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U-ROPA by Atavismus/Hobo/Jonas/Peder
Screenshot 1 of U-ROPA
You are a young technician working in an undersea vehicle extracting minerals. It's your first day, but a serious accident happens. You are trapped. Will you survive? Will you escape? Be quick, chose wisely, time is running out.....

Released: 5 Jan 2016
Trade it forward by Sandra T. Almeida & heltenjon
Screenshot 1 of Trade it forward
Charly needs to have the new DroneMaster 5000!

Unfortunately, all he owns, is a trouser button.
Help Charly doing some good trades and perhaps cut some corners in his attempt to get ahold of the toy of his dreams!

Based on a true story! (or maybe an urban legend...)

Game resolution: 640x360, 32-bit in colour!

Made for MAGS August 2021 (Theme: By hook or by crook)

Released: 31 Aug 2021
This Game by Montague
Screenshot 1 of This Game
In This Game you play as This Guy, who has landed a cracking job selling mobile phone subscriptions. When he encounters a demented old woman he smells an easy sell. Dot, dot, dot, as they say....

Released: 18 Oct 2008
The Vacuum by Makeout Patrol
Screenshot 1 of The Vacuum
In The Vacuum, you play as Leo Wallace, a student at Aberdeen University who is headed back home to Whitefall for summer with his girlfriend, Averie Piper. As a pair of poor, starving college students, they decide to book a cheap room on a cargo ship that has extra room for passengers on this particular trip. It's a short jaunt - only a day and a half - and it seems as though it should be uneventf...

Released: 14 Aug 2008
The House of Mr Chocolate by FormosaFalanster
Screenshot 1 of The House of Mr Chocolate
Mr Chocolate lives alone in his house. He never goes out, slowly
loses his memory, and he is so lonely that he took the habit of talking
to objects... But something is happening in this house! Explore with him
what is disturbing his peaceful retreat and why something is trying to
force him out.
Like in most adventure/point-and-click games, you will have a \"Talk To\"

Released: 23 Jan 2021
The Demonic Dollhouse by Jonas & Tobias Karjalainen
Screenshot 1 of The Demonic Dollhouse
*This game is now freeware* The phone rang. - Hello? The demonhunter answered. - H-H-HELP!!! D-DEMONS!! EVERYWHERE!! The voice in the phone screamed. - Where are you? - My address is Darkstreet 81! Please hurr-- AAAAAAAAAAARRGGGHHH! The phonecall sent chills down the spine of the legendary Demonhunter. He had seen and heard many dying humans before, but this was something else. Some...

Released: 15 Oct 2010
Screenshot 1 of Space Quest: A Son of Xenon - Full Version (2022)
Remember the star generator from Sierra’s “Space Quest I”?

In this vintage stylish prequel (look and feel of Space Quest III), naive engineer not-yet-janitor Roger Wilco learns why the sun of Xenon had to die in the first place.

Download this free full length classic adventure game (80 pictures) and travel to strange new planets, puzzle your way through paralle...

Released: 8 Sep 2022
Scales Training Game by heltenjon
Screenshot 1 of Scales Training Game
Two kids have built houses out of chairs and blankets. But have they scaled them right?

Submitted to September MAGS 2021 \"Scales\". Originally intended as  a test run before making my real entry. ...

Released: 30 Sep 2021
Pedro's Adventures in Spanish by Rocket Boy Games
Screenshot 1 of Pedro's Adventures in Spanish
Pedro's Adventures in Spanish is an immersive language learning game that helps you practice and learn Spanish without the need for quizzes or word matching exercises. 

Take control of Pedro as he travels across the kingdom, solving puzzles, making friends and defeating enemies. Pedro's Journey to save the princess mirrors your journey into learning Spanish. ...

Released: 30 Jul 2021
Osher Bli Gvulot - Boundless Osher by Jonathan Yalon and Ori Wachtel
Screenshot 1 of Osher Bli Gvulot - Boundless Osher
Osher Bli Gvulot ("Boundless Osher") is the first full-length Israeli adventure game created with AGS. It contains 10 hours of gameplay with 2 hours of original music and voice speech. The game's hero is Osher, a 30-yo Israeli guy trying to get elected as Israel's next prime minister. Note that the game is in HEBREW only at the moment. ...

Released: 7 Oct 2007
Screenshot 1 of One Week, One room
It's not a very good game, i'll be honest ;) created for OROW 2008...

Released: 5 Jul 2008
Screenshot 1 of Once Upon A Crime
Join Red (the PI formerly known as Little Red Riding Hood) on a chase to solve a most terrible crime. With magical potions, sharp wits and a sweet pout, there is no telling where the chase may lead!

NOTE: 1.3B is up, adressing a bug that made it possible to get stuck in the endgame. Please get the new version for a much better game experience....

Released: 2 Jan 2008
Screenshot 1 of N.orth E.ast W.est S.outh
The outside world was dead to you. The only life you knew was the one within the cold walls of this base in the middle of the sea. Your father told you that nuclear weapons killed everyone and everything. But was that really true? And did it matter now that solitude became unbearable?

The north, the east, the west and the south... the whole world awaits!...

Released: 30 Aug 2011
MINDBOGGLER by Ibispi and Babar
Screenshot 1 of MINDBOGGLER
a MAGS game jam game for the theme 'Pure evil'. The game was kind of rushed so it's missing a lot of interactions.............enjoy...

Released: 3 Oct 2016
Screenshot 1 of Menial; a Utopian Bagel Simulator (demo)
Welcome to Menial; the utopian bagel simulator.

This isn't a traditional adventure game I should inform! :)

I'd quickly describe Menial as a restaurant simulator and a visual novel, with some light point 'n' click puzzling in a comic pixel art style very much inspired by the NES.

More broadly Menial

Released: 12 Oct 2022
Masquerade at the Con by heltenjon
Screenshot 1 of Masquerade at the Con
Guess who the mystery persons are, then do some \"roleplaying\" and defeat the villains!...

Released: 6 Aug 2022
Screenshot 1 of M*A*S*H: Point n' Click adventure game
In 1950 on June 25th, the Korean conflict started. In the midst of the conflict, there is also a troop of surgeons and nurses that patch up the wounded in what they call meatball surgery. Our story takes place at the 4077th. The best M*A*S*H unit far and wide. It has an astonishingly low casualty record. One of the 4077th members is also the company clerk Walter O'Reilly. After an 8-hour stint in...

Released: 7 Feb 2021
Lone Case 3: Showdown by Sho-Ryu-Ken corp
Screenshot 1 of Lone Case 3: Showdown
Lone Case 3: Showdown.

The last part of the Lone Case trilogy brings the story, five hundred years after the incidents on Lone Case 2: Scars. Dave Dell was put in cryo genesis all this time and a young female doctor by the name of Elizabeth Scobie sets him free. But Dave will have to pull himself together, for many secrets are about to be revealed in front of his eyes. And t...

Released: 11 Mar 2008
Screenshot 1 of Living Nightmare: Freedom
The final game in the Living Nightmare series.

It has been years to James. Thousands of years.

When we last left James, he was trapped in an endless nightmare that had taken place in his old home. Since then, he has been dragged through a never ending abyss of darkness by all kinds of tormentors, and was moved away from his home long ago.

The experience for James...

Released: 22 Jan 2012
In Bloom by Bani Gala Studios
Screenshot 1 of In Bloom
The Infestation is blooming, and time is running out. You have to decide how you will save humanity. In the far-flung future, the earth is in danger: A malicious bloom has spread through the galaxy and will soon engulf the earth. You will be tasked with saving it, but in the end, you must decide how! This game was created for the 2018 $102 Adventure jam, in which it attained 6th place! Thi...

Released: 23 Oct 2018
Screenshot 1 of If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers
A tale of dark and troubling things, a narrative-driven point-and-click adventure that explores the stories of four different characters in a masked ball taking place on a train in the late 1920s....

Released: 10 Mar 2021
I.S.O.S. by Gepard
Screenshot 1 of I.S.O.S.
Game no longer available! My name is Marcus Frederick. Im one of the few people still living on the Earth, which now serves as an emergency station for our glorious spaceships. Last night one of them was about to approach us by a hyperspace jump. Well it did... at least what has remained of it... It is my duty to find out what happened. And the I.S.O.S. (internal security operating system) is my ...

Released: 22 Sep 2007
I Rented a Boat by eri0o
Screenshot 1 of I Rented a Boat
A first person walking simulator where you need to get out of an island, but you are not alone, and this is a good thing!

A very short game made for MAGS march \"Journey\". It plays with mouse to look and WASD keys to move, use ESC to reach the game menu to read the full Controls description....

Released: 1 Apr 2021
Screenshot 1 of Halloween with an Unexpected Guest
It's Halloween, and the Spades family are celebrating in their own way. The King must try to solve all the troubles and disputes while satisfying the trick-or-treaters. And not all guests are welcome.

See how the Spades celebrate Halloween! What's really in the King's big blue cup? Who nicked the candy? Who is the unexpected guest? And try to find the good joke among all the bad ones.

Released: 4 Nov 2021
Go North 3 by Dualnames
Screenshot 1 of Go North 3
You know, I've spent the past one hour, thinking, endlessly, how should this topic begin. But I have not found a single piece of text, worthy to accompany the poetry and the depth of this game. You are probably either stopped reading by now, or you're thinking "is this for real", and trust me when I say, this is the REALEST game ever to grace the presence of space in your computerized machine. ...

Released: 28 Nov 2014
Screenshot 1 of GIGANT
The story takes place in Seoul, South Korea.

After losing his job, Da-Hoon finds a part-time occupation that pays suspiciously well.

His employer requires body parts from the giant human-eating creature known as Gigant.

Da-Hoon accepts the dangerous offer, putting his life on the line.

But will he be able to survive the wrath of the Gigant?...

Released: 12 Aug 2022
Getting the Picture by heltenjon
Screenshot 1 of Getting the Picture
Short quiz game made for MAGS January (although it didn't make the deadline). Includes the usual gags and silliness....

Released: 7 Feb 2022
Screenshot 1 of Don't Give Up the Cat
Tonight, you are out in the woods. As a cat.

A short game intended to be played at night, using headphones. In this first-person game you use your mouse to look around and scratch things, and WASD keys for walking, shift to run, and you use Esc to show the menu.
After you run you may sit around to breathe a bit and listen to the forest.

Game by eri0o<...

Released: 26 Nov 2022
Desolate by arj0n
Screenshot 1 of Desolate
Desolate is a top-down perspective adventure game with arcade and 
puzzle elements, served in a hybrid 
TI83-Game Boy monochrome green palette.Or in short: a spaceship crawler.

Released: 23 May 2021
Death - Episode One by Jonas & Tobias Karjalainen
Screenshot 1 of Death - Episode One
You are Death, aka The Grim Reaper. In this episode Death gets involved with a demon who wants to steal his scythe to claim unlimited power....

Released: 21 Jun 2010
Craft Of Evil by Buckethead
Screenshot 1 of Craft Of Evil
Your name is Alex. Some time ago you took a job that seemed like a dream.
But it was a scam and soon you find yourself deep into the underworld.
You are being blackmaled by a criminal named Ryan. He wants you to
steal an artifact from a mansion that appears long abandoned.
But the mansion is not so empty as you expected....

A project started mainly for testing but ...

Released: 24 Jun 2008
CosmoKid (DEMO) by Jonathan Nolan aka Goldfish
Screenshot 1 of CosmoKid (DEMO)
DEMO of CosmoKid, freeware game inspired by Spaceman Spiff and the golden age of sci fi which in turn inspired Mr. Watterson himself....

Released: 26 Jan 2010
Screenshot 1 of Charlie Foxtrot & The Galaxy of Tomorrow
A rebel clone meets a zany galaxy in this high-intensity sci-fi parody. Hundreds of animations, spectacular humour, full sound-track and a bunny's lair worth of easter eggs make this game a must play!

You play Charlie Foxtrot, a clone who rebels against conformity. Undertaking an intergalactic quest so that he can assert his autonomy, Charlie travels to strange planets inhabited by d...

Released: 17 Jul 2007
Challenge of the Tentacle by Amir Matouk
Screenshot 1 of Challenge of the Tentacle
Challenge of the Tentacle is a free point and click escape room adventure fangame inspired by Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle and Maniac Mansion Mania.

On a beautiful morning with chirping birds and sunshine, it seems a new beautiful day begins for the whole world. But no one knows that a catastrophe could happen that day. An evil, tyrannical, purple tentacle wants to t...

Released: 2 Jul 2022
Cayanne Pepper by Montague
Screenshot 1 of Cayanne Pepper
Struggling freelance writer Cayanne Pepper has nothing better to do so she tries to help an old acquaintance who happens to be wanted for murder.

Cayanne Pepper is set in a post-nuclear-war not-too-distant future/alternate present. It's intended as a "part one" kind of game....

Released: 16 Sep 2007
BYO-Hero by Tony Watkins
Screenshot 1 of BYO-Hero
​The full Point-and-click Adventure game > where YOU get to be the HERO!

YOU (your drawing/picture HERO) has been unceremoniously thrown out of the Royal castle. You find yourself left alone in a forest with nothing in your possession and you soon realise that you have been booted out since you were next in line to the throne!

You must use your wits and skills a...

Released: 19 Sep 2020
Batman: Prep Time by heltenjon
Screenshot 1 of Batman: Prep Time
Alfred, you need to advice Batman about how to spend his prep time. ...

Released: 13 Feb 2022
Atapi by Kristin Moody
Screenshot 1 of Atapi
Oko Bokog, a timid, kind-hearted sakwa, lives peacefully. With the help of Kiri, his curious, adopted human daughter, he has rebuilt his life after a violent tragedy. However, a mysterious, deadly illness afflicts the human children of his village and puts Oko to the test. Can he and Boma, a hromu healer, cure the illness? Or will he find a solution through supernatural means? "...the sto...

Released: 17 Jun 2009
Alien Attack by Jon
Screenshot 1 of Alien Attack
An April MAGS entry, help 'Ginnie' defeat the evil Plutonians!

Dedicated to David Wells....

Released: 8 Apr 2007
After a Shadow by Canardo alias Tero Kerttula
Screenshot 1 of After a Shadow
Keith Night woke up in a gutter. Having no idea what he was doing there, he had to trace his steps from last night and find out what he was after. But Keith had no idea of the things to come......

Released: 30 Apr 2007
Absurdistan - Demo by Lazy Squirrel Studio
Screenshot 1 of Absurdistan - Demo
The Party needs you! You must come to Absurdistan immediately and join Leszek on his little quest to save his father's name day! A trifle you say? Oh, Comrade, how wrong of you! Don't you forget that Absurdistan is a place where logic is nowhere to be found and that Absurdanis are reluctant to help each other out. Where keeping your profile low and showing your devotion to the Party is your brea...

Released: 22 Sep 2020
Absurdistan by Lazy Squirrel Studio
Screenshot 1 of Absurdistan
Dear Comrade,

The Party needs you! You must come to Absurdistan immediately and join Leszek on his little quest to save his father's name day! A trifle you say? Oh, Comrade, how wrong of you! Don't you forget that Absurdistan is a place where logic is nowhere to be found and that Absurdanis are reluctant to help each other out. Where keeping your profile low and showing your devotion to t...

Released: 30 May 2021

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