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Feuersturm by FireOrange
Screenshot 1 of Feuersturm
After a 60 years long sleep our hero awakes and notices that the world has changed. The cause has been a mysterious firestorm 6 decades ago. This is an adventure based on a nightmare of the author....

Released: 15 Nov 2007
Screenshot 1 of Feuersturm - Chapter 2: The Scary Train
After a black-out our hero awakes in a train which is used as a hospital now. Dr. Einzig tells him that many people have died over the last weeks - strange things are happening 60 years after the storm... (only in german yet!) Important: You should better play Feuersturm - Chapter 1 first!...

Released: 13 May 2008
Screenshot 1 of Feuersturm - Chapter 3: Where Forest Begins...
After he killed Wegener in self-defence, our hero follows the traces who leads him into a dark forest. There he will meet some people and he`ll learn that this forest is full of unknown things. His destination is the old institute of science which is situated behind the forest. (only in german yet!) Important: You should better play Feuersturm - Chapter 1+2 first!...

Released: 29 Apr 2009
Screenshot 1 of Maniac Mansion Mania - Episode 16: Return of the Meteor
It could have been a perfect day to go to the beach - but the side trip to Bernard's home ruined Jeff's plans. Bernard is lost, and the slimy purple meteor is back. He has landed in front of the Bernoulli's house and brought his whole family with him. A hard fight begins. This is the "reloaded" Version from 2007, not the original version from 2005 (The newer version is bigger, funnier and bette...

Released: 24 Jan 2010
Meteorhead by FireOrange
Screenshot 1 of Meteorhead
One night he reattacked again, our well-known enemy, the evil meteor. He crashed into Bernard Bernoulli`s window and something happend he had not planed. He collapsed on Bernard`s head and made him turn into METEORHEAD MAN! This is a funny trash-presentation based on the amazing maniac mansion mania-series. Now also available in English and other crazy languages....

Released: 4 Feb 2008

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