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AciDDD Updated by Misendeavour Games
Screenshot 1 of AciDDD Updated
Tress McTucker wants to get himself drunk, but he have to convince the barman to sell him some wiskey first.

Freestyle remake of Mostly's "Nihilism" by FSi.

EPILEPTIC ALERT! - may knock you down.

Updated version features brand new non-blinking mode.

MIRROR features NON-UPDATED version (but it works)...

Released: 24 Dec 2006
Screenshot 1 of AGS Quit Game Dialog: The Game
AGS Quit Game Dialog: The Game by FSi Your objective is to quit the game... or not. Idea by m0ds, hosting by Peder....

Released: 15 Jan 2012
Alienation by FSi
Screenshot 1 of Alienation
Little Kate is kidnapped by the evil alien! Help little Mike resque her in this little weird game.

NB: Download link actually leads to the game's homepage (due to upload problems I had to divide the archive into 7 parts) Upd: Download mirror provided by Dualnames....

Released: 31 Dec 2007
Screenshot 1 of FSi's Ache Quest
Ache Quest is a thrilling story of a boy without name but with Tourette’s.

His life was such a hell that when he read about retired wizard Grumpygad hiding from public in the middle of nowhere, in a castle surrounded by crocodile ditch, gargoyles and giant fun fair.

Game was made for MAGS July'07: Fun Fair....

Released: 23 Jul 2007
Screenshot 1 of FSi's CoMATtCEHoSVD
FSi's Collection of Most Awful Things that Could Ever Happen on St.Valentine's Day. You must deliver a Valentine's Day present to your girlfriend. To do that, you just need to cross the street. If only THAT was easy... Mirror is direct download. kthxbai....

Released: 23 Feb 2007
FSi's Million Dollars Quest! by Misendeavour Games
Screenshot 1 of FSi's Million Dollars Quest!
You are Ted McBinky the famous adventurer. After yet another adventure you've found yourself in a middle of a vast arid desert. Hours passed by while you've been walking... and walking... and walking... and found some kind of a general store. Now it's all up to you!

Made in (exactly) 69m59s (not including chiptune, which I wrote long time ago)! Enjoy the beautiful graphics and sound fx!...

Released: 16 Aug 2006
FSi's PowerCow From Uranus! by Misendeavour Games
Screenshot 1 of FSi's PowerCow From Uranus!
As the PowerCow from Uranus you must fullfill your destiny to destroy all the Grey Plague spores on Earth. You are free to use any technique you can to do this (but there is only one at hand when it comes to Grey Plague spores destruction: your own bowels)....

Released: 1 Aug 2006
FSi's SymDefecation by FSi's Classics
No screenshot 1 for FSi's SymDefecation
Achtung! This game is probably the very definition of a word "Crap"

Don't expect anything good from it. In fact, don't download it. I'd NEVER recommend you download it. You know what you're doing. Because not only it's crap. It's WORST GAME EVER. It's even worse than that game about crypt-hiking. It's even worse than that b&w devil-sodomistic game. It's probably wors...

Released: 6 Oct 2006
FSi's Vacuum Cleaner Gone Mad! by FSi's Classics
Screenshot 1 of FSi's Vacuum Cleaner Gone Mad!
It's twentyminutesgame. It features a song by me. The song is nice, all other things are NOT....

Released: 29 Oct 2006
Screenshot 1 of Guyver Quest I: Sho Adventures
Joke lil game about anime "Guyver". Lang: English, Russian Mirror links lead to an English version by FSi. Mirror2: http://jift.narod.ru/invis/GuyverQ1.rar...

Released: 23 Feb 2009
Screenshot 1 of Guyver Quest II: Cronos
Like Guyver Quest I? Don't see Guyver Quest I? See that. Lang: English, Russian Mirror links lead to an English version by FSi. Mirror2: http://jift.narod.ru/invis/GuyverQ2.rar...

Released: 23 Feb 2009
HELP! the game by Misendeavour Games
Screenshot 1 of HELP! the game
Help! the game is an interactive fiction/survival game about man stranded on a desert island. At first, he must find some way to survive, and eventually escape the island.

Features include: * text-based interface - like in any Interactive Fiction next door * character statistics to look after - four parameters (Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue and Sanity) on which your life depends * vast isl...

Released: 25 Aug 2007
No screenshot 1 for Kill Davy Jones (demo)
Near future. Hordes of Davy Jones' clones escaped from Dr.DVS' lab. They rush forward, they spoil and destroy everything, they eat human brains. Isn't it awful?

Meantime, brave knight called The Incomparable Llamaman (otherwise known as Phil Nihilyst) sits at the Scid's bar drinking. But when he's about to go home he sees two Davy Joneses, with their faces empty and their eyes...

Released: 1 Oct 2006
Screenshot 1 of Killer Floating Eye
You are the Mad Killer Floating Eye.

Your goal is to kill everyone alive on the game screen.

Actually, this game is rather crappy and poor-quality, but I was surprised when a lot of people (three, actually) admired it and asked for sequel.


Released: 1 Aug 2006
Kiselyova Unleashed! by Misendeavour Jokes
No screenshot 1 for Kiselyova Unleashed!
You are Innah Kiselyova, a somewhat-beautiful student at a college. You found yourself in a strange white room, dancing waltz with someone you don't know. Is it a bad dream, or reality, or what? You'd better find out because the time is running.

It's not quite a game, it's like interactive movie thing. Made in 1h42m using FSi's Hourgame template v0.9. I've overused the time mostly beca...

Released: 10 Aug 2006
Lone Case 3: Showdown by Sho-Ryu-Ken corp
Screenshot 1 of Lone Case 3: Showdown
Lone Case 3: Showdown. STORY The last part of the Lone Case trilogy brings the story, five hundred years after the incidents on Lone Case 2: Scars. Dave Dell was put in cryo genesis all this time and a young female doctor by the name of Elizabeth Scobie sets him free. But Dave will have to pull himself together, for many secrets are about to be revealed in front of his eyes. And the civilized...

Released: 11 Mar 2008
Me Go 2008! by Akatosh
Screenshot 1 of Me Go 2008!
Most likely one of the last games to be released in 2007, the third and currently latest installement in the progressing Me Go Store series... bah, screw that, Evilguy has a poor plan again and you have to stop him! Same background music as Me Go Store II, but less annoying and painful.

As crazy says: "Wow. Epic game. I love the pixel-shaded, bump-mapped, high-definition graphics, the sweep...

Released: 31 Dec 2007
Screenshot 1 of Me Go Cannibal Jungle
Me Go Cannibal Jungle is a game loosely based on a Cannibal Holocaust movie.

It features:

- Most heroes from the original cast

- Weird dates

- Thanksgiving apocalypse

- Hidden music track and bonus level

By FSi & Akatosh. Hidden track by Carcass....

Released: 27 Nov 2007
Screenshot 1 of Me Go Store II - Me Go Away!

Normal background tune by a guy who died in 1917 (I think)....

Released: 27 Oct 2007
Screenshot 1 of MHCFHR!
FSi's Maniac Homicidal Clown From Hell Rampage! This is a game about a clown seeking his revenge. It's an entry for MAGS August'06: Circus...

Released: 23 Aug 2006
Mon Cul! by FSi
Screenshot 1 of Mon Cul!
Just Another Zombie Adventure Still have some bugs, "consideritbeta". Made for MAGS July'06: Emerald. Due to the kind of the actions player should do to finish this game it might not be suitable for children of under 16. I warned you! Mirror is direct download link....

Released: 1 Aug 2006
Pixelhunter: The Epic by Misendeavour Jokes
Screenshot 1 of Pixelhunter: The Epic
Meet Spotty. He is pixelhunter. Pixels are his enemies. They can mimic and hide anywhere, but they are doomed because Spotty is on their way.

Join him in his mystical and mythical journey through 5 screens full of pixels from whom he must find the only Evil one and slay it. Not to mention beautiful relaxing music, nice-made photographic backgrounds and crappy pixelart!...

Released: 19 Aug 2006
Plan 10 from MY PANTS! by FSi's Classics
Screenshot 1 of Plan 10 from MY PANTS!
Get Plan10 today!

Two levels of perilous doom, doomy perils, awful plot, story and music (not to mention the photo-quality backgrounds from hell and mindsucking sprites), mega-boss, saving the earth and grrls in the end - what else simple adventurer like me and you could desire? Common sence? Come on, that's so 1920s.

This EXTENDED VERSION features (as compared with DEMO vers...

Released: 15 Sep 2007
Red Dwarf Demo by Dan N.
Screenshot 1 of Red Dwarf Demo
Does this actually need any introducing?

Warning: you must see at least the first episode of Red Dwarf - "The End" - to understand the plot.

Starring: Lister, Holly, and Rimmer (briefly).

Please, comment and vote, I'd really like opinions on this....

Released: 12 Apr 2007
Red Hot Overdrive by AprilSkies
Screenshot 1 of Red Hot Overdrive
Rally on public roads like it was 1990! Run your shiny Ferrari 430 "Scuderia" through ever-changing tracks and through 5 different scenarios. Beware though, the roads are full of other cars, turns and hazard; you got to be an Ace at the Wheel to complete them on time! FEATURES: 5 Different scenarios 3 Difficulty levels AMIGA vibes Ever-changing random tracks Gas station before each c...

Released: 26 Sep 2014
Ricky Quest by FSi's Classics
Screenshot 1 of Ricky Quest
Meet Ricky the Black Metal Fan!

Be him among the mindboggling landscapes and tons of puzzles, heartbreaking music and dialogues!

Meet his friend Rocky the Altruist!

Solve puzzles!

Find The Zeppelin of Happiness!

The only drawback of this game is it's finite!...

Released: 1 Apr 2008
Roccio's Quest by Cinfa
Screenshot 1 of Roccio's Quest
After coming out of the mall, Roccio finds that his car has been vandalized! His friend, Stephen, stops by and convinces him to go chick chasing at a local night club to take his mind off of it.

Arriving at the night club, Roccio finds that he needs a membership card to enter. Darnit! He just spent his last euro at the mall!

Several languages available:

Released: 15 Jan 2007
Sixteen by FSi
Screenshot 1 of Sixteen
So, join Mika Huy in another surrealistic adventure (it must be her fate) on the small island in Barentsev Sea to defeat the powerful Yahtzee in his another plot against the world! Oh yeah.

There are complete set of SIXTEEN absolutely weird inventory items and no-less weird puzzles. There are: Yahtzee, Captain Mostly, his mom, myself, and the best household item - table that fol...

Released: 29 Sep 2006
Smiley's Quest by Bani Gala Studios
Screenshot 1 of Smiley's Quest
This was one of the first games I worked on, but never completed. Recently I decided to post it, so I smoothed the edges and fixed it up. It's a game where you control a smiley in his quest to clear his name from murder, obtain the mystical Cookie key, and save the world!...

Released: 22 Sep 2008
Screenshot 1 of Text Parser Game
A bit of rushed game for MAGS March'07.

Long ago the grass was greener, the sky was brighter and the games were ruled by text parsers. These days have gone forever... Or are they?

Help Larry Wilco in his epic quest for the Holy Text Parser (and report bugs if necessary) on Earth, Mars and Tibet! Save his family from enslavement. Collect apples. Discuss things. Unveil conspiraci...

Released: 27 Mar 2007
Update Quest by Dan N.
Screenshot 1 of Update Quest
You're bored. Find something to do.

NOTE: the file available for download here contains a self-extracting archive, it IS NOT the compiled game executable....

Released: 3 Jan 2007
Screenshot 1 of Voodoo Dave & the Tablecloth Mystery
VDTM is a game about guy whose girlfriend sent him to hell... And he went there.

Oh, how I'm sick and tired of writing these words! So here's some new ones for ye:

1. It is a The Seventh Guest ripoff (though it's 2D and there is no AI in puzzles... in this version)

2. It has lots of bad humour of mine.

3. It has VERY tragical ending.

So, check...

Released: 22 Oct 2006

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