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Deep Hope by Cleanic
Screenshot 1 of Deep Hope
When there are no possible options left, some search the impossible.

Help Alex in his quest for... the most unbelievable solution. To the bottom of the sea.

What exactly dwells down there?

Made for MAGS May 2013: Underwater

Very short, more than one ending....

Released: 28 May 2013
Screenshot 1 of Emily Enough: Imprisoned
Emily Enough: Imprisoned is the touching story of a misguided but brilliant child heiress turned murderer, and her descent into the corporate underbelly of a New York State asylum. ...

Released: 18 Aug 2005
Frank the Farmhand Part 2 by Mattias Jeppsson
Screenshot 1 of Frank the Farmhand Part 2
After having escaped from the agents, Frank and his friends are captured by the american military and brought to a military camp on the island of Guija.

Frank needs once again to save his friends, and escape from the clutches of the Syndicate! UPDATE: version 1.1!!

In the second part of Frank's adventures you'll find yourself on an exotic island with lots of new characters t...

Released: 30 Mar 2005
Screenshot 1 of Frantic Franko: Bergzwerg Gone Berzerk
Frantic Franko is a tale of a nasty dwarven warrior (big axe and all that) and his quest for revenge. It's a classic heroic fantasy with a touch of Kafka and Twilight Zone. With Justin Franklin as the voice of Franko. Franko also sports an usual interface and some unique gameplay ideas... 0) hack, smell and bite your way through problems 1) a persuasive dwarf's bag of junk conversa...

Released: 26 Jun 2009
Heartland Deluxe by LimpingFish
Screenshot 1 of Heartland Deluxe
The deluxe version of my OROW game Heartland.

Nominated for two AGS Awards (2007).

03/04/09: The main download link is back up.

29/03/09: The main download link is currently unavailable. Please use the mirror provided below. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The game is compressed as a self-extracting 7-Zip archive, hence the *.exe of the filename. It ...

Released: 22 Nov 2006
Screenshot 1 of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Remake
Arthur Dent, a typical human, wakes up on an ordinary day, just to find himself trying to stop the local state from demolishing his house for the construction by-pass. His friend Ford, however comes and informs that the world is about to end in 12 minutes, for the construction of an intergalactic expressway. Special Thanks to Peder for hosting a mirror and Xenogia as well....

Released: 25 May 2010
III Spy by Steve McCrea
Screenshot 1 of III Spy
Become Mika once again as she seeks to blow the lid off election scandal and uncover more stories for the Reality-on-the-Norm newspaper. "This be an incredibly polished thing of lovelyness." "This game still blows my mind... Download it now or you're missing out."...

Released: 26 Sep 2003
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! by Alasdair Beckett
Screenshot 1 of Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!
Nelly Cootalot, fearsome pirate and lover of tiny and adorable creatures, is charged by the spirit of a dead buccaneer to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a fleet of birds known as spoonbeaks.

Her adventure will bring her face to face with the nefarious Baron Widebeard as she uncovers corruption and wanton punning in the Barony of Meeth.

This is my first complete AGS game....

Released: 7 Mar 2007
Screenshot 1 of Reality-On-The-Norm: The Affair of the Weirdo
When the Town Weirdo comes to Max Griff's office claiming he's being spied on, Max doesn't take him seriously.

However, when the Weirdo is attacked, Max takes the case to discover the identity of the attacker and their motive....

Released: 14 Apr 2011
Space Pool Alpha by SteveMcCrea
Screenshot 1 of Space Pool Alpha
An intergalactic arcade pool simulation.

Featuring time attack, tournament and two-player modes.

Source code here: http://www.kweepa.org/step/ags/games/SpacePool.zip...

Released: 9 May 2010
Spooks by The Ivy
Screenshot 1 of Spooks
There's really no better way to spend a day in the Land of the Dead than at the Carnage-Val...there are rides, games, and a veritable sideshow of quirky employees. However, for one little ghoul named Mortia, things are about to take a dive out of the ordinary. After a smooth-talking skeleton challenges her to a game of darts, she wins the most unbelievable prize she's ever laid eyes on: a live g...

Released: 14 Feb 2006
The Energizer by Tzach Shabtay
Screenshot 1 of The Energizer
The year: 1902. England and France are at war. An ugly war, a war you can't even remember why it started. Both sides show equal strengths, so it's hard to tell when it will end. That's where the 'energizer' comes into play. The English has developed it, and it can do wonders. With this machine, the English will have the advantage and will win the war in a matter of months. However, the En...

Released: 28 Oct 2009
Screenshot 1 of The Lost Prince Of Lorden - Part 1
You are on your way to Bridgetown, a large and prosperous village on the northern shores of Lorden. There are four villages in all. One to the north, east, south and west points of the Isle. You have travelled South, from The Lore Lands across th...

Released: 13 Sep 2012
The Quest For The Holy Salsa by Tzach Shabtay
Screenshot 1 of The Quest For The Holy Salsa
Winner of Mags Feb' 2010 There is an on-going blood feud between the humans and the abominations. You play as Eldritch, a young abomination, who is chosen by the 'High One' to infiltrate the human camp, and fetch what the legend describes as their sacred item which is also the source to their power: The Holy Chunky Salsa! In your quest, according to the legend, you will have to overcome t...

Released: 24 Feb 2010
Screenshot 1 of The Young Gabriel King Chronicles
Eleven year old Gaby is on holiday with his overbearing mother. Go!...

Released: 4 May 2005
Unbound by LimpingFish
Screenshot 1 of Unbound
The second in a series of three short games, based on the backstory of a planned full-length game..."Wound".

03/04/09: The main download link is back up.

29/03/09: The main download link is currently unavailable. Please use the mirror provided below. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Note: The download is a self-extracting 7zip archive, hence the *.exe. It is NOT an in...

Released: 20 Dec 2007
Screenshot 1 of What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed
He never talks to me anymore. He never talks to anyone anymore. His eyes are always closed. I wonder what he sees... Features: -Unique dual story gameplay -Multiple Endings -English and Japanese Language -Loads of graphical effects -A dynamic music system and amazing soundtrack -An exciting and bizarre story -Another exciting and bizarre story -A cool interactive manual...

Released: 25 Nov 2006

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