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No screenshot 1 for CGA games screensaver
CGA games screensaver v1.2

A hommage to the 4-color CGA DOS games era (1982-1994).

* Shows random intro-, waiting/loading-, menu- & deadscreens of CGA DOS games.
* Covers over 1000 DOS game titles
* Contains over 1200 CGA screenshots all 640x400
* Shows game info (title, a.k.a, release year, Dos/PC Booter], game categories, publisher, developer)
* Enab...

Released: 20 Feb 2015
Screenshot 1 of SAW Deluxe (Remake)
This is a new version of the game released in 2006 by Pedro. the game has been totally polished up with new graphics, animations, powerful script-coding, and more playability. Dialogs have also been improved. Plot: The game doesn't follow the movie plot literally. Allan and Carl have been kidnapped. When they wake up they realize they are in an old bathroom which has a locked door. So they will...

Released: 13 Oct 2009
SAW 2 by Pedro
Screenshot 1 of SAW 2
Alliance has improved the translation. The fix is here: http://new.bigbluecup.com/yabb/index.php?topic=31843.0 * A new resolution: 800*600 * More stages that in the previous game. 6 news stages * Argument different of the movie. * More than 30 animations. * Videos in 3D * To be able to see Jigsaw in 3D * Texts in Spanish, English and French. * Voices in Spanish with subtitles in English...

Released: 13 Jul 2007
Screenshot 1 of Lost in the Nightmare: 'Save Our Souls'
The deluxe version of Lost in the Nightmare, my 2005 released game. Features of the deluxe version: *A new level! A terrifying extra level will be available to play when you finish the game with the good ending. Some of the events on this new levels are depended on a decision you make, so it is a replayable level. *Revisioned graphics Changed the shadow/highlight and hue/saturation v...

Released: 6 Jan 2008
Screenshot 1 of Nedy's Adventure: The curse of Vera Deluxe
The Carbon captain has kidnapped you to have someone to resolve the cursed island mistery, she makes you jump from the airplane with your parachute, and then you must guide Nedy to escape from the island. You'll get into trouble and it won't be easy to escape... With relaxing music!!! Available IN ENGLISH, and spanish. Screenie: http://joecarlhr.googlepages.com/SCR2.PNG...

Released: 3 Nov 2006
SAW - 1st part by Pedro
Screenshot 1 of SAW - 1st part
The game is in spanish and IN ENGLISH The game which follows the movie plot and with new original events. With two surprising alternative endings!! You can handle two characters!! This is the same SAW game posted here before, but its size is 20mb less, and it's better. ...

Released: 20 Oct 2006
Screenshot 1 of Kill Joseda (2D shoot'em up)
This is a non-adventure game with a symilar "Operation Wolf"'s playing mode. Plot: Joseda, the king of disaster has colected a group of guys to end with the existence. And you are the chosen one to avoid this, of course you'll have a friend to help you in difficult situations. But it won't be easy at all, your enemies will never stop attacking you and each one has a different plan to bet you. Wil...

Released: 7 May 2009

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