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Metal Dead by Walk Thru Walls Studios
Screenshot 1 of Metal Dead
Metal Dead is an old school, comedy/horror adventure game packed with everyone's favorite undead creatures, zombies! This twisted tale centers on two metal-heads in the midst of a zombie invasion. After crashing their car in front of a medical research facility, they become trapped and are forced to use their wits to puzzle their way to freedom. Along the way, they must deal with a cast of char...

Released: 3 Feb 2012
Metaphobia by Tolga Öcek
Screenshot 1 of Metaphobia
Metaphobia is an investigative mystery game in the style of
classic 1990’s point-and-click adventures.

Shortly after being elected mayor, Carl Elmstat is murdered by a thief who is quickly caught, convicted, and sent to prison – case closed. Carl’s son Richard however, is unsettled by the details and decides to investigate further on his o...

Released: 20 Jun 2019
Mid-Town Shoot-Out by Anton Ulvfot aka Vargtass
Screenshot 1 of Mid-Town Shoot-Out
A little one screen shoot'em'up made with AGS. The goal is to get to the other side of the screen without getting shot at too many times. This was made as a test to see what could be done with AGS so don't expect anything fancy....

Released: 19 Sep 2001
Mikes Room by Candle
Screenshot 1 of Mikes Room
Well Mike woke up a little late and his younger brother left and slam the door . You come out to find the door stuck and now you have to get out so you can get to school ....

Released: 28 Jan 2005
Mimis the rat by Belphegor
No screenshot 1 for Mimis the rat
Well, this is the game i made when i first got into ags, all made by ms paint, simple puzzles and no music. This game took me 4 hours, and i will never finish it....

Released: 23 Dec 2002
Mind's Eye by ProgZmax
Screenshot 1 of Mind's Eye
Your name is Noah, at least that's what you are told. You awaken in a dank padded cell with no memories of your past and no idea why you are in a sanitarium. Your only desire is to reclaim your memories and find out who you really are, but some things may be better left hidden. The soundtrack is now available at the link below! http://www.custardsclutter.com/filethingy/upload/Minds_Eye_Sound...

Released: 22 Nov 2005
MINDBOGGLER by Ibispi and Babar
Screenshot 1 of MINDBOGGLER
a MAGS game jam game for the theme 'Pure evil'. The game was kind of rushed so it's missing a lot of interactions.............enjoy...

Released: 3 Oct 2016
Minifeg: The search by Sandra T. Almeida
Screenshot 1 of Minifeg: The search
In the search for his father, our hero, Minifeg, gets stuck in time when his newly built machine does not work as expected. Now he must also find out how to return home. Resolution: 640x400 Version 1.4 (25th Jun.2015) - Fixes Prince disappearing when the player exits the dialogue before getting the "how to pass the guard" solution. Version 1.3 (27th OCt.2014): - Fixes Music from Fut...

Released: 30 Sep 2014
Minor Minion by Helme
Screenshot 1 of Minor Minion
Winner of the MAGS competition september 09. Our hero is one of hundreds of evil minions living happiliy... erm... evily with their evil lord doing evil things. But one day everything changes and he is the only one left....

Released: 22 Sep 2009
Screenshot 1 of Missing since Midnight
"Missing since Midnight" is an entry for the February 2005 MAGS with the topic "Hotel". MSM takes part in a more than 400 years old half-timbered house that the owner has made into a hotel. You are playing Tim Buktu, a private detective who just wanted to go for a holiday. But then someone is missing and you are asked to help searching for the missing person.

Features: * eight chara...

Released: 26 Feb 2005
Screenshot 1 of Mission Futura - The Mindless Menace
A short point and click adventure created in 2011 for our german online-magazine.

Plot: You are Sparki, the underpaid aide of chief editor Daniel Klapowski. Having just arrived at the office, you notice that he is behaving very peculiar. Trying to find out the cause you discover a threat that might endanger the whole planet!

Controls: Right click switches through the verbs and click ...

Released: 7 Feb 2014
No screenshot 1 for Mittens Mystery Extravaganza
In search of the elusive blue cup....

Released: 10 Aug 2007
Mom's Quest by Blub
Screenshot 1 of Mom's Quest
Meet Laura Soft, mother and housewife. Meet Timmy, Laura's adored little son. Meet Miss Miao, much admired housecat. Follow them in their great big adventure......

Released: 14 Feb 2002
Screenshot 1 of Monkey Island 5 : The Return of LeChuck Demo
Guybrush Marley-Threepwood is on top of the world.

He's married to Elaine Marley, H.T. Marley is governing again, and best of all LeChuck is dead - well deader than before anyway - reduced to a smouldering crater on the front lawn.

Nothing can ruin his happiness now.

Or can it?

Join Guybrush once again, as he battles to rescue his wife, save the Carribean, and e...

Released: 15 May 2004
Screenshot 1 of Monkey Island: Carnival of the Damned
Welcome aboard Captain. you are about to journey somewhere only one man can be called survivor.And this man is Guybrush Threepwood. The place? A place of agony, pain , despair, corruption(nope it's not the White House) it's a carnival where you hear screams not of joy but of pain.THE CARNIVAL OF THE DAMNED. Has greek translation(although I don't think it works) 22/1/2007 Spanish Trans...

Released: 18 Dec 2006
Monkeys to the Moon! by Crystal Shard
Screenshot 1 of Monkeys to the Moon!
Would you believe the MOON is a banana? Well, the monkeys do! And they're not going to take that lying down! Using spare wood, electric eels, and gratuitous reed they plan to build a rocket to fly to the world's biggest banana! In space! Control up to 25 monkeys as you scour the jungle for resources, build crafting workshops, breed more monkeys, and build The Rocket! Don't forget to defend y...

Released: 31 Aug 2016
Screenshot 1 of MonkeyWrench Issue Zero
Ittle bitty preview of the long game MONKEYWRENCH, a PI series featuring Jenny Wrench, a fourth generation PI and her pet / partner in crime detection, a Tibetan ape. This game is just issue zero- part one of the Gulbenkian MP (Missing Person) case......

Released: 2 Feb 2010
MONSTER WANTS IN by Ross Kevin Moffat AKA Mandle
Screenshot 1 of MONSTER WANTS IN
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~MONSTER WANTS IN (MAGS VERSION)~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the version of the game I created for the November, 2015 MAGS contest. I plan to expand the gameplay of this game, polish it further, and eventually release a complete version. This version represents only the bare-bones gameplay which is basically just "Whack-A-Mole" at t...

Released: 30 Nov 2015
Moonlight Moggy by Simon Reid
Screenshot 1 of Moonlight Moggy
Paul, an especially timid ginger tom, has vanished. It falls to his buddy Blixa to track him down. To do so, he'll have to help out the garden's various resident creatures and overcome his own phobia of plastic bags rustling in the wind. A very short one-room game created for MAGS October 2017, 'Room of Fear'. ...

Released: 28 Oct 2017
Screenshot 1 of Moose Wars: Desire For More Cows 1.5
Gorillas clone done in AGS. Starring two moose, random and destructible terrain, wind, gravity and more....

Released: 15 Jul 2002
Screenshot 1 of Mordy 2: The Mirror of Truth
This is a full length game featuring pre-rendered 3d graphics and over 70 rooms, with a complete original music track. Help Mordy Find his way back to his main planet. Unfortunately this game is no longer available, due to the large download. I will hopefully put it back on in the future once i have my own webspace. at the moment, i don't think it is worth asking someone to host such a large...

Released: 31 Jan 2006
Morphine by Rich Pires
Screenshot 1 of Morphine
Anders has a recurring dream of a locked door bound by chains. His subconscious is hiding a dark secret... and he must discover it. Morphine is an innovative, psychological noir point-and-click adventure game where players influence the main character's lucid dreams by controlling his sleep cycle....

Released: 31 Jul 2013
MOTLPAA by Crystal Shard
Screenshot 1 of MOTLPAA
Maze Of Twisty Little Passages, All Alike

This is something that to my knowledge has never been done in AGS before. But of course AGS is versatile enough to make it possible. Welcome to the Biggest Maze Ever (and if you don't believe me, I can simply make it bigger - but it is already bigger than the one in Zak McKracken, or KQ5, or LSL3, or CQOTL, or Hugo5, so I believe it qualifies)....

Released: 24 Nov 2005
Moustache Quest by Oldschool_Wolf
Screenshot 1 of Moustache Quest
Moustache Quest was created for the March 2014 MAGS competition. The theme was "Moustache!". Join Moustache Mike as he prepares for the annual Facial Hair Championships! A short point and click adventure created in a week....

Released: 31 Mar 2014
Mr. Danger's Contest by Bill Garrett
Screenshot 1 of Mr. Danger's Contest
Mr. Danger's Contest This is an entry to the May, 2009 MAGS competition. I took some time off from working on Murran Chronicles #3 to do this light hearted investigative drama/sci-fi/comedy mixture, and really enjoyed it. STORY: You are James McManus, a loner. You receive an invitation from a mysterious Mr. Danger to come and compete in a competition against other 'special people' to ...

Released: 26 May 2009
Screenshot 1 of Mr. Grey's Greyt Adventure
It's late, and Mr. Grey is bored. This is a very short game from the hour games thread from the old forums. It's grey, rather surprisingly....

Released: 10 Jun 2002
Mudlarks by shaun9991
Screenshot 1 of Mudlarks
"A mysterious point and click adventure game... a tale of friendship, the supernatural and unravelled secrets" Your name is Winston. You are very much a regular, normal chap - living in London with your girlfriend and holding down a 9 to 5 office job. Among your various hobbies, you are a mudlarker. That is, the practice of combing the shore of the River Thames for historically interesting obje...

Released: 10 Apr 2014
Screenshot 1 of Murran Chronicles 3: Lifedrinker of Landsdowne
Shortly after your adventure with the mystery in Montana, you are given a case involving mysterious deaths in Landsdowne, Massachusetts. The bodies of two men in their early twenties have been found recently, and according to local authorities both dead men looked to be in their seventies when their bodies were found. There is no explanation as both men were thought to be healthy, and in the prime...

Released: 26 Sep 2011
Screenshot 1 of Murran Chronicles Episode 1 - Jersey Devil *Updated v1.10*
**UPDATE** Version 1.10 has been released and available on my site. Leon found a bunch of bugs, crashes, and I added some additional content to the endgame, end cutscene, put some extra differentiation into the two endings, and make the credits a little prettier. ----- While visiting your cousin in Leeds Point, New Jersey, a neighbor child goes missing. Being in the FBI (though a desk-jo...

Released: 12 Feb 2009
Screenshot 1 of Murran Chronicles Episode 2: Talons of Terror
The Murran Chronicles Episode 2: Talons of Terror STORY : After the experience in southern New Jersey, you are moved to another division of the FBI and promoted to special agent status. This new division investigates the stranger cases, and this is one of them. Cattle have been mutilated, taken long distances from their farms and eaten by something. There have been sightings of large creatur...

Released: 4 Apr 2009
Music Tools by Olli Suoranta
No screenshot 1 for Music Tools
Guitar Tuner and Drum machine (with 23 grooves). It's very simple but useful for musicians... ...

Released: 9 Oct 2008
My Burden to Keep by Perpetual Diversion
Screenshot 1 of My Burden to Keep
It is May 3rd, 1941.

Just as the sun peeks over the horizon on that cold spring morning, a harrowing report comes in to the sheriff's department. The mayor has been murdered in his home.

Solve the murder/Clear your father's name. Two wills struggle on separate paths towards the same goal, to find out what really happened. Who killed mayor James Scott?...

Released: 28 Oct 2018
My First Big Adventure by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
No screenshot 1 for My First Big Adventure
This is a project which was created with the artistic input of two very special students of mine: Masahiro and Moeka... During the summer break of 2013 I had the honor to combine the talents of both an 11 year old and a 5 year old student to collaborate on this story. Our theme in the class was once in a lifetime summer experiences and this is the project which grew from that theme. ...

Released: 15 Sep 2013
Screenshot 1 of Mysteries of Peak Valley: Case 2 The White Lady
It’s been a year since the Boulyn incident and a prestigious case lures Zack back to Peak Valley. Arriving at Burnom manor, famous for being allegedly haunted by a woman dressed all in white, Zack must use his psychic medium talents to finally unravel the legend of the White Lady.

Second in the series....

Released: 21 Jul 2013
Screenshot 1 of N.orth E.ast W.est S.outh
The outside world was dead to you. The only life you knew was the one within the cold walls of this base in the middle of the sea. Your father told you that nuclear weapons killed everyone and everything. But was that really true? And did it matter now that solitude became unbearable? The north, the east, the west and the south... the whole world awaits!...

Released: 30 Aug 2011
Nanobots by The Ivy
Screenshot 1 of Nanobots
Groovy Greg set out to build robots that could love. Instead, he got the nanobots. Although the bots were designed to solve problems as a team, all their trial runs seem to end with the sound of tiny metallic fists meeting tiny metallic torsos. It’s enough to make even the most laid-back hippie want to tear out his dreadlocks. Now, with the evil Professor Killfun threatening to give him a...

Released: 27 Jun 2008
Screenshot 1 of Narcoleptic Weight Loss Expert
Narcoleptic Weight Loss Expert is a strategic button clicking game in which you must help a man get fit, whilst struggling to stay conscious. Using calorific transubstantial technology you are able to trade the calories burned by your client to purchase new items to stay awake and keep motivated. But really it's all about the music. This was original a 4 hour game jam that we made a year ago...

Released: 22 Jun 2014
Nauticell by Rich Pires
Screenshot 1 of Nauticell
Stranded at sea, your only hope of survival is a cell phone... with a dying battery!...

Released: 31 Jul 2013
Screenshot 1 of NecroQuest 1. Deluxe
Tom has to success his grandfather's business, who was a necromancer in Transsyberia. His Grandfather disappears and another evil necromancer attempts to take over his business. Help Tom to fight back the bad guys, get their girls, and become the real necromancer! You can also try the original version of the game, but... The deluxe version has: 1. more puzzles 2. more animations 3. ... 4...

Released: 17 Dec 2009
Screenshot 1 of Nedy's Adventure: The curse of Vera Deluxe
The Carbon captain has kidnapped you to have someone to resolve the cursed island mistery, she makes you jump from the airplane with your parachute, and then you must guide Nedy to escape from the island. You'll get into trouble and it won't be easy to escape... With relaxing music!!! Available IN ENGLISH, and spanish. Screenie: http://joecarlhr.googlepages.com/SCR2.PNG...

Released: 3 Nov 2006
Screenshot 1 of neku's new trip[complete book]
NNT complete book:Neku's personality is rather unsociable. He has a lot of difficulty understanding people, so he always keeps to himself. Unfortunately, this results in his dislike of dealing with other people. His opinion of others is so low that he tends to see people only for their use. Neku refuses company, as he feels that friends only drag him down, cause him pain when they fail him and mak...

Released: 31 May 2010
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! by Alasdair Beckett
Screenshot 1 of Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!
Nelly Cootalot, fearsome pirate and lover of tiny and adorable creatures, is charged by the spirit of a dead buccaneer to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a fleet of birds known as spoonbeaks.

Her adventure will bring her face to face with the nefarious Baron Widebeard as she uncovers corruption and wanton punning in the Barony of Meeth.

This is my first complete AGS game....

Released: 7 Mar 2007
Neofeud by Silver Spook Games
Screenshot 1 of Neofeud
Neofeud is a Dystopic Cyberpunk adventure game in the vein of Blade Runner, but with an overlay of Game of Thrones-like political intrigue, and 1366x768, hand-painted, stylized visuals.


2033 - We create AI. Sentient robots arrive, but not as our Terminator overlords or our Singularity saviors -- conscious machines are humanity's unwanted bast...

Released: 13 Apr 2017
Nerdy Quest by Pelle Nilsson & Linus Lundberg
Screenshot 1 of Nerdy Quest
The game is an adventure about a geek who is tired of his boring life as "office rat". He simply want more out of life and pretty soon finds himself in trouble with the police after making some not so clever decisions to improve his life quality. Graphics, music and humor is inspired from games like Police Quest, Monket Island etc. The game features classic problem solving but it also contai...

Released: 10 Sep 2012
NES Quest by KCD Games
Screenshot 1 of NES Quest
The hero lent his NES to his cousins, unfortunately for him they brought it back ruined. In a great desperation, he decide to fix it no matter what it takes, and his journey begins. V1.2 - English (default), Spanish and French translations...

Released: 1 Apr 2008
Screenshot 1 of New Kid Gotta Steal Somethin'

The new kid on the block gets bullied into stealing a costume from a theater-actor's home.

This game was made for MAGS in February of 2019.

Released: 28 Feb 2019
Next to Evil by Joel Page
Screenshot 1 of Next to Evil
Duet is a woman with a strange talent. She is also a member of the most powerful family in the world. When she sees that her family causes destruction to the empire and a strange veiled woman gives her the opportunity to betray her family, she must decide if starting a revolution is really what she wants....

Released: 2 Oct 2010
Nicholas Wolfe Part I: Framed - Demo by Anton Ulvfot aka Vargtass
Screenshot 1 of Nicholas Wolfe Part I: Framed - Demo
Demo of a never finished game. The demo is great, but I never had ambition enough to finish it......

Released: 5 Sep 2001
Night and Day (RON) by HandsFree
Screenshot 1 of Night and Day (RON)
A mysterious advertisement in The Realiser fails to shock the citizens of RON.

Is Elandra Desmond the only one that sees the danger facing Reality-on-the-Norm, or do the townspeople have their own agenda? And how does the disappearance of Davy and Mika connect to it?

A walkthrough is included in the download. 27-12-2011: uploaded version 1.1 It fixes a few errors, adds labels...

Released: 20 Dec 2011
Night of the Hermit by Roy Lazarovich
Screenshot 1 of Night of the Hermit
A spin-off of a very well-known pirate game, NoH is about a hermit who receives a message in a bottle, announcing his inheritance of his deceased grandpa's mansion. Upon arrival, however, he discovers the mansion has already been claimed and remodeled as "The Crippled Badger Motel." Now, it is Herman's quest to claim back his family's mansion and prove himself as the man he is.

The download...

Released: 22 Jun 2001

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