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A dark psychological mystery with deep philosophical reflections throughout. The low-res graphics are ideal for the scenario and the soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful. Thought provoking content very well executed, and it left me slightly melancholy and reflective. A game about death that will mess with your the warnings.

2019-01-18 23:48:00, Wiggy

The Man From Fugue State

Puzzles are a bit hard but everything else is perfect.
This is one of the best free AGS game ever!

2019-01-11 03:25:12, lanchong

Dr. Chuckles' miniature world of madness.

This was a cool kind of gory game that I had fun playing.

2019-01-09 12:43:52, Michael2968

Dr. Chuckles' miniature world of madness.

Fun idea for a game and good (macabre) atmosphere. There's some gruesome (in a good way) stuff in this one. Lots of bits got a reaction out of me.

2019-01-08 06:32:23, Durq

Sniper and spotter climbing a tower

This is another fun game is this series of games.

2019-01-08 01:37:22, Michael2968

The Wicked Witch of the West

This was a pretty fun game.

2019-01-07 22:50:54, Michael2968

Tales From The Outer Zone: The Goat Crone

This was a good game with a fun tie tie in to the previous game in the series at the end.

2019-01-06 19:37:32, Michael2968

The Shaft

Good game. The craft dimension is probing and it looks neat. I'm curious to see where it goes next.

2019-01-06 11:35:26, Creamy

This City at Night

I loved this game! 2 things I really liked were a README file, and the easter eggs. Puzzles were great, but the storyline, characters and plot were immaculate. Re-playability while hunting for easter eggs was brilliant. Thank you very much for this game!

2019-01-06 07:05:17, Wiggy

Tales From The Outer Zone: The Goat Crone

It's technically perfect and I like the dark atmosphere. The story is interesting and I look forward to the next episode.

2019-01-04 01:13:38, lanchong

Cornelius Cat in: How the Cat Saved Christmas

That's the cutest game of the year!

2019-01-04 01:11:23, lanchong

Cornelius Cat in: How the Cat Saved Christmas

Find a longplay of the game here:

What a nice christmas present, again we help Cornelius Cat and his assistant solve the case of the stolen christmas decoration all while puzzling around in a handcraftet world.
A very moody and well fitted for christmas game.

2019-01-03 16:58:04, selmiak

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

Fun game with a lot of humor. The puzzles are great. Couldn't stop playing until I finished it.

2019-01-03 06:35:18, Durq

This City at Night

Great spy-thriller genre game with well-designed puzzles and plot. Polished graphics and animation make the game a pleasure to play. I recommend this to anyone who likes a good adventure game on the longer side.

2019-01-02 16:54:36, Shadow1000

The Shaft

This was a fun game that leaves you wanting more.

2019-01-01 18:04:23, Michael2968

The Dollhouse: Episode 1 - Plaything

This was a fun game that I would like to see continued.

2018-12-31 23:04:10, Michael2968

Cornelius Cat in: How the Cat Saved Christmas

Funny game, lovely graphics.
Kids, don't give in to blackmail!

2018-12-30 09:49:12, Creamy

Tales From The Outer Zone: Cyborg Seppuku

This was a fun little game which I would like to see expanded into a full game.

2018-12-30 01:55:48, Michael2968

This City at Night

Full-size and polished game with a lot of cool bits!

2018-12-29 23:14:15, Durq


This will be a classic.

2018-12-29 21:50:11, mahli

Bear in Venice

It's a short and simple game, but while it's over very fast the visuals are great and the characters have a fun quirkiness to them.

2018-12-28 21:31:07, Blondbraid

Strawman Bombing Disposal

If anyone completes the game then please leave a comment if possible.

It seems that 90% of players (or higher) just give up on the first puzzle, but those who complete it always say that it was fair and logical for anyone who perseveres and pays attention to what the goal of the puzzle is.

So, it would be nice to get a little more feedback from people who have completed the game just to show that it's not just stupidly impossible puzzles.

2018-12-25 09:17:31, Mandle

Santa and the orphanage

A good game for young children.

2018-12-22 04:41:27, lanchong

Coyote Episode I: The Mexican

Watch a Longplay of this game here:

The Coyote is the hero this town deserves.
The humor is good in this one and the dialog and even the voiceacting really makes this game stand out, it was made in 2009 where voiceacting wasn't the norm for hobbyist games. The puzzles are rather obstruse. The graphics are good and totally get the story across. And I shiver of the youtube filters because the soundtrack is ripped from the great Ennio Morricone, this just makes it so much more spaghetti western. Enjoy this way too short game that probably never will see the second episode. Hedgefield, give us another part please!

2018-12-08 20:49:48, selmiak

The Strawman Augment

Cute little game with an original story.

2018-12-08 02:20:10, lanchong

Blooded Fields

An intriguing story. Some puzzles were tricky, but overall a fun game. I really liked the art style.

2018-12-07 18:08:37, HanaIndiana

Strawman Bombing Disposal

Really cool and fun idea. I really liked the voice work. I got through part of it, but oh man, I admit I have no patience. And I'm bad at puzzles. Give it a shot though, you'll probably have better luck than me.

2018-12-07 18:05:11, HanaIndiana

The Wicked Witch of the West

Some of the puzzles tripped me up, and I was clicking everything. :) I really enjoyed the art and the story.

2018-12-07 18:02:14, HanaIndiana

Sniper and spotter climbing a tower

Great art, as usual, and fun characters! I really liked the use of theme (scarecrow).

2018-12-07 18:00:00, HanaIndiana

Black Friday

I wasn't sure who I was going to be playing as, so that was a nice surprise. I enjoyed the voice work and the puzzles, and the fun horror film tropes. :) Nicely done!

2018-12-07 17:57:53, HanaIndiana

Zog Moonbuckle: The Mysterious Planet.

Very nice short game, thank you.

2018-12-07 12:04:26, Roy Lazarovich

Black Friday

It's unusual to play an evil character but it's not disturbing at all. There's enough humour to accept this. I liked it.

2018-12-07 07:43:08, lanchong

Cornelius Cat in: The Uncontrollable Pest

A cute and short game! Nice handmade scenes and puppies.

2018-12-06 12:17:59, senpengeu

Black Friday

This is a pretty fun short game that I enjoyed playing.

2018-12-05 17:46:18, Michael2968

The Wicked Witch of the West

This game was fun, good puzzles and plot. I enjoyed it, thanks for making it.

2018-12-05 08:26:09, Wiggy

Strawman Bombing Disposal

You've simply got to play this game! The puzzles were mensa-fiendish, very, very clever, and the plot - where a hapless bystander is thrust into a hero role - actually happens sometimes in life. Voice acting was good (for non-Aussies "bonza" means "bloody good") It kept me busy thinking for three days, and the humour was a nice touch. A gem.

2018-12-03 03:18:50, Wiggy

Sniper and spotter climbing a tower

I enjoy the humour in these spotter & snipper games and this is a good one again.

2018-12-02 04:22:36, lanchong

A Treat and Some Tricks

Nice presentation and intriguing story. The character walks a little slowly though.

I attempted to draw a cover of the game:

2018-11-30 21:02:57, Creamy

Symploké: La Leyenda de Gustavo Bueno

Oh, thank you very much. But the game is already available in English in Steam and our website,
Best regards from Spain!

2018-11-25 20:08:54, Videojuegos_Fermin

My Burden to Keep

Wiggy, since the game is quite short, it would be difficult to release a demo of it, unfortunately. I found no way to change the button to say "Store Page", for instance, so I had it redirect to the game's, since other commercial titles here on the AGS homepage had done the same thing. :)

2018-11-11 19:30:58, RiotEsper

My Burden to Keep

There is no "demo", just a EULA. A blatant attempt at taking money without demonstrating value. Pass!

2018-11-11 07:27:57, Wiggy

Dr. Chuckles' miniature world of madness.

Slasher, this is one of your best games !
Once again, I like the diversity of puzzles.
Your graphic artist did a fantastic job.
I'm not a big fan of timers but it's not too hard to beat the clock.

2018-11-09 05:17:13, lanchong

The Burgomaster

Thank you to this game!

I finished game, but didn't use leeches and bandages. Why?
I think, some moment in the game was planed, but not realized?

2018-10-31 19:46:47, SPNVR

Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!

Definitely a must play for anybody who is a fan of pirates or the pirate genre.

2018-10-25 01:57:07, mkennedy

In Bloom

"This game packs quite a lot into a small space. Some nice animations. Feels like it could be part of a bigger game with an interesting world and history."

Yes, that was me! :-D

Would like to see either this game expanded, or another game that expands this game world.

2018-10-24 10:16:20, CaptainD

In Bloom

It's a very short game, but the two different endings were neat.

2018-10-24 09:48:23, Blondbraid

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

I tried to write a clever and in-depth review here, but there's really only one thing to say. This game is entertaining as hell!

2018-10-24 01:23:06, The Suitor

Subterra (DEMO)

Great demo, good puzzles and story - looking forward to the release!

2018-10-23 01:33:14, Wiggy

Subterra (DEMO)

Some demo issues worthy of note:
- The Autoinjector can be made at the engineer's work bench but can not currently be used.
- The achievements button at the top right of the screen does not do anything.
- The hard of hearing option in the menu options has not yet been implemented.
- You will be informed clearly when you have reached the end of the demo.

2018-10-21 18:17:30, Two Tales

Fists of Murder [MAGS]

Played it on a laptop with a touchpad with no emulated scroll wheel, so I didn't get to test out the punching mode, but luckily it wasn't actually necessary. I simply walked past the guy and didn't get hit once during the whole game. However, after completely ignoring the combat, there wasn't a whole lot of game left, it was pretty simple and straightforward. Visually it looked nice enough, but the lack of music and sounds really deducted from the atmosphere. Mixing different genres can lead to some interesting results and if I can dig out a working mouse from the depths of my drawers at some point, I might give it another go.

2018-10-16 14:03:00, Hobo

Jason and the Golden Apple

I like this epic adventure and we're spoiled with so many different puzzles. The gods overlooking the heroes really fit well with the antique Greek theme. The mix of low res and high res graphics sometimes doesn't look too good but there's only so much you can do in less than 1 month. Great family game.

2018-10-09 00:17:11, lanchong

Here Be No Sirens

A short but cute story with some good puzzles and great pixel art.

2018-10-07 10:56:03, Blondbraid

Here Be No Sirens

It's a cute short game with good original graphics. The original myth of sirens is quite sinister but you've made it a funny and interesting story.
I also like the fact that can only carry 1 item at a time, which makes sense in this context.

2018-10-06 05:18:26, lanchong

Space Pool Alpha

after commenting and rating already 5 years ago I longplayed this game now, watch me play a whole season of space pool alpha :)

2018-09-28 08:56:37, selmiak


I've made the translation. Please add me.

2018-09-27 14:10:39, Janos Biro

Starship Quasar

I've made the translation. Please add me.

2018-09-27 14:09:40, Janos Biro

Lamplight City

Very creative. One of best!
Keep your eye on this guy..

2018-09-24 17:59:54, sawyer

Football Game

Find a Longplay of the game here:

Football Game gets you with it dark screens and moody atmosphere that is reminiscent of Twin Peaks and other mystery series while it is set in the 1980s and features cars and other things from that time. Sometimes it's hard to see the objects because it's so dark on the screen, but you get used to it pretty fast and enjoy it for the atmosphere. The portraits of the talking characters get the job done but somehow look strange, but this fits the strange mood of the game. The music by Jupiter C is really great and sets the tone of the game while the soundeffects are fitting but rather sparse. The story is somehow predictable but the way it unfolds works great and makes you want to find out more all the time, so this is done right.

2018-09-23 20:01:57, selmiak

Lamplight City

I find it a pity Grundislav has made it commerical. A lot of people supported him while he found his feet with the paranormal series. He could make the game voluntary donations.

2018-09-20 15:43:47, dav

Tales From The Outer Zone: Cyborg Seppuku

I LOVED this game. The detailed, well thought out world is the reason enough to give it a go, and the cruel, oppressive, dystopian atmosphere immediately reminded me of BASS.

The game doesn't take long to finish but there are some interesting and original puzzle ideas. It's a real gem, especially for a game made in just under one month.

2018-09-19 17:58:43, Kastchey

The Campaign Of Daphne White

What a great game! I loved the concept of four simultaneous storylines I could switch between any moment. This move perfectly dispersed the linearity of each individual chapter and made the game really fun to play. As with any other Slasher game I've played, the witty dialogues and the brilliant sense of humour make this game worth every minute of the time you spend playing it.

2018-09-19 17:54:26, Kastchey

Dread Mac Farlane

Hi everyone, I just want to let you know that I have updated the download link directly to the english version of the game :)

2018-09-12 22:39:51, Marion

Cola Skunkette: A Bit of Cleanup

A nice game to play with a kid - cute, family-friendly and easy to play. Give this one a go, it's short but entertaining.

2018-09-12 11:37:18, Kastchey

Tales From The Outer Zone: Cyborg Seppuku

Find a Longplay Video of the game here:

Cyborg Seppuku is the first game by Malte Burup aka The outer Zone and brings you a tale from the outer zone. It is a short but colorful adventure game set in a cyberpunk world filled with implants technological gadgets. You even get to losen some screws on your head! Black comic like lineart kind of like moebius filled with vibrant colors draws you into the world where you get fed ads through your body augmentations and when you get rid of these the ads disappear. The story is very engaging and makes you want to find out how to leave the city called The Structure to find you love that left you, but some great puzzles stand in your way. The soundtrack is cool and very fitting. Go and download and play this entertainment plugin for your puzzlebrain now!
Let's hope there will be even more Tales from the Outer Zone :)

2018-09-09 13:53:01, selmiak

Fists of Murder [MAGS]

I like the dialogues and the graphics, not as fond of the punching though since it feels repetitive, but then again it's a mags game so there's not enough time to make a more interesting fighting system. Nice game anyways.

2018-09-04 09:26:14, Ibispi

Fists of Murder [MAGS]

The fighting system is great. It would be interesting to see it in a longer game.

2018-09-04 00:52:46, lanchong

Tales From The Outer Zone: Cyborg Seppuku

This is one of the best MAGS game this year. I love everything in this game : the beautiful graphics, the interesting puzzles and the intriguing story.
I look forward to the sequel or the full game.

2018-09-03 01:26:01, lanchong


Very basic, minimalistic and short. In its current form, I'd say it could work as a nice mini-game, but I kind of liked the premise and would certainly be interested in seeing a more expanded and complex version.

2018-08-30 17:27:33, Hobo

The Lightning Spell

A very simple and straightforward game. Some animations are a bit wonky and the dialogue texts could use some fleshing out here and there, but in overall it looks good and plays fine. Loved the environment shadows, that's something you don't see in a lot of MAGS games.

2018-08-30 16:42:18, Hobo


Find a longplay of the game filled with spoilers here:

You are a robot on a strange dystopian planet and you have to find your way through a few levels by either using your magnet, grappling arm or booster to jump. Use these 3 basic interactions to proceed on a lost scrap planet. The backstory and idea revolves around some wall-e like robot, in the end you might even find your eve. Play the game, some fun puzzles keep you thinking while the game can be completed very fast, if not, think more, or use the longplay linked above.

2018-08-29 15:48:11, selmiak

Yago, the Coquerrestrial

I loved this game from the minute I started playing it! The humour is hilarious, the whole concept is a bizarre allegory! I am honoured that the author allowed me to tidy the english translation. The animations and graphics are superb, I look forward to more from this talented dev!

2018-08-29 10:00:54, Wiggy

Cola Skunkette: A Bit of Cleanup

This is your best game to date. Your story and programming combined with Blondbraid's graphics have produced a sweet little game.

2018-08-24 03:03:35, lanchong

Space Tunneler Deluxe

Video added with a full playthrough on Normal difficulty level.

2018-08-23 20:16:43, CaptainD

The Path of the Pumpkin

A great game that is definately "out there", but how has it snuck under the radar for so long? Sure the protagonist is a pumpkin creature and talks like a pirate, Harrrr!, and his aide is an effeminate cross-dresser who is obsessed with classical columns (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian - which he labels Capitals!) and the protagonist, Skar, insists at every chance that you do not do anything sensible, he'd prefer something stupid.

There is a little pixel hunting, and some of the puzzles don't logically follow, but all the puzzles are hard. When you get into this psychedelic futuristic world set in another galaxy, it's all bizarre.

Graphics, animations and coding are superb, and the plot is very funny. Have some fun and do yourself a favour, play this game. It's, for me, the best find (accidentally) of the year so far!

2018-08-20 11:41:24, Wiggy

Space Tunneler Deluxe

It works well on Linux.
Arcade games are not my cup of tea but this one is well designed. The save option is quite unique for this type of game.

2018-08-17 00:16:08, lanchong


It's an interesting puzzle. Now you just to include it in a proper game. I look forward to it !

2018-08-16 03:07:36, lanchong

Symploké: La Leyenda de Gustavo Bueno

If you can provide me text files I can translate it to English. AGS is nearly all English, it´s advisable to provide such a version if you want to gain votes and good reputation.

2018-08-13 16:27:24, dav

The Black Hand Gang

I loved this book as a kid and I am very grateful to be able to play this on a computer today :)
Also I recorded a longplay that solves everything, so beware of spoilers:

2018-08-12 18:21:11, selmiak

Black Morph

Great! Very good original idea and very nicely done, good visuals and puzzles.
Developers, please continue it!

2018-08-10 14:41:50, Kh4n

Sisyphus Reborn

Very poetic and metaphoric about our lives... On the puzzle side it's pretty simple, but the poetic side is what it's all about.

2018-08-10 10:02:09, Kh4n

Commissar's Contrapasso

A fine spin-off from the super-duper-immersive-4-free-franchise-universe "Sniper and Spotter"! It was a cool idea to get to slip into the life of the unsympath "commissar". Creator Blondbraid did a good job, making the character believable while still maintaining the satirical tone of the series. Although puzzle-wise it was the weakest part of the franchise, the excellent storytelling is definitely making up for it. Looking forward to have another look at the soviet era, through the eyes of a scandinavian game designer.

2018-08-06 18:26:12, Kumpel

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

I was excited to see the game finally complete and it did not disappoint! A satisfying amount of gameplay, charming retro art, catchy music and, most importantly of all, a truckload of British humour at its best. Loved it.

2018-08-05 09:05:44, Kastchey

Don't Ice Your Cool

Fun little game. Very well done. Great visuals and sound.

2018-08-03 21:54:22, Durq

Stories of the unexpected: 'Until further notice'

You've done a great job in a short timeframe once again.
I always enjoy the dialogues between your characters.
And there's a good diversity of puzzles this time.

2018-08-03 07:49:00, lanchong

The Lightning Spell

Enjoyable MAGS game with outstanding visual effects.
I like your black humour too.

2018-08-02 04:18:22, lanchong

The Lightning Spell

The graphics look really good but the puzzles are very easy. The dialoges are so crappy it's funny again :)

2018-07-29 12:53:40, selmiak

The Lightning Spell

Nice, short MAG game..

Found graphics and animations very pleasing and well drawn.

The few puzzles were fairly standard and not to hard.

For a MAG game it hits the mark but I wish it had been longer.

Few minor issues that the author is sorting our at the time of this comment.

Good effort...

2018-07-28 22:22:03, Slasher

Private Detective

Nice little game!
Nice to spend a few 5-10 minutes with at a time. :)

2018-07-25 21:00:29, Cassiebsg

Stories of the unexpected: 'Until further notice'

Once again a great effort under time constraints. Entertaining storyline, good characters well rendered, good animation, humourous twist at the end. A fun game to play!

2018-07-24 07:59:02, Wiggy

Ms Pingu

Ms. Pingu?! Noot noot! (Sorry, it had to be said.)

But yeah, if only the link worked, I'd try this game out.

2018-07-23 02:00:13, DBoyWheeler

Commissar's Contrapasso

A gripping story with outstanding presentation.

2018-07-22 22:01:42, Creamy

Private Detective

Fun game to play! Hope the developer gives it some more updates and polish! I recommend keeping notes.

2018-07-22 13:19:55, Retro Wolf

Guardians of Gold

Another great game by Anne Hemenway, great graphics, well-designed puzzles, many rooms to explore and an interesting plot - strongly recommended!

2018-07-18 15:44:34, Lilalu

Hang On

Short, sweet and charming. My 7 year old also played through it and very much enjoyed!

2018-07-18 06:08:56, Daddymusic

I Want Out!

How hard will it be for a single room game?? Well... The puzzles are well-thought and complex, but sometimes lack good responses from the protagonist. Otherwise they are very logic. The visuals, the atmosphere and the last cutscene are top-notch! I could easily see this game as part of a big adventure. Well done to the author!

2018-07-18 00:04:26, Jojo_the_monkey

Rat Playing Game

Very difficult! I'd like to see the GUI tidied up, make the stats easier to understand, perhaps having different colours or even symbols to represent the different stats. Tons of potential, hope to see this updated!

2018-07-16 20:44:11, Retro Wolf

Commissar's Contrapasso

Lovely medium sized game, puzzles aren't hard at all and fells more like playing an interactive novel.
Very in style with previous games in the "series" by the same Author.
Lovely story, that catch me by surprise once or twice.

2018-07-10 21:32:00, Cassiebsg

The Clockwork Labyrinth

Like all of Elen's games, as Cassiebsg said "Take notes! Lots of notes!" Puzzles are from diabolical to sublime, and mostly interactive. Graphics are superb - it is a pretty game. Sound and music were great and appropriate. Two bugs stopped my gameplay, but I'm assured they are being ironed out. I have great respect for Elentgirl, and am glad to see her back developing. A great game! I'm going to replay adventure island now.

2018-07-10 04:50:52, Wiggy

Don't Ice Your Cool

The game in one image captures the feeling of a fairytale with the inspired music and the cute graphics. I wish for a full release soon!!

2018-07-08 22:12:25, Jojo_the_monkey

The Clockwork Labyrinth

Loved testing this game!
Don't expect to take 10 minutes or an hour, enjoy the game for the puzzles and your ability to solve them. If you enjoy games that challenge your gray matter and 1st adventure (like Myst), then this is the game for you.! :)
Also take notes! Lots of notes! Even if at first you may not consider it important. It might just be to solve a puzzle later on... and keep your eyes wide open!

2018-07-08 21:35:15, Cassiebsg

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