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Bizarre Earthquake by Fatih Uzun
Screenshot 1 of Bizarre Earthquake
David is an adolescent, who has just graduated from college. He's working as an assistant of Julia who is beautiful and attractive earthquake research expert. Likewise, David desires to learn all about an earthquake and hence it's soon about to supply this curiosity in spades......

Released: 16 Dec 2014
Secrets Of sultan Kanuni by Fatih Uzun
Screenshot 1 of Secrets Of sultan Kanuni
Ali Kaya.Master of Taekwondo. He saw strange dream and decide to search reality of his dream.He is going to seek Sultan Suleyman's treasure.When he find the treasure, is it going to be end or just new beginning?...

Released: 10 May 2005
Screenshot 1 of Secrets of Sultan Kanuni 2
The story goes on. Ali had captured the golden shoes and destroyed agents' headquarter in Turkey in first game. This time, enemy is more powerful and they will do anything to stop Ali. A surprise ! friend is going to help Ali with his adventure. This time is more exciting, more entertaining. Official walkthrough : sosk2.coolbluegames.com/walkthrough.htm ...

Released: 31 May 2007
Screenshot 1 of Would You Be My Lover ? Demo
This is a game about a competition. There's a house and 10 contestors in it. This house is beeing watched by cameras 24 hours a day.Every week 1 contestor is eliminated. If you can survive till the final week, you will have chance to be winner. Demo limitations: 6 contestors available. Only 1 character is selectable and there's time limit app. 20 minutes....

Released: 19 Sep 2006

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