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The Holocaust Museum by LilGryphMaster
Screenshot 1 of The Holocaust Museum
This was spawned from a Language Arts project in 8th grade. It's a "museum" of doors that open into a different picture from the holocaust. There are voice-overs in each room flawlessly recorded by Grundislav....

Released: 29 Apr 2004
Firewall Demo by LilGryphMaster
Screenshot 1 of Firewall Demo
Just a couple of rooms with one puzzle to solve.. Basically a little preview of what the game will be like.. Music is subject to change. (Game has been cancelled, sorry)...

Released: unknown
The Alien and the Hick by LilGryphMaster
Screenshot 1 of The Alien and the Hick
This is a very long cinematic and nothing else. I got this idea while listening to Trapezoid's midis, playing with poser, and recording lines.. This was the end result.....

Released: 29 Apr 2004
Screenshot 1 of Greg's Mountainous Adventure [MAGS]
This is a MAGS game that was disqalified because not all of the inventory items were green.. Which is BS.. It's about a guy that goes hiking and gets stuck at the top of a mountain. And it's the wrong one in the first place.. Be warned, the last puzzle is a bit dodgy. And it IS a talkie, so 56kers beware....

Released: 22 Dec 2002
Screenshot 1 of Desktop Adventures: The 11 Minute Game
Well, they were making Hour Games in IRC one day.. And I came in too late.. So I decided to make an 11 minute game so I could beat them all to the finish.. This is the outcome....

Released: 22 Dec 2002
Crap Quest by LilGryphMaster
Screenshot 1 of Crap Quest
This was made as a sort of satire/mock of the rush of craptacular "test" games that were being released back in late 2002. Yea.. So I'm an ass.. Who cares?...

Released: 29 Apr 2004
The Park by LilGryphMaster
Screenshot 1 of The Park
Just a short little game that raises ideas on life.....

Released: 25 Mar 2002
The Warp by LilGryphMaster
Screenshot 1 of The Warp
Short little 1-hour game.. Nothing really to explain, just play it....

Released: 22 Dec 2002

Page 1 of 1 (8 results)

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