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Screenshot 1 of Duzz Quest: An Egotistic Adventure
Join Duzz in this glorified n00bie test game, as he goes on a fantastic journey of tragedy, adventure, and monotomy.

Duzz Quest is a once in a lifetime experience for all the family.

Huzzah for Duzz Quest. Yeah!

The Speech pack is ready, you can download it by clicking the 'mirror' link, it's 14meg. (To install it, download it to the folder where you installed ...

Released: 18 Feb 2004
DuzzQuest2 by Duzz
Screenshot 1 of DuzzQuest2
New Adventure - New Facial Hair - Same Duzz

Feel the adventuring wind in your hair. Feel your adventuring blood, pumping through your veins. Put down that plastic rockband guitar, grab some sort of plastic beard or something and clean out your inventory. You are a professional adventurer. You are a hero. You are me.

Step into the shoes of famous adventurer, me...

Released: 8 Oct 2009
Screenshot 1 of FIFA International Football 2004
FIFA International Football 2004 - The most realistical soccer game EVER!

A one or two player hotseat soccer game that I made in a week in the holidays of 2003. A single player version of it appears in DuzzQuest.

I was recording for 'The Moonlight Run' with Balsa in the holidays, and he kept rambling on about FIFA 2003, I made this while he was recording vocals on the 'inside compu...

Released: 22 Jan 2003
Screenshot 1 of Good Santa, Bad Santa
Find out if you would make a Good Santa, or a Nasty Santa, in this (hopefully) humourous XMAGS game

This is my first game, for the December 2002 MAGS comp. I hope you enjoy it =)...

Released: 24 Dec 2002
Screenshot 1 of Grr! Bearly Sane
Daniel is having a bad day.

Forced to wear a rancid bear suit and endure endless torment from his boss, and an endless multitude of horrid children, just so he can afford to keep his small crummy suburban flat, Dan finally SNAPS! ...

Released: 28 Dec 2003
Screenshot 1 of The Historical League of Bouncy Boxing
The Historical League of Bouncy Boxing is a sporting club for figures of high historical significance. Members don gloves, and battle it out in a variety of arenas.

HLoBB is a hotseat multiplayer platformer type thing, kindof 'jump-n-bump' meets 'little fighter'. The aim is basically to wipe out all the other players by picking up speed and timing your punch to hit them. The f...

Released: 17 Nov 2004
The Unicated by Duzz
Screenshot 1 of The Unicated
Entered for MAGS August 2011 - Theme: Evil Twin

Join twins Bo and Mal as they struggle to escape being torn apart by a society that shuns the wicked and innocent alike. LOL!!! Update 29/1/2012 - Added Speech!...

Released: 30 Aug 2011

Page 1 of 1 (7 results)

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