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The Will
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The Will
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Masquerade at the Con
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Concurrence (MAGS)
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Echoes of the Past by Anne Hemenway
Screenshot 1 of Echoes of the Past
Allyson Tremonte loves the world of antiques, but when she restores an old brooch, something more intriguing catches her eye....a letter from the famous explorer Gerard DuPontneuf. And when the temptation is just too great to ignore, she goes on a hunt to locate a journal that could lead to some of the greatest archaeological finds in history. Little did she know that this adventure would take her...

Released: 15 Apr 2015
Fun, Sun & Mishaps by Anne Hemenway
Screenshot 1 of Fun, Sun & Mishaps
A light-hearted comedy about a girl, an island and a vacation gone wrong. That is, until you meet someone you think has the answer to all your problems. But, is his solution all it’s cracked up to be, or is something else going on behind that smile? Find out as you scour a tropical island in search of a way to salvage your ill-fated vacation. Along the way, you will meet many interes...

Released: 21 Jun 2017
Guardians of Gold by Anne Hemenway
Screenshot 1 of Guardians of Gold
Allyson and Kyle are back and this time they are heading to Paititi, the legendary city of gold. It is an ancient Incan temple that has been hidden away for centuries among the dense jungles of Peru. Some claim that this city is nothing more than myth, a figment of an over-active imagination, while others have spent their entire lives searching for it, always coming up empty-handed. That is, un...

Released: 22 Jul 2017
Tarthenia by Anne Hemenway
Screenshot 1 of Tarthenia
Debbie Johnson thought her days of adventure were over. But when an evil warlock intervenes on behalf of his cousin, Esmeralda, she is whisked away to the island of Tarthenia. A place beyond the realm of imagination; where beauty and danger go hand in hand. And in order to save not only her life, but her sister’s as well, Debbie will have to use every ounce of ingenuity she possesses. C...

Released: 1 Sep 2016
Screenshot 1 of The Treasured Medallion - UPDATED
Manuel Cantez thought he had the perfect plan. All
he had to do was hide the statue until it was safe. But
when a freak storm washed him overboard, all his
dreams came crashing down.
But for Debbi...

Released: 18 Mar 2009

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