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The Blackbird Strikes Back by D-Boy Wheeler
Screenshot 1 of The Blackbird Strikes Back
You are a blackbird. A human had killed your mate and ruined your nest. Now it is time to get revenge. Make that human's life heck! This was made as an entry for MAGS September 2013. The theme was "Animals"....

Released: 23 Sep 2013
Screenshot 1 of Lydia and the Mystery of Nellreno Manor
Lydia and her friends soon hear that the long-empty Nellreno Mansion has new tenants. But there's more to this than it first seems.

This game was made for, and about, a friend on Gaia Online.

(Update) Did a little work on it, since there were complaints of the game being to slow. It should move a wee bit quicker now.

(Update 2) Changed the link so those without Faceb...

Released: 30 Apr 2015
Screenshot 1 of White Bear Beauty Chlorinde and the Paranormal Parrot
For the February 2018 MAGS competition (Mix and Match). A white bear girl named Chlorinde enters a house that has been abandoned for quite a while--and meets a parrot with psychic powers. Together they go on a treasure hunt....

Released: 20 Feb 2018
Screenshot 1 of Rainbow Skunk Prism and the Vermin-Truder
Entry for the May 2018 MAGS competition. Theme: Rats. Help Prism, a rainbow-furred skunk girl, get rid of a mutant ratman and save her greenhouse. Updated to include music and sound (courtesy of RPG Maker 2000)....

Released: 22 May 2018
Screenshot 1 of Conifer Skunks: Osvald's Surprise
Help Thyra find out what her husband Osvald is up to.

Originally this was going to be for May 2019 MAGS, but it became obvious it would never be done in time, even with an extension, so this is a stand-alone game.  If anything else, it's a proof of concept.

Sorry for any loud volume.  Once the game starts, go into the System Panel and adjust the volume manually....

Released: 29 Jul 2019
Screenshot 1 of Heavy Metal Nannulf: The Strange Stage
Entry for July 2017 MAGS. (Theme: "I Come Here Often").

Nannulf Tungmetall is ready for a rock concert, but something is delaying the band's appearance on stage. He decides to get to the bottom of this.

Music in the game by Kevin MacLeod.

Sound FX from RPG Maker XP.

All else done by DBoyWheeler....

Released: 18 Jul 2017
Screenshot 1 of Rosaura Docelestial: Rescue from Despair
A saddened young boy on Earth questions if anyone knows he's alive.

In fact, he questions if even God cares.

A beautiful angel skunk lady named Rosaura Docelestial is on a mission to rescue the boy from his own despair.

This is for June 2017 MAGS. The theme is "Rescue". This game sort of has a different approach to that theme.

[Update] Fixed (hopefully) the vo...

Released: 11 Jun 2017
Summer Woes - MAGS August 2013 Winner by ASA and Oldschool_Wolf
Screenshot 1 of Summer Woes - MAGS August 2013 Winner
It's the hottest summer. This summer's so hot, in fact, that it has broken all the previous records. Hot Summer brings some woes with it. Eric - The Protagonist, i.e, you are also facing some problems? But will you be able to solve them? Will you able to get what you want?


The game had some bugs which are now eliminated. Sorry for any inconvenience, I may have cause...

Released: 29 Aug 2013
Screenshot 1 of Cola Skunkette: A Bit of Cleanup
For August 2018 MAGS.

Panphila Baniliakola needs help getting rid of some offensive graffiti so her business can be family friendly again.

Note that the sound effects might be a bit faint, so you may need to turn up the volume to hear them.

Also, in-game, I had mistakenly called Blondbraid "Blondbeard". Oops! :-[...

Released: 22 Aug 2018

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