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Screenshot 1 of A night in Berry - long version
France - XVIth century.
Mathilde's father has fallen into a coma. When a healer happens to pass in her village, she decides to grab the opportunity to save him.

Pick of the month March 2016. 

Game updated in September 2019

The game now features:

- 5 chapters.
- 3 playable characters.
- over 1/2 hour of original music.

If you've already finished ...

Released: 3 Feb 2015
Bob escapes by Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Bob escapes
Bob has just escaped from jail. He takes advantage of Halloween to be unnoticed. Yet inspector Callahan is after him... It's in french but english subtitles are available in winsetup. This is my first game so don't expect too much....

Released: 13 Feb 2008
Brothers & Wreckers (demo) by Flugeldufel & Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Brothers & Wreckers (demo)
Poor Vince and Gus. Their parents have been abducted by pirates!

- Pretty pixels!
- three small episodes with different types of gameplay.
- Unfinished business (demo).  
- Glorious 8bit chiptunes.  
- No inventory. Don't waste your time looking for it....

Released: 4 Dec 2019
Bustin' the Bastille by Blondbraid and Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Bustin' the Bastille
The year is 1789. Anger is simmering and people take the street, they protest against the priviliges of the nobility and the clergy. The revolution is coming. It will bring liberty, fraternity, equality… …and lots and lots of beheadings!
And unbeknownst to her, a fishmonger with a mid-life crisis finds herself in the middle of it all.

French translation available...

Released: 2 Jul 2017
Foggy dawn by Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Foggy dawn
This short Run & gun was conceived with Kitai's amazing platforming module. The clouds and the sea were made by Anian (Background Blitz: Seashore). The sounds come from Freesound.org. It was made for a french AGS competition in two weeks. The theme was "war". 1st link : english version mirror link : version française Enjoy!...

Released: 14 Apr 2010
Paper Planes by Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Paper Planes

A polished version of my entry for the MAGS October 2019 \"Kids\" competition.

Relying on Last & Furious source code by Crimson Wizard

Released: 15 Feb 2020
Suspicious mind by Kastchey and Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Suspicious mind

You're trapped with an amnesic psychopath.

Can you fool his suspicious mind?...

Released: 3 Apr 2019

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