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Mourir en Mer

by Dorcan

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File size: 1.4 MB
Downloaded: 21,322 times
Graphics: 320x200, 8-bit (256 col)
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Release Date:
29 Nov 2002
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
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Content Advisory:
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About this game

A poor ugly boy sick to death has a dream: He wants to contemplate the sea ones before his last breath...but his cruel father has kept him in the attic since his wife's death, wich turned him crazy. This game is in french & in english.

18 people commented on this game (newest first):

incredible , suggestive atmosphere and drammatich story like a film,
you must play this game!!!
2009-10-22 17:25:58 by punkkommando77 (PuNKKoMmANDO77)
a bit pathetic and with mouldy puzzles, yet an interesting gaming experience.
2009-01-13 03:04:35 by bicilotti
Wonderfull !! Nickel chrome!!

i stumbled upon

The game should be a bit longer, and have a visual end.
2009-01-12 20:58:58 by azerty
a very good game but I would have liked seeing a small animation for the end....

bien joué, ton jeu est vraiment trippant, ça fait plaisir de voir des bons jeux français ;)
2008-05-02 19:36:17 by Naamlock (naamlock)
God, I loved this game. It was so impacting that I'll never forget it, even though the duration was pretty short. I think the translation, even with a few flaws, made the game even better because of the way the main character talked. A line that stood out to me was, "Bread and water, they become nauseating with time." (not sure if I got that exactly right) That somewhat direct translation made the main character altogether much more pitiable and likable. Thanks for making this amazing game!
@AshkEnte: I nearly cried too!
2008-02-15 06:47:54 by Exrael
What a great game! Though, it is a pity that the ending was so sad and a little morbid.
2006-08-29 15:45:24 by Trish (Lucifiel)
The only AGS game I've cried while playing.
The flaws are some French text making its way to the English version as many pointed out and the puzzles after getting out of the house didn't seem well integrated.
But the real thing for me was in the opening and the ending cutscenes.
So brief and minimal but so powerful.

2006-07-12 05:09:29 by AshkEnte (Ashkante)
Playing an AGS adventure game dealing with such serious matters is a welcome change.
I have nothing against comedic adventures but I´d appreciate experiencing more games comparable to MOURIR EN MER (great title BTW).
The puzzle design is very well done, especially whilst the game´s first part.

I only have two gripes:

.) Some of the on-screen text is still in French.
.) I think the game should end with the image of a beach and the sea; it probably would leave a bigger impact on the player.

But overall it´s an extremely felicitious project.
Keep up the good work DORCAN !

Favourite part:
The Escape
2004-04-29 06:11:47 by Broken Sword
While graphics and looks of this game is a bit over average, the "feeling" of this game kicks everything. Deep, sad, a bit of horror... Superb.
2004-04-15 09:50:12 by InCreator
This game tells a sad tale but does it wonderfully. The graphics are excellent but I found the puzzles quite standard, though good and mostly appropriate.
2004-03-19 01:53:43 by Quinny
GREAT!!!! I especially liked the "getting out of the house" business. But for an ugly suffering kid his personality seems mean. When he lies to the conductor for example or when he lies about the hamburger, those parts do not fit with his character methinks. The best part is him getting out of the house, rest are stuffings. Great game non-the-less!
2004-03-03 10:34:37 by avatar
This is an extremely well made and moving game. I enjoyed it a lot, and it's one of my favorite AGS games. There are some flaws in the English translation (i.e. there's no word for "okay" in French, so you'll see the word "good" used out of place at one time), but they can be easily overloooked to play this outstanding game.
2004-03-01 15:44:13 by Ytterbium
Great game and really tough puzzles!
2003-11-15 12:47:20 by Jane
THE best AGS game I've played to date. A great, great game... and with subject matter that likely will never be tackled by a commercial company. Very well done. Save for being over before you want it to be, there's very little bad I can say about this game. Do yourself a huge favor and play it now!
2003-09-20 06:54:24 by Ozwalled
The mirror link works for me
2003-05-22 08:56:31 by Dorcan
The download link does not work!
2003-05-19 06:17:46 by SimSaw
This game, along with PDA, have the only AGS games to actually "move" me to keep playing. Manny' (your friend that moved here dorcan) told me to play it, and helped me thru the french verson, then I played the english one and loved it. If I had 4 thumbs, I'd put them all up
2003-01-27 08:03:02 by mr.panda
One of, or the most moving game made in AGS. The only flaw is that it's way, way too short. If it was longer it would be the favourite on many people's list. It tackles with such hard problems as parent cruelty, disfiguration, death and simple dreams. This is very courageous to include all this matters into a computer game.
2002-12-07 12:46:15 by Goldmund
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