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Highland Spirit

by GOC Games

Screenshot 1 of Highland Spirit

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File size: 6.3 MB
Downloaded: 470 times
Graphics: 320x200, 16-bit color
Operating System(s):


Game Genre:
Story Type:
MAGS (Monthly AGS competition entry):
Release Date:
30 Nov 2022
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Rated 90% by the community (9 votes)Rated 90% by the community (9 votes)Rated 90% by the community (9 votes)Rated 90% by the community (9 votes)Rated 90% by the community (9 votes)
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<Category Not Set> Not yet categorised
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Content Advisory:
Bad LanguageOccasional, mild

Public Opinion

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Puzzles & Pacing:
Overall Enjoyment:

About this game

Highland Spirit

Becky Speed is an aspiring novelist who is seeking to break her writer's block with a relaxing solo trip to the Scottish Highlands.
However, Becky is about to discover that in her idyllic cottage, she is not alone at all...

A traditional point and click adventure game made by GOC Games in one month for Adventure Games Studio MAGS November 2022.
See the people who made this game and any other games they've worked on >>
Story, programming, art

AGS Awards Nominations

Nominated, Best Freeware Game Created with AGS 2022

AGS Panel Review

"Very well written investigative game that uses Scottish history as a backdrop. Impressive in graphical style and writing/puzzles."

9 people commented on this game (newest first):

Classic point and click investigation adventure game that doesn't take itself seriously. It has beautiful classic 320x200 graphics, Indiana Jones style.

The adventure is settled in Scotland, with varied and atmospheric locations, and a moody weather that gives it an opresive atmosphere.

The plot is intriguing and the puzzles are logical and just the right amount of challenge. Also an elegant closure in my opinion.

The only things I could comment against is that the music is minimum and that I didn't love ripping off the lady on the shop!

Overall it is a fantastic game, really good.
2023-04-28 20:35:06 by Tomags
Excellent investigative game. The puzzles were embedded in the story, revealing background information piece by piece. Coming back to a location with new information was very rewarding.
The rainy atmosphere was so strong, I always felt a strong dislike to put on that damp jacket and go outside.
2023-03-24 21:00:04 by cat
2022-12-22 21:24:45 by Vordhosbn plays
I really enjoyed playing this game.
2022-12-16 20:38:39 by Michael2968
Very good investigative game, both good looking, well written and rewarding, fun puzzles. Highly recommended!
2022-12-10 19:55:08 by heltenjon
There's rain and supernature and lots of free beer and words like ploc. I even did all the tasks on my own, aside from one little hint. Fun fun mystery;]
2022-12-10 03:45:26 by al77
Logical puzzles, funny banter and light history (Ploc = Culloden?) made me spend a good time.
2022-12-04 19:50:24 by Creamy
Really enjoyed this game, and its references to older GOC games. Love that its always raining, ah Scotland. Fun Characters, the puzzles range fromfun, logical to some frustration. But eventually I got through. Highly Recommended
2022-12-03 19:29:42 by ponitclickaddict
A really good game set in Scotland. The author managed to mix funny lines, historical background, puzzles in a very cosy and enjoyable manner. Graphics are quite decent too, simple yet pretty.
Play this!
2022-12-03 10:24:23 by bicilotti
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