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Loftus and the Sky Cap

by Ivan Dixon (aka iSTVAN)

Screenshot 1 of Loftus and the Sky Cap

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File size: 19.1 MB
Downloaded: 3,273 times
Graphics: 640x480, 8-bit (256 col)
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Release Date:
19 Nov 2008
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Rated 83% by the community (15 votes)Rated 83% by the community (15 votes)Rated 83% by the community (15 votes)Rated 83% by the community (15 votes)Rated 83% by the community (15 votes)
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Content Advisory:
Bad LanguageNone


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About this game

Inessa is woken by the smell of smoke. She races down the stair case to discover the workshop torched and no trace of her Master Loftus. The townsfolk are convinced that a dragon must be responsible or that the crazy inventor must simply have blown himself up- but Inessa believes otherwise. Music and sound by Jake Craig. AUTHOR'S RANT: This game is the first in what was intended as a four part series. I have discontinued this idea and present the game "as is" in the hope that some can find enjoyment.
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Story, graphics, coding.
Jake Craig
Music and sound.

AGS Panel Review

"A promising game with pleasant visuals and a lot of polish, though it's over almost as soon as it begins with no resolution."

10 people commented on this game (newest first):

Very good game! I am sad that the other parts wont come out. I enjoyed the game very much though, and can only imagine what happens next in the story.
2012-11-30 07:10:22 by Justyn
A very well done game. It reminded me of Sierra games like King's Quest and Laura Bow. I really hope there's a part two soon!
2009-06-07 22:37:59 by CosmoQueen
A remarkable game: lovely BGs and sprites and, nice story and new/intriguin GUI/hints system.
2009-02-01 00:52:16 by bicilotti
I really enjoyed this game. It's very nice, fun, charming and interesting. Congratulations !
2008-11-30 11:18:42 by Marion
The backgrounds where amazing, and I love the chicken-sprites. However, sometimes the characters don't fit the backgrounds.

The GUI is great, I did like the popup messages. The only thing I didn't like is that I had to click the down button to open the inventory.

I also did like the comic style cutscene at the ending, graphics and pacing where very good.

The only thing is that I dislike puzzles where you have to find a certain list of items to complete the game.
2008-11-29 16:37:09 by cat
a disappointing ending as it was too abrupt and it could've led up to a satisfying "to be continued" than it did.

I enjoyed the art, though the cut scenes at the end seems rushed and could've been executed a better way. The backgrounds looked too blurry in some parts and could have been layered with some clarity in the foreground.

The music was fabulous and really suited the fantasy style to a tee.

Overall, I enjoyed the feel of the game and the promise of a grand adventure. I hope you can get reinspired to finish it as it does show some promise.
2008-11-29 07:59:15 by Pixelblink (pixelblink)
Nice little game, even if it's incomplete. Hope it will be continued. Very good animations and graphic style.
2008-11-26 19:35:56 by neon
Nice little game, even if it's incomplete. Hope it will be continued. Very good animations and graphic style.
2008-11-26 19:34:18 by neon
This is a very promising start for a series- it has nice graphics and a very interesting fantasy setting. The GUI takes some getting used to, but works well- and I liked the idea of being able to "buy hints". Graphics are good, but a bit inconsistent- the sharp pixelated look of some animated objects doesn't blend into the soft backgrounds, but I do like the style very much. All in all a definite "thumbs up"!
2008-11-23 18:47:44 by Ghost
not the complete game.to be continued,bull
2008-11-19 19:58:22 by mac (mdyoung40)
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