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Elf Motors Inc. by Erenan
Screenshot 1 of Elf Motors Inc.
A mysterious beast has invaded the car engine that's under Abbrekt's supervision. Help him track down the invader and put a stop to its shenanigans before the car is destroyed.

A walkthrough is available here: http://gamesolutions.efzeven.nl/elf-motors-inc-walkthrough-erenan2005/...

Released: 24 Dec 2005
Screenshot 1 of Heaven, Hell and the Neitherworld
Not so secret, secret Agent Brent finds his soul taken by an evil entity with an overly long name too long to mention. Agent Brent must travel to Hell, Heaven and the neutral plane Neitherworld to reclaim his soul!...

Released: 8 Feb 2015
Javelin Catch by Erenan
Screenshot 1 of Javelin Catch
Try to catch that javelin! But don't wait too long or try too early, or you'll be sorry!...

Released: 27 Nov 2005
La Croix Pan by TheJBurger
Screenshot 1 of La Croix Pan
June 7th, 1944 A lone American sniper enters the small town of La Croix Pan with the task of defending it by himself. He must face off a group of enemy soldiers, or die trying....

Released: 13 Jun 2007
Secret Quest Remake by Colxfile
Screenshot 1 of Secret Quest Remake

"First there was one alien space station, then there were three. Now there are eight. If left unchecked, laser gates, dragons, and other evil creatures will wipe out the human race."

"To destroy each station, you'll have to confront the aliens in face- to-face combat and discover the secret destruct code. Once you have the code, use it to activate the stati...

Released: 29 May 2006
Secrets by ManicMatt
Screenshot 1 of Secrets
Half serious and half comedy adventure about a man who gets a call from his brother, who says he's in trouble. When our hero Jake gets to his brother's apartment, he finds him bleeding to death, attacked by those who tried keep him silent!

Full music soundtrack!

Fully spoken speech!

Thanks to http://gamesolutions.efzeven.nl for hosting my game!...

Released: 18 Sep 2006
Spooks by The Ivy
Screenshot 1 of Spooks
There's really no better way to spend a day in the Land of the Dead than at the Carnage-Val...there are rides, games, and a veritable sideshow of quirky employees. However, for one little ghoul named Mortia, things are about to take a dive out of the ordinary. After a smooth-talking skeleton challenges her to a game of darts, she wins the most unbelievable prize she's ever laid eyes on: a live g...

Released: 14 Feb 2006
The Bunker by Erenan
Screenshot 1 of The Bunker
Ronin golfer Mike Roman just wants to play golf, but when the evil sorcerer Manlocke miniaturizes him and traps him in the bunker, he must utilize his wits and his golf club in order to escape... ...or he may never be able to play golf again. This game was the winner of the June 2005 MAGS competition.

A walkthrough can be found at http://gamesolutions.efzeven.nl/the-bunker-walkthr...

Released: 27 Jun 2005
Screenshot 1 of The Death of Luke Simpson
It was Luke Simpson's birthday. Then, the impossible happened. He died. This is the solemn record of this sad event....

Released: 27 Jan 2007
Unfinished by bluber
Screenshot 1 of Unfinished
It's about Tipi the princess of Shipi. MAGS Game July 2005. You can find a walkthrough at the Webstite URL....

Released: 30 Jul 2005
Screenshot 1 of What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed
He never talks to me anymore. He never talks to anyone anymore. His eyes are always closed. I wonder what he sees... Features: -Unique dual story gameplay -Multiple Endings -English and Japanese Language -Loads of graphical effects -A dynamic music system and amazing soundtrack -An exciting and bizarre story -Another exciting and bizarre story -A cool interactive manual...

Released: 25 Nov 2006

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