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A Tale of a Legacy by Akkad Estudios
Screenshot 1 of A Tale of a Legacy

Dery Marlon, a young vagabond who has
just settled in a camp on the outskirts of the city of Zippar, receives a
misterious letter in which an unknown man gives him a considerable part
of his inheritance.

In order to collect the inheritance, he will
have to travel far and wide across the Kingdom of Arval, traversing
many villages a...

Released: 24 May 2020
Empty Mind - Blank Fate by Akkad Estudios
Screenshot 1 of Empty Mind - Blank Fate
You're Engel. You wake up in a basement of a house. You don't remember nothing about your life and you don't know why you are there. You need to discover who are you searching information at the house. A religious painting and some other objects could tell you something about your true life. And remember, you're not alone in the house. There're a lot of people interesting in your virtues. Engel is...

Released: 13 Nov 2008
I want an Identity by Akkad Estudios
Screenshot 1 of I want an Identity
It's the sequel of "I want to die". The main character is Max V2000, a robot created with the capacity to feel. The robotic rebellion has spread. What seemed like a simple outbreak of futureless rebellion has turned into a threat and no one is safe in the new order. The very same values their creators, the humans, boasted, now are applied by the rebel robots: oppresion, tyranny, and egocentrism. ...

Released: 26 Nov 2014
I want to die - Remake by Akkad Estudios
Screenshot 1 of I want to die - Remake

Max-V2000 is a sad robot.
These words might sound strange, but Max-V2000 is not like other robots. He is
a result of an experiment conducted by prestigious and dark Dr. Polansk who
created the robot model V-2000 capable of experiencing feelings. Max is one of
them, but somethings starts to go wrong for him when he begins to feel just
pain. He becomes a desperate robot who on...

Released: 6 Jan 2021
I'm free (Soy libre) by Akkad Estudios
Screenshot 1 of I'm free (Soy libre)
'm free is a new adventure game by Akkad Estudios.

This is the first game of a sciencie-fiction series called "Tales from other Universes".

In this adventure, you're Aldoux, a slave who's traveling to his new job in a quarry of an unknow planet. The ship crash and Aldoux appears in a planet with a strange note that he can't read because the slaves can't read in a future ruled b...

Released: 3 Jul 2012
Quiero Morir (I want to die) by Akkad Estudios
Screenshot 1 of Quiero Morir (I want to die)
You are Max-V2000, a sad robot. This words sound very strange but Max is a special robot. He's a Dr. Polasnk's creation. Dr. Polansk is a very prestigious scientific. He creates a model of robot with feelings called V2000. But something goes bad when Max-V2000 start to feel only pain. He's a desperate robot and he wants to die. He wants to kill his human soul and he needs to meet the Dr.Polansk. ...

Released: 10 Dec 2007
The White Canvas by Akkad Estudios
Screenshot 1 of The White Canvas
"The White Canvas" is the story of Nico Sales, a very ironic painter without inspiration and with a lot of personal problems. Midas, the most important patron in the world has arrived at his city. Nico needs to find him and convince him to take care of his artistic career. This won't be very easy for Nico because feels depressed and anxious due to his lack of inspiration. Moreover, Midas it's very...

Released: 18 Feb 2015

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