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Bioluminescence by Jaffles
Screenshot 1 of Bioluminescence
MAGS entry May 2013. You play as an anglerfish who has gotten herself stuck in an underwater shipwreck! You must use your bioluminescent lure in creative ways to solve puzzles and escape!...

Released: 5 Jun 2013
Screenshot 1 of Reon Quest Episode 1: The Mysterious Aluminatti Society
After a Pudding Bomb is detonated late one Wednesday night in Reon Elementary School, Draco (a reptilian prankster with a heart of gold) is unfairly blamed and placed in Sunday detention. Through the help of a decidedly smug letter, Draco discovers that he was in fact framed by the Mysterious Aluminatti Society. Swearing revenge, Draco must now break out of detention and bring justice to the Alumi...

Released: 24 Jun 2012
Screenshot 1 of Reon Quest Episode 2: Escape From Bully Island
After the antics surrounding the Mysterious Aluminatti Society, the Principal of Reon Elementary School has had enough! With the big PTA Meeting on the horizon and his school's reputation on the line, he does what any other reasonable Principal would do: Orders Draco and his "merry band of idiots" to be thrown into the newly built juvenile detention center, Bully Island, until they're old enough f...

Released: 26 Jan 2013

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