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Screenshot 1 of Bruce Quest: Secrets of the Outback
The Australian Outback can be a harsh and mysterious mistress. Can Bruce, just an average Australian bloke make his way home? Or is he just one lousy dingo's foot away from destruction? Find out this and more answers playing the new, the incredible: Bruce Quest: Wallaby On Walkabout. Made for the March 2014 MAGS contest at the Adventure Game Studio forums. The theme was 'moustaches'...

Released: 1 Apr 2014
Screenshot 1 of Magical Whatever Girl Rocks Out In The Stone Age
Entry to MAGS October, 2008 Cigarettes are being sold in the Stone Age... or WERE being sold in the Stone Age or... well, however you say it; it's wrecking man-kinds entire evolution and it's up to kid super-hero Magical Whatever Girl and her faithful sidekick Ray to save the day. (Note: The voice pack for this thing should be released some time this decade, until then enjoy the beautiful, t...

Released: 7 Jan 2009
NOSTALGIK ( demo release 0.1 ) by MUFASA RKG / Bucket Fresh Studios
Screenshot 1 of NOSTALGIK ( demo release 0.1 )

A story about a young man named Angel who lived in the city projects called "AVENUE HEIGHTS". Angel lives with a family of four, his Father and Mother along with his only brother, Bryan. It is Angel's 30th Birthday and he doesn't feel or sense mu...

Released: 4 May 2015
Screenshot 1 of Play It Again: An Improv Point & Click Adventure
This game was created by recruiting as many actors as possible to improvise variations on the same four characters and then using randomization to mix and match those performances. No specific dialogue was written down for these intrepid improv-onauts, only vague instructions on what each line should include (PROMPTS.htm in the main folder is the exact document they were sent). Extra huge gigantic...

Released: 1 Apr 2014
Screenshot 1 of Scylla & Charybdis: A Grecian Ship
The second game created in the Olympus U universe.

Aergia, still with her memories wiped, wakes up in an unknown location and gets caught in the middle of two sea monster's dysfunctional relationship...

Released: 1 Dec 2015
Screenshot 1 of Somnamulizer: A Tale From Olympus U
Help Hypnos the god of sleep become a hit at an Olympian party, win the girl of his dreams and finally escape living in a cave in the underworld with his ex-girlfriend An entry to MAGS April 2015, theme: "Sleeping"...

Released: 6 Jun 2015
Terror of the Vampire! by Scavenger
Screenshot 1 of Terror of the Vampire!
In the vaguely 19th century, in vaguely Eastern Europe, a vampire menace grips the countryside! The menace of superstition and the belief that vampires exist!

Join Dr. Ego Goodmind, BHD, as he does research for his newest psychology book, The Empirical Vampirical. But is he in over his incredibly big head this time?

Featuring 8-bit graphics and MIDI music....

Released: 1 Jul 2017
The Shawshank Redemption by Alex Whitington
Screenshot 1 of The Shawshank Redemption
The classic 1983 Atari adaptation of the film from 1994. A Compucom Game Original Game Design by Arnold Zwickmeir VI Characters Created by Stephen King Lovingly ported into AGS by Alex Whitington. This was for the 'Retro' themed MAGS. It's a short arcade game with one level. WATCH OUT FOR GHOSTS!...

Released: 18 Oct 2008
TV Quest by Alex Whitington
Screenshot 1 of TV Quest
2015 EDIT: I thought this game was lost but it turns out Archive.org had a copy so... posterity and all that. I was 13 when I made this. It's very old and bad and takes a lot of effort to get running for a two-room game! Why not... play... something else by me?? ...

Released: 16 Jun 2002

Page 1 of 1 (9 results)

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