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Owl Hunt by Dead Owl Productions
Screenshot 1 of Owl Hunt
Ever wanted to shoot the damn owl from King's Quest V? This is the game for you!

King Graham thought he had escaped. After his adventure it had seemed Mordack had killed Cedric, or at least put him to sleep. King Graham escaped, and went on a walk in the forest. Finally... alone. Then, that fateful moment when he came across a snake, and those cursed words rand through his ears once aga...

Released: 9 Nov 2014
8 by GeorgeQGreg
Screenshot 1 of 8
From the creator of the outstanding hit, Bubble Wrap Popping Simulator 2013, comes 8! 8 is a game about the number 8. Press the button to hear and see the number 8. (Another not-adventure. I'm working on one, I swear!) (Choose the main link for the EXE installer, or the mirror for a 7Z archive!)...

Released: 22 Jun 2014
Screenshot 1 of Bubble Wrap Popping Simulator 2013
A gag game of sorts that simulates the process of popping bubble wrap.

Obviously NOT an adventure game! More info is available on the Itchio page.


Most realistic bubble popping simulation on the PLANET!

Most realistic graphics ever in a video game! That's because they're REAL PHOTOS!

Playable in 14 languages!

Real sounds of bubble wra...

Released: 18 Jul 2013

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