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Screenshot 1 of  Elia, Ilaria & the Kids Having a Good Time at the Sea (or at least they try)
Finally it's Ferragosto, a holiday right in the middle of August! Elia has prepared everything for a one-day trip to the sea. Or so he thought...

Can you satisfy every request of the family before it's too late, and then enjoy a well-deserved day at the sea?

Made in two weeks for the AdvXJam....

Released: 25 Nov 2020
_Access by Akatosh
Screenshot 1 of _Access
Winner of the "Best Innovation" award in 2007. Yaytards!

Be the hacker you always wanted to be.

Language and Sex/nudity ratings due to in-game chat channels.

UPDATE 2012/09/13: I've re-uploaded the game to Mediafire. I hope this fixes the persistent trouble with eSnpis.

The graphics are partially stolen from Uplink. Go to its website. Now. (http://uplink.co.uk)

Released: 10 Mar 2007
-Space Hunter- by PuNKKoMmANDO77
Screenshot 1 of -Space Hunter-
THE GAME IS ENG/ITA PLOT Kolt is a bounty hunter, or so he says, is now in the great metropolis, a huge agglomeration of buildings surrounded by a bluish metallic rough desert. His problems begin when here during a typical work day will be accused of having committed a crime not just in order to discover who framed him will be many friends and enemies, and above all find his hero bounty...

Released: 30 Aug 2010
! by Ben304
Screenshot 1 of !
That fiendish Count Can't has gone and taken the town's monument for his evil purposes! The town's mayor has assigned !, Robot to the case - lend him your mind and your heart as you use your left mouse button to solve riddles and get the bad guy!...

Released: 18 Dec 2009
'Adventure Game' demo by Lollygobble
Screenshot 1 of 'Adventure Game' demo
It involves a TV studio, a tropical island, a fat director in pink pants, homosexual cannibal soccor players, and something about pirates thown in to a mad mad coctail of puzzles all crammed into one clumsily drawn point and click adventure game....

Released: 29 Jan 2002
[Into the series] OceanSpirit Dennis by Studio 3 x Mog.Net
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] OceanSpirit Dennis
Play as Dave and go on a search for the 3 three magical Stars better known as the Dawn Stars. ...

Released: 25 Jan 2012
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series]Carrot Adventures PMQ
You play as Dave while being accompanied by Mr.Mog, your fateful friend and reliable salesmen. You have received a quest to travel to the City of spirits to find a girl named Yuki....

Released: 9 Jul 2011
[RotN] Gatitos: The Paws of Fate by Creed Malay & Denzil Quixode
Screenshot 1 of [RotN] Gatitos: The Paws of Fate
This is the first chapter of the third game in the "Melt & Drake" series (after Cabbages & Kings and Kittens & Cacti). Also known as "Apocalypse Meow", this first chapter sees Drake in a RotN overrun by kittens (it probably won't make a lot of sense unless you've played Kittens & Cacti to completion... and maybe not even then :) Pretty puzzle-light....

Released: 21 Mar 2003
∞ bit by Vince Twelve
Screenshot 1 of ∞ bit
Travel from waystation to waystation along the unending corridor of the infinity bit. Fly your escape pod, run and jump, collect upgrades. Reach infinity! -Two gameplay modes -Puzzle Platforming -Arcade action flight -Upgrades to collect -Awesome music...

Released: 8 Aug 2010
^_^ by Ben304
Screenshot 1 of ^_^
Julian has been turned into a werebunny and is quite cross about this! His human abilities have been replaced with only animal instincts! Bite, headbutt and shout your way as Julian in order to find a way to change back!...

Released: 14 Jan 2012
Screenshot 1 of ~airwave~ - I Fought the Law, and the Law One
Elodie Major has been running a little indie radio station called Airwave Radio with her friend Zak for 5 years now, and they've manage to win a strong following amongst the people of the small town of Wave. Recently, however, they've found themselves under pressure from mainstream record labels to play their music, and have resisted quite forcefully, but they haven't seen an end to this attemp...

Released: 15 Feb 2011
1 Day a mosquito by deepgames
Screenshot 1 of 1 Day a mosquito
(abandoned)It's just a short shot at the July 2005 Mags. Your a mosquito trapped in a house. Find your way out. Features a unique-mosquitoesque GUI ;-)...

Released: 22 Jul 2006
10 Ways From Sunday by HanaIndiana
Screenshot 1 of 10 Ways From Sunday
[MAGS Entry Aug. 2017 - Theme: "The Bible"] Sometimes to get what you want, you have to break all the rules. And I DO mean all 10.

Debra needs God's help, but she needs to get His attention. Has she taken it too far?...

Released: 1 Sep 2017
11-11-11 by Screen 7
Screenshot 1 of 11-11-11
James Marshall is an insomniac who lives in the big city. One night, a mysterious set of events take him outside to investigate - only to realize there is a dangerous threat to him and his friends lurking behind the shadows. Can you help convince his neighbours they're in danger, find a way to safety and perhaps even stop the disaster? * Some scenes may scare younger players, or those with a ne...

Released: 26 Dec 2011
15 Minutes by Tim Hengeveld
Screenshot 1 of 15 Minutes
Weathered special agent Jake Brewer is called upon once more to secure the safety of his nation. But this time he only has 15 minutes before everything goes tits-up. ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO STOP THESE TERRORISTS IN TIME? Winner of the April 2011 MAGS....

Released: 15 May 2011
Screenshot 1 of 2034: A.C. (After Canada) II [Bake Sale 2]
This followup game to the AGS Award nominated MAGS game tells the further adventures of Paige Rowsdower, unflaggingly optimistic member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as she and her fellow Mounties work hard to maintain law and order in a world that has collapsed even further into chaos and anarchy. Of course, since this game is set in Canada, the apocalypse is very well-mannered and polite....

Released: 2 Jul 2015
4 of Clubs by Bicilotti
Screenshot 1 of 4 of Clubs
A Game of Cards / An interactive murder during the WWII....

Released: 30 Apr 2007
4-Lung Boy by Anatola Howard
Screenshot 1 of 4-Lung Boy
"A week after moving to a small town, you are confronted by frustration, an astronaut, and striped siblings..." Short game, made in less than two weeks. First-person-style, black and white graphics....

Released: 12 Oct 2013
5- O'clock Lock by releasethefrogs
Screenshot 1 of 5- O'clock Lock
The codephrases for disaster: -Telephone and computer being fixed... -No Intercom... -Door locked from inside... -5:00 PM (17:00)... -Evening deep-sea fishing trip at 5:30...

You pooped out after a long day's work. The only thing that kept you through was your love for fishing, and the fact that you have a big fishing trip in 30 minutes. Everything seems to be perfect. All you n...

Released: 26 Apr 2004
6 Day Assassin by Mr Colossal
Screenshot 1 of 6 Day Assassin
The life of an assassin is not an easy one... and often not a very long one. After receiving a phonecall from a distsressed friend and coworker, you find yourself in a compromising situation. In order to survive, you must rely on your minimal resources, keen sense of logic, and limited number of bullets. Meow, baaaaby!...

Released: 16 Feb 2002
6Mornings by Przemyslaw Gladkiewicz
Screenshot 1 of 6Mornings
Each day Boy wakes up lacking one of his senses. Help him out and find a reason behind this weird anomaly....

Released: 23 Nov 2017
9 Hours to Dawn by Cogliostro
Screenshot 1 of 9 Hours to Dawn
Jack just wanted to have a caving holiday on Mount Shasta. Caught in a terrible storm as he enters the area, he stops to assist a broken-down car. Moments later, a third car crashes into the back of his, wrecking all three vehicles. With no means to go find help, the vehicles’ occupants reluctantly band together to seek shelter from the storm in a nearby abandoned cabin. But this is a cabin with...

Released: 14 May 2011
9 Months In by tzachs
Screenshot 1 of 9 Months In
The game was originally made for the AGS Bake Sale, but is now available for free. Parking Goat is proud to present 9 Months In (featuring full voice acting)! The Story ------------ Life is hard when you're a prisoner, wrongly accused. When you're pregnant in prison, life can be even harder. You will want to give up. But when you are then accused of a new crime, the murder of one of th...

Released: 21 Jan 2012
A Cat's Night by PuNKKoMmANDO77
Screenshot 1 of A Cat's Night
ENGLISH--ITALIAN--FRENCH This game was created in collaboration with an Italian association and is part of a project for schools, where we teach children the importance of respect for animals. The game has some educational content but also has a classic adventure style. In this adventure, we control Orazio, a big friendly cat who, with the help of his friends, must find a way to stop an e...

Released: 25 Feb 2012
A Cat's Night 2 by PuNKKoMmANDO77
Screenshot 1 of A Cat's Night 2
ENGLISH -- ITALIAN Every night, some animals of the city 'of Forlì are kidnapped and taken away with a white van. The Feline Council ask the help of Orazio, the hero of the cattery Emergenza Randagi, which is now' was adopted and lives with his family in the center of Forli'. ...

Released: 30 Apr 2013
A Christmas Nightmare by Alan v.Drake
Screenshot 1 of A Christmas Nightmare
A kid meets Santa and wishes for a present... but nothing is what it seems.
Why are the days repeating? Who is Greg?! What is Santa hiding?!?

Help Eddy in uncovering the truth and reaching the Good Ending in this Groundhog Day meets point and click adventure!

Updated: 26/12/2020 Version 1.2

Released: 31 Dec 2019
A Christopher Jones Adventure by Filing Cabinet
Screenshot 1 of A Christopher Jones Adventure
One day a man called Christopher Jones goes to work, where an amazing adventure ensues....

Released: 28 Jul 2011
Screenshot 1 of A Cure for the Common Cold
After spending years as a starving artist, you've managed to catch the eye of an influential gallery director. The problem: he wants to see some new work, and you've got a terrible cold that is draining your creativity. You'd better find a cure for the common cold--and fast! Brought to you by Team Strange Potato! :) An Italian version is now available, thanks to Cinfa :)...

Released: 13 Jan 2007
A Curious Pastime by Michael Greenwell
Screenshot 1 of A Curious Pastime
A comedic romp through the vaguely fantasy-ish camp of the Fir Cruthen (a band of mighty warriors, druids, and bards)...

Released: 13 Mar 2020
Screenshot 1 of A Curious Silence
A Curious Silence (And the screams it hides) An abandoned factory has been showing signs of life recently. Your team is sent in to investigate the situation, but all of you will soon discover secrets that humanity was never meant to find out… Further details regarding story and characters can be found in the included instruction manual. Features: * first person viewpoint * multipl...

Released: 26 Nov 2017
A Date in the Park by shaun9991
Screenshot 1 of A Date in the Park
A surreal and creepy little point and click game. A Date in the Park is now on Steam Greenlight! Hoping to get some more exposure for it by getting it on Steam as a free download. If you enjoyed the game please do consider giving us your vote :) You can vote here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=646036057 You are Lou. You've recently moved to Lisbon, in Portugal, ...

Released: 26 Nov 2014
Screenshot 1 of A Friend Indeed : The Adventures of JP & Cosmo
You play as JP ... an ordinary, everyday kind of guy. You're about to be thrown into an extraordinary adventure. Just sittin' about one day, you hear on the news that an asteroid is on a collision course with the Earth. And all life will be wiped off the planet when it hits! You head over to your friend Cosmo's house in hopes that his bomb shelter will provide some protection. But afte...

Released: 9 Mar 2004
A Golden Wake by Grundislav
Screenshot 1 of A Golden Wake
The Roaring Twenties. The Jazz Age. Prohibition. For Alfie Banks, a young real estate salesman from New York recently relocated to Miami, it is a time of great opportunity. Set against the backdrop of the Florida Land Boom of the 1920s, A Golden Wake is a story of an innocent man's descent into greed and corruption, and his eventual redemption. Based on actual events and featuring real li...

Released: 16 Oct 2014
Screenshot 1 of A Gunshot in Room 37
Entry for the fourth One Room One Week competition. A very short and simple game.

You play a criminal of some sort, and you need to escape the authorities....

Released: 8 Jun 2006
A Homie Adventure by Sidney Sacchi
Screenshot 1 of A Homie Adventure
My first attempt at game development and at using AGS.

The story is pretty simple and as you can tell by the graphics it's a tribute to LucasFilm Games, David Fox, Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer & Gary Winnick.

A huge thanks goes to my brothers LostTrainDude for his help and patience and Dr. Wh for having initiated me to videogames in the early 80's.

Main Language: Italian Tr...

Released: 23 Aug 2015
Screenshot 1 of A la Recherche de Dread Mac Farlane
Découvrez ma page Tipeee ! :) https://fr.tipeee.com/marion-poinsot

Jeu d'aventure en point & click dans l'univers de Dread Mac Farlane.

Aidez Marie, la descendante de la pirate Dread Mac Farlane, à retrouver la piste de son anêtre, afin de la ramener au Pays Imaginaire pour aider à mettre fin à une guerre sanglante entre Peter Pan et le Capitaine Crochet !

Graphismes ...

Released: 14 Mar 2018
A Landlord's Dream by LostTrainDude
Screenshot 1 of A Landlord's Dream
Abel Lowen, a Stringshaper, gets woke up by his apartment's alarm clock in the middle of the night. When he'll finally get up, late for his band's rehearsal, he will find out that almost nothing seems to be working properly. What's happening? Are others experiencing the same problems? Why is his neighbour hallucinating in the middle of the hallway? Spanish Translation by Maximiliano Vaccaro ...

Released: 3 Feb 2015
Screenshot 1 of A Matter of Some Gravity (Maniac Mansion Mania: Episode 77)
It's the summer holidays in Ronville and it has been raining for weeks. The perfect time for Bernard Bernoulli to work on his newest invention, which is able to abolish all known spatial boundaries. After its completion he wants to proudly present it to his neighbour Hoagie - but is this really a good idea? Play as the dynamic duo Bernard and Hoagie and bring them both down to earth again - bec...

Released: 1 Oct 2012
Screenshot 1 of A night in Berry - long version
France - XVIth century.
Mathilde's father has fallen into a coma. When a healer happens to pass in her village, she decides to grab the opportunity to save him.

Pick of the month March 2016. 

Game updated in September 2019

The game now features:

- 5 chapters.
- 3 playable characters.
- over 1/2 hour of original music.

If you've already finished ...

Released: 3 Feb 2015
A Night That Wouldn't End by LostTrainDude
No screenshot 1 for A Night That Wouldn't End

On an island far in the North, where nighttime can last for months, a researcher is left alone with a big staring moon, his boredom and an important research to complete, if only there wasn't a power shortage...

Ultimately, this is a game about overcoming boredom and getting stuff done.

Originally developed for MAGS December 2014...

Released: 2 Jan 2015
A Night To Remember by Ethan Damschroder
Screenshot 1 of A Night To Remember
Nathan Carter, a con man is on a routine job. He is attempting to blackmail a CEO and this is his last job before he retires. Victor Sammuels, his mark is hosting a dinner party tonight and Nathan sees this as an opportunity to search his house. However much more is going on than Nathan or even Victor has any idea about. Soon he will have to rely on your intelligence to guide him through the mansi...

Released: 23 Jul 2009
Screenshot 1 of A Nightmare on Duckburg
A game about life, death and the seven deadly sins. FEATURES: - an intriguing murder mystery - about 60 playable rooms - original soundtrack (over 30 tunes) - hand drawn 640x400 graphics - no sudden deaths or dead ends WARNING: This game contains: - violence - foul language - nudity & sex scenes - drug use ...

Released: 2 Aug 2015
A Place In The Sun by Tor Brandt
Screenshot 1 of A Place In The Sun
A Place In The Sun is a short point & click adventure game with an interface similar to the classical games from Lucas Arts. You play the protagonist in his endeavour to make some coffee to survive yet another night of overworking, while trying to handle his complaining ex-wife as well as to cope with his bad conscience regarding his neglected daughter. For players familiar with adventure ga...

Released: 16 Dec 2016
A Profound Journey by maryfanclub
Screenshot 1 of A Profound Journey
A noble quest...

Released: 30 Dec 2003
A Raindog Story by Bleeding Romeo
Screenshot 1 of A Raindog Story
Sometime in the 1950's, somewhere in the U.S.A. In a small town in the middle of nowhere lives Tom Frost, a man who lost everything: his wife, his house, his job. The only two things left are an acoustic guitar and a bunch of scores... Help Tom to join a band and perform his songs to get fame, love and money. Help him to make his dream come true......

Released: 9 Sep 2010
A room without you in it by Laura Hunt
Screenshot 1 of A room without you in it
A first-person, sort-of-escape-the-room, point-and-click adventure
dealing with grief, trauma and depression, and how they can take us to a
place that's very hard to come back from.

Released: 29 Apr 2019
Screenshot 1 of A Second Face - The Eye of Geltz is watching Us
Now playable in English, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

In the infinity of space there is a planet with two faces turning around an old, white sun to which it always shows the same side. The other is enveloped in total darkness.

On each face life has developed in a different way. The bright side is inhabited by people who call themselves Strefis, the illuminated ones, while the...

Released: 23 Dec 2008
A Sloth for Both Seasons by CaptainD, Creamy, Selmiak
Screenshot 1 of A Sloth for Both Seasons
A game made for the March 2016 MAGS competition, where you play a female sloth living in the Amazon rain forest. Featuring wonderful background graphics by Selmiak, awesome coding and animation by Creamy, and a hushed voiceover and terrible singing by CaptainD.

With apologies to Marvin Gaye, and to sloths everywhere.

Update 10/7/16 - new version uploaded, extra animations / ...

Released: 1 Apr 2016
A Son of Xenon - A Space Quest Prequel by Boston McShew (aka Leisure Suit Harry)
Screenshot 1 of A Son of Xenon - A Space Quest Prequel
\"A Son of Xenon\" is a non-profit fan-made adventure game and prequel to Space Quest.
It has a similar graphics style to Space Quest III (or Police Quest 2 or Larry 2) meaning 320x200 EGA graphics with a lot of dithering effects; It is icon controlled and features a high quality original score.

The story opens on Roger’s home planet (shortly before Sp...

Released: 23 Apr 2020
A Suspicious Date by Artium/Tuathlait/Durq
Screenshot 1 of A Suspicious Date
User Interface:
Right Click - Interact
Left Click - Examine
Q - Quit
You can select multiples items in the item list.

This is a short game. One room only, under 10 minutes of game-play.

Credits for Sourced Assets:
Merchant Copy Font by S. John Ross (www.cumberlandgames.com)
Walter Turncoat Font by Slideshow...

Released: 31 May 2019

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