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Slay the Dragon III

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Screenshot 1 of The Day That Nothing Happened
Join Mika as she seeks to pull the town back from the brink of destruction and despair! Explore the forest and town and talk to lots of curiously camp animals and inanimate objects as you go! Can you save the day in time to have a big cake with a zombie at the Anniversary Celebration? A game made to celebrate the ten year passin gof the beginnin gof the Reality on the Norm project, but detaile...

Released: 21 Jun 2011
4-Lung Boy by Anatola Howard
Screenshot 1 of 4-Lung Boy
"A week after moving to a small town, you are confronted by frustration, an astronaut, and striped siblings..." Short game, made in less than two weeks. First-person-style, black and white graphics....

Released: 12 Oct 2013
[RotN] Gatitos: The Paws of Fate by Creed Malay & Denzil Quixode
Screenshot 1 of [RotN] Gatitos: The Paws of Fate
This is the first chapter of the third game in the "Melt & Drake" series (after Cabbages & Kings and Kittens & Cacti). Also known as "Apocalypse Meow", this first chapter sees Drake in a RotN overrun by kittens (it probably won't make a lot of sense unless you've played Kittens & Cacti to completion... and maybe not even then :) Pretty puzzle-light....

Released: 21 Mar 2003

Page 1 of 1 (3 results)

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