneSSH 
Soldier of MisfortunePumaman 
Soldier: DemonstartionJoker 
Sonic and friends in: Club HouseSlasher 
Soviet Unterzögersdorfyona-kit 
Space Madnesseepman 
Space Pool AlphaKweepa 
Space Quest 5.5: Save captain Roger [DEMO 1.1]Sledgy 
Space Quest 7 Mania. Episode 1Sledgy 
Space Quest Visual Novel<NO OWNER SET> 
Space TunnelerCaptainD 
Spaceman in SpaceThreeOhFour 
Spot The DifferenceCaptainD 
SQ KubikSledgy 
SSH's Walkcycle GeneratorSSH 
Stair QuestDecaffeinated Jedi 
Stan Ames, Private Eye - Episode 1 - Murder IncorporatedJRock 
Star Trek Explorer - Strange New WorldCheapAlert 
Star Trek Newton: Part One - AnomalyMatt Frith 
Stickman RPGR4L 
Stranger in Stickworldhgames 
Super Jazz ManGregjazz 
Supergirl in We Don't Need Another HeroPumaman 
Supernatural: The Terror Triostrangechicken 
Supernatural: The Terror Trio Demostrangechicken 
Tales - Tech DemoAprilSkies 
Teamwork Tutorial<NO OWNER SET> 
Technobabylon - Part 3: In Nuntius VeritasTechnocrat 
Tempus Fugittheatrx 
Text Parser GameFSi++ 
The Hamresanden Chronicles II: The Black Prismbarefoot 
The Agency: Part one The ConspiracySpc120 
The Alien and the HickLGM 
The Art of DyingDoorKnobHandle 
The Art of Theft<NO OWNER SET> 
The Astonishing Captain Skullthecatamites 
The BarHe-Man 
The Beard in the MirrorPaul Franzen 
The Big Bad Wolf and The Three Little PigsSakkeus 
The Black Hand GangMandle 
The BumGribbler 
The Burger Flipper v1.2elruffo 
The BurgomasterBlondbraid 
The Case (Demo)eVOLVE 
The Cat LadyGrim 
The Cat Lady DEMOGrim 
The Chronicles of the Shoe: Part 1 DEMO (V1.3)mwahahaha 
The coming of age - a Lorna Bains whodunitDhelayan 
The Dark Trialplacyd 
The DecorcistRetroJay 
The Demonic Dollhousekarja 
The Devil's ShroudPumaman 
The Digital Spelljrp 
The Endless NightTheRoger 
The Energizertzachs 
The Era-Gone Trail MAGS<NO OWNER SET> 
The Ever Beginning TaleCalin Leafshade 
The Execution of Anne BoleynRiaise 
The Glass SplintersResulka 
The Hobbit: Rise of the Dragon KingSlasher 
The Holocaust MuseumLGM 
The IslandAJA 
The Journey Down: Over the Edgetheo 
The Journey Home: Part 1Adamski 
The Legacy of Icecream manThe Fool 
The Legacy of Taft Demodeadsuperhero 
the lord of the bytesdeltree 
The Lost Prince Of Lorden - Part 1RetroJay 
The Man in the Hat.-themaninthehat 
The McCarthy Chronicles: Episode 1Calin Leafshade 
The New Adventures Of Billy The Kidthecatamites 
The New Familiargranary 
The Old Man and the SeaTheBitPriest 
The Oracle (Demo)Eugene 
The Pubiclemyname 
The Quest for my Raincoat (aka DickBoy)Layabout 
The Quest For The Holy Salsatzachs 
The Samaritan ParadoxAndail 
The Secret of Chunky SalsaVukul 
The Three Piggies a RemediationKosMon 
The Unprintable MAGENTAFitz 
The VisitorNickyNyce 
The Visitor 3NickyNyce 
The Witch, the Wizard and the Blue CupSinitrena 
The Young Gabriel King ChroniclesKweepa 
This GameMontague 
This odd feelingWyz 
Time Out Teaser TrailerMrColossal 
Time QuestPumaman 
Time Quest 2Sledgy 
Time-Space EscapeMster24 
Timeline: The Iraqi Paradox|Alky| 
TimeSink of ChronosPumaman 
Timothy LandeKrazy 
Tom Hanks Away: Wilson's Revengejuncmodule 
Tom Mato's Grand Wing-Ding DemoBob The Hun 
Tomb of the MoonIshmael 
Tomes: Layne's DiscoveryLRH 
Too Many Kittensthecatamites 
TotaskalanThe Book 
Trapped In A BuildingPeder 🚀 
Trash QuestPumaman 
Troll Song - Verse One - DEMOCaptainD 
Troll Song Verse One - Completely StonedCaptainD 
Turtles Ninja in TimeSledgy 
Twenties Flappers vs The Mummythecatamites 
Two of a KindDave Gilbert 
Ulitsa Dimitrova - IGF 2010 Student Finalistlea 
Un ProfeMariano Cirigliano 
Unfinished TalesSadistyk 
Unintelligent DesignTwinMoon 
Update QuestDan_N 
Vacation Quest... Thingnick.keane 
Veggie Tales 3Dthecatamites 
Voodoo Dave & the Tablecloth MysteryFSi++ 
Waffle Quest ISylvr 
Wages of DarknessBaron 
Wall-E (Fan Game)markbilly 
Walters AstroidPumaman 
We Are VectorsPumaman 
Welcome to Dark Lake - DEMOMilo87 
what is thatPumaman 
Who Killed Who?deadsuperhero 
Who Sent Me To OblivionNostradamus 
Williams NightmarePumaman 
WOO - World of our ownGepard 
Would You Be My Lover ? Demoproximity 
You rock, Topus!Billbis 

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