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Screenshot 1 of The Fan Game - Back to the Future - ALTERNATIVE TRILOGY -
Deep in the Caribbean among stinking pirates, insults, and sword fighting, Marty and Doc go back one more time for their greatest adventure of all. Doc is living in the past, but he's about to be history because the timeline has changed! Marty makes a name for himself. Doc meets his mate, and Tannen meets his Duel.
Daniele Spadoni invite you play at a timeline never seen before, an adventure th...

Released: 4 Nov 2020
Screenshot 1 of The Fan Game - Ghostbusters and The Secret of Monkey Island
The Ghostbusters, continuing their routine of paranormal investigation and elimination, are in trouble when an incident occurs in the laboratory with the trans dimensional portal created by doctors Spengler and Stantz to transfer the ghosts directly to the netherworld. The portal, which resonated with a place in the heart of the Caribbean in a remote time, allows the ghost of the pirate LeChuck to...

Released: 3 Nov 2020
Screenshot 1 of The Fan Game - The Secret of Monkey Island  - RECODED -
A timeline never seen before, where the choices can branch out into infinite realities o endless possibility, creating alternate puzzles from the ones you know.
Young pirate wanna-be Guybrush Threepwood sets out to pass the Three Trials, woo the governess Elaine Marley, reach the fabled Monkey Island and vanquish the nefarious ghost pirate LeChuck. 

30 Years of Monkey Island 2: LeCh...

Released: 1 Oct 2021
Screenshot 1 of The Fan Game - Zak McKracken : A Mansion, a Meteor and the Alien Mindbenders
A few years after the events of Zak, he is rich. He owns The National Inquisitor and enjoys his work. But a new Caponian menace is arriving… this time, Zak will need to go back and forth through space AND time!...

Released: 4 Nov 2020
Screenshot 1 of The Fan Game : Saint Seiya - Galaxian Wars -
When the world is stained with evil.
The warriors of hope appear.
The Saints!
A long time ago a group of brave young men protected the goddess Athena.
They were called Athena's Saints.
They used their bodies as weapons their fists were powerful enough to open the skies and their feet would crack open the ground below.
And today....history repeats itself......

Released: 23 Nov 2020
Screenshot 1 of The Fan Game: I'll Be Back to the Future With a Terminator
In the future, an alien race called Grebleips hand out a technology to the humans that will help them to fight machines. So the machines send a T-800 back in time to eliminate E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the first alien contact. The being is discovered and befriended with a boy named Marty Mcfly. Marty has the courage to help a friendly alien to escape from Earth and return to his homeworl...

Released: 18 May 2021
The Fan Game: The Goonies by Daniele Spadoni
Screenshot 1 of The Fan Game: The Goonies
Facing foreclosure of their homes in the Goon Docks area of Astoria, Oregon to an expanding country club, a group of children who call themselves \"the Goonies\" gather for a final weekend together. The Goonies include optimist Mikey Walsh, his older brother Brandon, the inventive Data, the talkative Mouth, and the overweight klutz Chunk.

Rummaging through the Walshes' attic, they come acr...

Released: 3 Aug 2021
THE PIXEL HAS YOU by Daniele Spadoni
Screenshot 1 of THE PIXEL HAS YOU
Virus C9 has deleted the protagonists and antagonists the dimensions 87, 88 , and 90.
Phoenix must the recover codes of all dimensions in order to allow Lucas to make an antivirus....

Released: 3 Aug 2021

Page 1 of 1 (8 results)

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