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Screenshot 1 of A Night in Berry - long version
France - XVIth century.
Mathilde's father has fallen into a coma. When a healer happens to pass in her village, she decides to grab the opportunity to save him.

Pick of the month March 2016. 

Game updated in September 2019

The game now features:

- 5 chapters.
- 3 playable characters.
- over 1/2 hour of original music.

If you've already finished ...

Released: 3 Feb 2015
A Place in the Sun by Tor Brandt
Screenshot 1 of A Place in the Sun
A Place In The Sun is a short point & click adventure game with an interface similar to the classical games from Lucas Arts. You play the protagonist in his endeavour to make some coffee to survive yet another night of overworking, while trying to handle his complaining ex-wife as well as to cope with his bad conscience regarding his neglected daughter. For players familiar with adventure ga...

Released: 16 Dec 2016
A Sloth for Both Seasons by CaptainD, Creamy, Selmiak
Screenshot 1 of A Sloth for Both Seasons
A game made for the March 2016 MAGS competition, where you play a female sloth living in the Amazon rain forest. Featuring wonderful background graphics by Selmiak, awesome coding and animation by Creamy, and a hushed voiceover and terrible singing by CaptainD.

With apologies to Marvin Gaye, and to sloths everywhere.

Update 10/7/16 - new version uploaded, extra animations / effects,...

Released: 1 Apr 2016
Screenshot 1 of Adventure: Welcome to the Genre
When another threat to the Adventure section of the Gameworld starts looming, Thalia James is once again in pursuit of it. Discovery, puzzles and strangeness abound in this sequel to Adventure: The Inside Job and Adventure: All in the Game....

Released: 23 Jan 2018
Black Morph by Selmiak, Creamy and Emont
Screenshot 1 of Black Morph
As a Black Morph, use your ability to turn into living things to make your way through an enchanting forest.

Thanks to Kitai and Arlann for the technical help.
Winner of MAGGIES 2017.
Pick of the month May 2017.

Released: 2 Feb 2017
Bob Escapes by Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Bob Escapes
Bob has just escaped from jail. He takes advantage of Halloween to be unnoticed. Yet inspector Callahan is after him...

It's in french but english subtitles are available in winsetup.

This is my first game so don't expect too much....

Released: 13 Feb 2008
Brothers & Wreckers (demo) by Flugeldufel & Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Brothers & Wreckers (demo)
Poor Vince and Gus. Their parents have been abducted by pirates!

- Pretty pixels!
- three small episodes with different types of gameplay.
- Unfinished business (demo).
- Glorious 8bit chiptunes.
- voice over: speech-to-text by 15.ai.
- No inventory. Don't waste your time looking for it....

Released: 4 Dec 2019
Bustin' the Bastille by Blondbraid and Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Bustin' the Bastille
The year is 1789. Anger is simmering and people take the street, they protest against the priviliges of the nobility and the clergy. The revolution is coming. It will bring liberty, fraternity, equality… …and lots and lots of beheadings!
And unbeknownst to her, a fishmonger with a mid-life crisis finds herself in the middle of it all.

French translation available...

Released: 2 Jul 2017
Dislocation by Team Dislocation
Screenshot 1 of Dislocation
An underpaid detective and his over-educated, underemployed Millenial partner get quantum entangled in a crime involving quantum computing, quant Wall Street criminals, quantum teleportation, and quantum mechanical paradoxes. Will detective Bohr become the next Donald Trump with a penthouse suite and a trophy wife, or die of a heart attack alone in a dingy apartment? Or is there another possibl...

Released: 7 Sep 2015
Finger of suspicion by slasher
Screenshot 1 of Finger of suspicion
Made for Feb MAG 2018. Dorothy Moore has been found dead at Fairfax manor. Was it the ghost of fairfax manor that murdered her or was it by the hand of the living? This is unique search by keywords(s) that you hear or see to further your investigation with some help from your pet rat, Hugo. Can you solve this murder mystery? ...

Released: 1 Mar 2018
Foggy dawn by Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Foggy dawn
This short Run & gun was conceived with Kitai's amazing platforming module.

The clouds and the sea were made by Anian (Background Blitz: Seashore).
The sounds come from Freesound.org.

It was made for a french AGS competition in two weeks. The theme was "war".

1st link : english version
mirror link : version française


EDIT: this game ...

Released: 14 Apr 2010
Freak Chic by Atavismus, Yo Riso, Marion
Screenshot 1 of Freak Chic
Humor / horror point & click game, made in one month for the MAGS (november 2015).
Play as Victor, a difformed servant who will have to search for various ingredients for a potion, asked by his beloved Cybele the priestess. He will have to face the monsters around to collect them, and maybe earn the love of the woman he devoted his life to...

Available in English and French.

Released: 1 Dec 2015
Hjarta by SeamanNaranja
Screenshot 1 of Hjarta
Hjarta is the Norse word for "heart". It is a collection of short stories and a point and click adventure game. It is set in a futuristic world and has three chapters, which you can play in any order you want.

Hjarta is developed with the Adventure Game Studio engine.

It is freeware and available for Windows PC....

Released: 13 Sep 2015
Screenshot 1 of If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers
A tale of dark and troubling things, a narrative-driven point-and-click adventure that explores the stories of four different characters in a masked ball taking place on a train in the late 1920s....

Released: 10 Mar 2021
Kathy Rain by Clifftop Games
Screenshot 1 of Kathy Rain
Kathy Rain tells the compelling story of a strong-willed college girl with a knack for detective work (and a Harley) who returns to her hometown after being gone since childhood. Set in the 90's, Kathy starts investigating a local mystery and the legacy of her recently deceased grandfather....

Released: 28 Apr 2016
Lost & Found by Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Lost & Found
Run the lost & found service of a big town in the absence of your boss.

Made for the Monthly Adventure Game Studio competition of September 2023 on the theme: 'No talking, please' (most of the art was drawn before though).

Released: 3 Oct 2023
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! by Alasdair Beckett
Screenshot 1 of Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!
Nelly Cootalot, fearsome pirate and lover of tiny and adorable creatures, is charged by the spirit of a dead buccaneer to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a fleet of birds known as spoonbeaks.

Her adventure will bring her face to face with the nefarious Baron Widebeard as she uncovers corruption and wanton punning in the Barony of Meeth.

This is my first complete AGS game....

Released: 7 Mar 2007
Oh du lieber Augustin by Creamy and cat
Screenshot 1 of Oh du lieber Augustin
The city is plagued by Black Death. Can you, Augustin the bagpiper, give the people some comfort in these hard times?

"Oh du lieber Augustin" is a Viennese folk song that is said to originate from the Great Plague in 1679. This game tells (very loosely) the story of its creation.

Made for MAGS January 2016

There is a French and German translatio...

Released: 31 Jan 2016
Paper Planes by Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Paper Planes

A polished version of my entry for the MAGS October 2019 \"Kids\" competition.

Relying on Last & Furious source code by Crimson Wizard

Released: 15 Feb 2020
Suspicious mind by Kastchey and Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Suspicious mind

You're trapped with an amnesic psychopath.

Can you fool his suspicious mind?...

Released: 3 Apr 2019
Screenshot 1 of The Aspirox case (L'Affaire Aspirox)
Paris, in the afternoon of a winter's day. It is a big day for Samuel Brossau, a business graduate on his thirties: in a few minutes, he mays obtain a position in the marketing subsidiary of a famous various vacuum cleaner producing firm. But on this very day, destiny took another path. Yvan Zimmerman, the director he was supposed to meet, has just been murdered in his office.

Boarding hims...

Released: 12 Oct 2017
The Cradle by Creamy, Kastchey, Julia
Screenshot 1 of The Cradle
You are nobody.
It has given you a task.
The task is your purpose of existence.
Fulfill the task, or die miserably.
A prototype of a survival-alchemy mix, made for MAGS November competition \"Rain and Snow\".

Released: 5 Dec 2020
Unexpected at the Rising Star by Sandra T. Almeida
Screenshot 1 of Unexpected at the Rising Star
Starbuck has earned a dinner on the newly re-opened luxurious liner Rising Star. After Athena has turned down his invitation due to her being on duty, he went and invited Cassiopeia who gladly accepted.
Only Athena has now managed to get free from her duties and decides to surprise Starbuck so he doesn't have to eat alone.
How will Starbuck handle an unexpected double date? Can you help him ...

Released: 21 Oct 2017
You rock, Topus! by Billbis
Screenshot 1 of You rock, Topus!
Will you convince your girlfriend's parents to let you marry her? The fact that you are half human, half octopus might be an issue.

A March 2015 MAGS game (theme:"Monsters")

How to play?

Arrows: move the character

Space bar: Interact, skip text

Escape: Open/close menu

Enter: Select option from menu

Linux version: use mirror dow...

Released: 31 Mar 2015

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