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Stellar Mess - Demo
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Screenshot 1 of Celtic Chaos - episode one : cold mead
Time to meet some old friends... some really old friends. People who played 'Cold Meat' have met some very oblivious zombies. Celtic Choas takes you back to the year 500 B.C. in the lifetime of the zombies. The hero of the first episode is Nektom, the strong, brave and stupid miner. Entry for the MAGS competition august 09. ...

Released: 30 Aug 2009
Screenshot 1 of Celtic Chaos - episode two : fishermen's fiends
After the adventure of Nektom, the strong, brave and stupid miner, the saga continues with Limfor, the slighly smarter and less strong and brave fisherman. Since the other celts never take Limfor with them when they pillage the nearest towns, he is chosen to bring an important message to the druid of the neighboring town. But it's not so easy for a Celt to be on a diplomatic mission......

Released: 24 Feb 2010
Cold Meat by Helme
Screenshot 1 of Cold Meat
Pete is a lazy guy who lives in a small town in bavaria and loves his music heavy metal and food fast. Finally the big day has come; the Smalltown Fast Food Fortress opens, and Pete knows just what do to: Get those burgers, and get them quick and in high quantity! Arriving at the chain restaurant of his choice, he can't help but notice one big problem: They built that thing on an ancient C...

Released: 4 Oct 2009
Minor Minion by Helme
Screenshot 1 of Minor Minion
Winner of the MAGS competition september 09. Our hero is one of hundreds of evil minions living happiliy... erm... evily with their evil lord doing evil things. But one day everything changes and he is the only one left....

Released: 22 Sep 2009

Page 1 of 1 (4 results)

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