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Screenshot 1 of AGS Quit Game Dialog: The Game
AGS Quit Game Dialog: The Game by FSi Your objective is to quit the game... or not. Idea by m0ds, hosting by Peder....

Released: 15 Jan 2012
Alienation by FSi
Screenshot 1 of Alienation
Little Kate is kidnapped by the evil alien! Help little Mike resque her in this little weird game.

NB: Download link actually leads to the game's homepage (due to upload problems I had to divide the archive into 7 parts) Upd: Download mirror provided by Dualnames....

Released: 31 Dec 2007
Screenshot 1 of FSi's Ache Quest
Ache Quest is a thrilling story of a boy without name but with Tourette’s.

His life was such a hell that when he read about retired wizard Grumpygad hiding from public in the middle of nowhere, in a castle surrounded by crocodile ditch, gargoyles and giant fun fair.

Game was made for MAGS July'07: Fun Fair....

Released: 23 Jul 2007
Screenshot 1 of FSi's CoMATtCEHoSVD
FSi's Collection of Most Awful Things that Could Ever Happen on St.Valentine's Day. You must deliver a Valentine's Day present to your girlfriend. To do that, you just need to cross the street. If only THAT was easy... Mirror is direct download. kthxbai....

Released: 23 Feb 2007
No screenshot 1 for Kill Davy Jones (demo)
Near future. Hordes of Davy Jones' clones escaped from Dr.DVS' lab. They rush forward, they spoil and destroy everything, they eat human brains. Isn't it awful?

Meantime, brave knight called The Incomparable Llamaman (otherwise known as Phil Nihilyst) sits at the Scid's bar drinking. But when he's about to go home he sees two Davy Joneses, with their faces empty and their eyes...

Released: 1 Oct 2006
Screenshot 1 of Killer Floating Eye
You are the Mad Killer Floating Eye.

Your goal is to kill everyone alive on the game screen.

Actually, this game is rather crappy and poor-quality, but I was surprised when a lot of people (three, actually) admired it and asked for sequel.


Released: 1 Aug 2006
Screenshot 1 of Me Go Cannibal Jungle
Me Go Cannibal Jungle is a game loosely based on a Cannibal Holocaust movie.

It features:

- Most heroes from the original cast

- Weird dates

- Thanksgiving apocalypse

- Hidden music track and bonus level

By FSi & Akatosh. Hidden track by Carcass....

Released: 27 Nov 2007
Screenshot 1 of MHCFHR!
FSi's Maniac Homicidal Clown From Hell Rampage! This is a game about a clown seeking his revenge. It's an entry for MAGS August'06: Circus...

Released: 23 Aug 2006
Mon Cul! by FSi
Screenshot 1 of Mon Cul!
Just Another Zombie Adventure Still have some bugs, "consideritbeta". Made for MAGS July'06: Emerald. Due to the kind of the actions player should do to finish this game it might not be suitable for children of under 16. I warned you! Mirror is direct download link....

Released: 1 Aug 2006
Sixteen by FSi
Screenshot 1 of Sixteen
So, join Mika Huy in another surrealistic adventure (it must be her fate) on the small island in Barentsev Sea to defeat the powerful Yahtzee in his another plot against the world! Oh yeah.

There are complete set of SIXTEEN absolutely weird inventory items and no-less weird puzzles. There are: Yahtzee, Captain Mostly, his mom, myself, and the best household item - table that fol...

Released: 29 Sep 2006
Screenshot 1 of Text Parser Game
A bit of rushed game for MAGS March'07.

Long ago the grass was greener, the sky was brighter and the games were ruled by text parsers. These days have gone forever... Or are they?

Help Larry Wilco in his epic quest for the Holy Text Parser (and report bugs if necessary) on Earth, Mars and Tibet! Save his family from enslavement. Collect apples. Discuss things. Unveil conspiraci...

Released: 27 Mar 2007
Screenshot 1 of Voodoo Dave & the Tablecloth Mystery
VDTM is a game about guy whose girlfriend sent him to hell... And he went there.

Oh, how I'm sick and tired of writing these words! So here's some new ones for ye:

1. It is a The Seventh Guest ripoff (though it's 2D and there is no AI in puzzles... in this version)

2. It has lots of bad humour of mine.

3. It has VERY tragical ending.

So, check...

Released: 22 Oct 2006

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