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Archeos by Atavismus/Ibispi/Peder/UnFantomeBleu
Screenshot 1 of Archeos
In a far distant future, two archaeologists are exploring Earth.

The planet has been ruined and humans have been extinct.

What will History say about our civilizations?

Point, click and gather vestiges.

Made for #AdvJam2017...

Released: 22 May 2017
Cryo by Atavismus
Screenshot 1 of Cryo
"The story is about a man who wakes up in a white technological medicalized room. Sounds familiar? But this man is not anyone… Based on a true story and hypothetical future." WARNING! This game was designed to run using a 2x nearest-neighbour filter, if you are unable to run the game using this filter we advise you to play the game in full-screen mode!...

Released: 7 Jan 2014
Screenshot 1 of Don't Drink the Pink
Don't Drink the Pink is a short point-and-click game made for the January 2014 MAGS competition "Something Cold, Something Burrowed, Something Pink.

So, if you're up for a little adventure and imagine yourself enjoying a simple story about a man, few pints of pink and occasional elephants, just click on the download link....

Released: 31 Jan 2014
Dustbowl by The Pompous Pixel
Screenshot 1 of Dustbowl
Dustbowl is a post apocalyptic survival point'n'click, a kind of 2D STALKER with a retro look. The player must search for food, water and essential supplies to survive. Discover a world filled with colourful NPCs, quests and secrets....

Released: 16 Sep 2015
Freak Chic by Atavismus, Yo Riso, Marion
Screenshot 1 of Freak Chic
Humor / horror point & click game, made in one month for the MAGS (november 2015). Play as Victor, a difformed servant who will have to search for various ingredients for a potion, asked by his beloved Cybele the priestess. He will have to face the monsters around to collect them, and maybe earn the love of the woman he devoted his life to... Available in English and French. Video trailer :...

Released: 1 Dec 2015
Lema Sabachthani by Billbis
Screenshot 1 of Lema Sabachthani
You have been sentence to death.

But what you had done had to be done.

Made in one month for the MAGS februray 2014 (theme : Fictional Spirituality).

Left click: interact. Right click: look at. Space bar: show interactive areas. Any key: skip cutscene.

Available in English, French and Spanish. 2014/06/01: New version with minor additions. Now open source & resource. ...

Released: 2 Mar 2014
U-ROPA by Atavismus/Hobo/Jonas/Peder
Screenshot 1 of U-ROPA
You are a young technician working in an undersea vehicle extracting minerals. It's your first day, but a serious accident happens. You are trapped. Will you survive? Will you escape? Be quick, chose wisely, time is running out.....

Released: 5 Jan 2016

Page 1 of 1 (7 results)

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