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Games with Image Links Marked As Broken

A Night That Wouldn't EndLostTrainDude 
AGS Rock, Paper, ScissorsSinSin 
An Egypt AdventurePumaman 
AS Racing ManagerEndrews 
Battle Warriors DEMO 3.0Endrews 
Bodi Pripravljen - Be Preparedviktor 
CGA games screensaverarj0n 
Count Spatula, Volume 1 :: The Seafood Years.. 
Crankosaurus Prime and the Blue Crystal Pursuit (Original MAGS Version)MiteWiseacreLives! 
Day of Schoolbotkiller 
Deflus Technical DemoMozesh 
Domestic Conspiracy DemoVince Twelve 
Elmo's Wagon ConflictSurplusguy 
Fractal Creatorcharliechuck 
FSi's SymDefecationFSi++ 
Gil: The Trillion Dollar Journey DEMOPumaman 
Harrys Strange Day<NO OWNER SET> 
Horror Hospital Incomplete DemoMozesh 
Kill Davy Jones (demo)FSi++ 
Kiselyova Unleashed!FSi++ 
Klaus Kerner and the Fate of AtlantisMr Banana Man 
Legend of Rovendale 2 Mystic IslandEndrews 
Lost In The Nightmare - DemoGord10 
Matt and James Amazing Game For Everyone<NO OWNER SET> 
Meaning Quest DEMOEinoo 
Mimis the ratBelphegor 
Mittens Mystery Extravaganzajetxl 
Music ToolsPumaman 
My 40 bullets (v1.1)mchammer 
My First Big AdventureMandle 
Mythical Gambit Flawless FatalityIcey 
Nightmare DemoR4L 
Oldman's QuestRobert Eric 
pSyCHo!@!Femme Stab Mode >:D 
Quikstrike89's Stupid Test GameQuickstrike 
Ringo's Big AdventurePumaman 
Robot PsychiatristPica 
Roger's Lame AdventurePumaman 
Sam&Moos and the treasure of grandpaMinimi 
Shooting GalleryGreg Hurst 
SkyTower Rescue DemoAlynn 
SL vs AUS O7sameera 
Slime Quest 2 DemoFemme Stab Mode >:D 
Smile or Die Nonplayable Demotr9000 
Soldier: DemonstartionJoker 
Space Madnesseepman 
Stickman RPGR4L 
Tales - Tech DemoAprilSkies 
Tempus Fugittheatrx 
The Black Hand GangMandle 
The Case (Demo)eVOLVE 
The Legacy of Taft Demodeadsuperhero 
the lord of the bytesdeltree 
The Quest for my Raincoat (aka DickBoy)Layabout 
Time-Space EscapeMster24 
TotaskalanThe Book 
Warrior of Mightsqualman 
Who Killed Who?deadsuperhero 
William in the USAwpowell 

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