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AGS Awards: Backstage Pass by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of AGS Awards: Backstage Pass
Ever wonder what the backstage of the AGS Awards Theater looks like, or what dangers might lurk there in the wings? Join a well-known and much-loved character on his trek from floor to stage in this game made by Mandle in under 15 hours start to finish, just in time for the 2015 AGS Awards......

Released: 8 Mar 2015
Screenshot 1 of Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots
An epic comedy science fiction adventure awaits!

A seemingly harmless delivery ends up putting the entire galaxy at risk - can the gormless Captain save us all?

The fate of the galaxy couldn't be in worse hands!...

Released: 29 Dec 2017
Chronicle of Innsmouth by rmonic79 - PsychoDev
Screenshot 1 of Chronicle of Innsmouth
Chronicle of Innsmouth was born by combining the stories of master-of-horror, H.P. Lovecraft, and the style of Lucas’ graphic adventures in the 90s. Horror scenes and creepy moments create the many grotesque and paradoxical situations....

Released: 4 Feb 2021
Screenshot 1 of Chronicle of Innsmouth - Mountains of Madness
The second chapter in the \"Chronicle of Innsmouth\" saga. A team of scientists are attempting to be the first to reach a previously unknown chain of mountains higher than the Himalayas. Within a huge cavern they discover the alien bodies of hithertofore unknown creatures frozen in the ice walls....

Released: 4 Feb 2021
Screenshot 1 of Cold Hand Reef, The [MAGS]
A young girl and her father, struggling to make ends meet, are forced to seek their fortune amidst the treacherous rocks of the infamous Cold Hand Reef. But there is more to the reef than just mere rocks, and something evil awaits in the darkness. I set myself an additional challenge of making a game that would never need a translator, and could work with players of all languages. As such the...

Released: 2 Sep 2015
Columbus Lander by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Columbus Lander
This is my MAGS entry for June 2016, in which the theme was "Neglected Historical Eras".

My entry is basically the classic old game "Lunar Lander", but turned on its side and where, instead of landing on the moon, you must try to guide Columbus along the historically accurate routes of his four voyages to The New World (plus one bonus fictional fifth voyage at the end.)...

Released: 2 Jul 2016
Screenshot 1 of Crankosaurus Prime and the Blue Crystal Pursuit V1.8: The Fangs of Fortune
Go on a rampage with Crankosaurus Prime! The complete adventure now awaits you.

Don't play the MAGS version, play this one! Updated April 2015, Bug Fix June 14, 2015

Set out on a puzzle-adventure to save the crystals you've sworn to protect. The Greedy Oil Tycoon, the Meddling Archaeologist and the Evil Mad Scientist must be stopped, the Blue Crystals hold a power that man ...

Released: 20 Dec 2014
Screenshot 1 of DAGGERHELL
A game made in 5 hours for the Sept 2020 MAGS, Cloak And Dagger Theme.
Just keep running right while avoiding the cursed daggers of death.
Every now and then you might find a magic cloak. It may save you one time from a stabbing.
Can you make it to room 66?


Released: 30 Sep 2020
Danger Mouse Demo by Dadalus
Screenshot 1 of Danger Mouse Demo
Become the worlds greatest detective/spy Danger Mouse aided and abetted by his faithful assistant Penfold. Thrill as he battles the evil Baron Greenback to save the world (again). Based on the 80s cartoon of the same name....

Released: 4 Dec 2014
Screenshot 1 of Deadly Consequences!
* --Please note this game uses DirectDraw with no filters-- Deadly Consequences! Set in Victorian London 1870. In your office one morning you are looking through the day's mail when you come across an invitation issuing you a game of challenge. You have not had a juicy case in over two weeks and this is just what you need to fill the empty void and give you mind stimulation. The in...

Released: 28 Aug 2014
Screenshot 1 of Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor
Donald Dowell is a nice old man in his eighties, retired for many years. Donald s life, except for his "intolerable" wife, is quiet. But Donald feels empty. He has the socalled retiree's syndrome : he s bored to death! The only way to cure his boredom is TO GO BACK TO WORK. After many hours spent in his city, trying to get hired for various jobs, he finally finds his calling: to be a GHOSTBUSTER! ...

Released: 18 Dec 2013
Easter Encounter by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Easter Encounter
This short cartoon was made as a drama project for the 2015 Future Friends English School's Spring Playland. It stars the voices of three very young Japanese students and tells what we hope is an entertaining and possibly touching Easter story. The cartoon has the feel of a kindergarten pageant with all the awkwardness and charm which goes along with such. Miyu, Kanon, Moeka, and myself hope...

Released: 5 Apr 2015
Easter Island Defender by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Easter Island Defender
A short and hopefully sweet game I made for the 24 hour challenge of February 2017. The theme of the contest was "Hide!" You play a native of Easter Island trying to escape the dread demons from the sky that have already taken away most of your people. Your only chance is to run when you can and hide when you must! Left mouse click to move. ESC to exit game....

Released: 26 Feb 2017
Feng Shui And The Art Of TV Reception by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Feng Shui And The Art Of TV Reception
Your TV reception goes out during a violent thunder-storm...Can you manage to restore it?...

Released: 5 Jul 2015
Screenshot 1 of GHOSTCATCHERS
GHOSTCATCHERS is about three college friends who are studying paranormal activity and want to become ghostcatchers'. It's a pilot introductory game for these would-be ghostcatchers'. Under a professor of paranormal activity they set off to check out an old creepy mansion deep in the woods that is said to be very haunted and its owners packed up and left long ago due to being scared off! I...

Released: 13 Mar 2016
Screenshot 1 of Indiana Jones and the Gold of Genghis Khan
Europe, 1939: Indy finds himself once again hot on the trail of an ancient treasure. A famous diary, thought lost to the world forever, has been found. This discovery leads Indy to Venice to seek out the book, and then onwards to the East, deep into the mysterious Oriental kingdoms which once lay under the iron-fisted rule of Genghis Khan. In this bitter time, overshadowed by the threat of catacl...

Released: 24 Dec 2014
JACK by slasher
Screenshot 1 of JACK
Now with Voice pack. A mix of fact and fiction. Contains sensitive content. During 1888 a series of gruesome murders was committed in the East End by whom the police aptly named the Ripper. The victims were all prostitutes and all had been sliced up and various organs removed. The police chief asks if you would help with their investigations to root out this evil killer. You a...

Released: 3 Dec 2014
Kanji Gakusei by cat
Screenshot 1 of Kanji Gakusei
Have you ever wanted to learn some Japanese? Now you can do this by helping our little girl to finish her homework. Find the six required Japanese characters in a classic point-and-click adventure. Then learn to write them in her notebook with the help of a stroke recognition system....

Released: 30 Dec 2017
Kathy Rain by Clifftop Games
Screenshot 1 of Kathy Rain
Kathy Rain tells the compelling story of a strong-willed college girl with a knack for detective work (and a Harley) who returns to her hometown after being gone since childhood. Set in the 90’s, Kathy starts investigating a local mystery and the legacy of her recently deceased grandfather....

Released: 28 Apr 2016
Screenshot 1 of Let's Cook: with Koala
Let's cook: with Koala. Nominated best non-adventure game 2015. A cooking game mainly aimed at children but then again who does not like a scrumptious Knickerbocker glory or tasty coconut curry? As well as learning to cook, Koala your chef guide explains how to avoid the dangers that may occur in the kitchen and also offers you safety tips as well as being open to any questions you may ha...

Released: 6 Dec 2015
Magic-8-Ball by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Magic-8-Ball
A game I made for the May MAGS of 2017 in just 4 hours start to finish. It's not anything amazing, but I'm proud of it and it briefly tells the story I wanted to briefly tell. Fullscreen, dark room, and headphones fare......

Released: 31 May 2017
MONSTER WANTS IN by Ross Kevin Moffat AKA Mandle
Screenshot 1 of MONSTER WANTS IN
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~MONSTER WANTS IN (MAGS VERSION)~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the version of the game I created for the November, 2015 MAGS contest. I plan to expand the gameplay of this game, polish it further, and eventually release a complete version. This version represents only the bare-bones gameplay which is basically just "Whack-A-Mole" at t...

Released: 30 Nov 2015
My First Big Adventure by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
No screenshot 1 for My First Big Adventure
This is a project which was created with the artistic input of two very special students of mine: Masahiro and Moeka... During the summer break of 2013 I had the honor to combine the talents of both an 11 year old and a 5 year old student to collaborate on this story. Our theme in the class was once in a lifetime summer experiences and this is the project which grew from that theme. ...

Released: 15 Sep 2013
Number Rescue by CaptainD
Screenshot 1 of Number Rescue
Those pesky twins, Sin and Cos, have kidnapped all the numbers! Can you help Agent Tan rescue them?

An educational game aimed at 6-8 year-olds (more or less), fully voiced and containing some terrible jokes and even worse singing, adults may enjoy it too (it's a quick play through for adults!).

There is also some randomisation of puzzles to add replay value and learning poin...

Released: 29 Feb 2016
Out of Gas by Sandra T. Almeida
Screenshot 1 of Out of Gas
Jack is driving home, when he runs out of gas just a couple blocks from the gas station.

He now needs to walk there and return with some gas.

Resolution: 640x360 Style: Adventure (Point&Click) Music: Yes, MP3 Update: Version 1.2 is now up. Hopefully it solves all bugs and fines tunes a few stuff....

Released: 1 Jun 2016
Pickpocket RPG by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Pickpocket RPG
This is a game I made for the December 2016 MAGS competition, the theme of which was "Pickpocketting" as set by Slasher. I attempted an RPG framework for this game but fell a bit short due to time limits. I hope I can update the game to a more complete state in the future, and also hope that someone can complete the "quest"in the meanwhile... There is a short guide to playing the game in ...

Released: 4 Jan 2017
Predators Prey For Plants by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Predators Prey For Plants
G'day, This game was created by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle) for the July 2016 Monthly Adventure Game Studio (MAGS) contest. The game is a simple simulation of the predators/prey/plants relationship. At the moment there is no way to either "win" or "lose"...It's basically just a sandbox where you can explore the various interactions of wild animal and plant populations. Observing the...

Released: 25 Jul 2016
Quest for Ekoban by slasher
Screenshot 1 of Quest for Ekoban
'Quest for Ekoban' stars Reef Rivers in his first archaeological adventure. (Updated 24/7/16). The first screen tells it all as you fly off to Peru in search of the Ekoban Talisman stolen from the Mayan's by the Spanish conquistador's as they began their invasion of the Americas. Meet Mayan Chief Acobat, Ahau Chamahez the Mayan god of medicine and health, Ethena the princess mermaid and othe...

Released: 22 Jul 2016
Rat Playing Game by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Rat Playing Game
You play as a sewer rat who, one day, detects a delicious smell coming from a plate of food accidentally left out overnight on a restaurant counter somewhere far above his sewer-pipe lair. YOU MUST DEVOUR IT!!! Along the way you will encounter enemies to fight, poisonous bait, a powerful final boss enemy and, hopefully, some moments to make your skin crawl. Save up your XP and return to ...

Released: 7 Jun 2018
Red Hot Overdrive by AprilSkies
Screenshot 1 of Red Hot Overdrive
Rally on public roads like it was 1990! Run your shiny Ferrari 430 "Scuderia" through ever-changing tracks and through 5 different scenarios. Beware though, the roads are full of other cars, turns and hazard; you got to be an Ace at the Wheel to complete them on time! FEATURES: 5 Different scenarios 3 Difficulty levels AMIGA vibes Ever-changing random tracks Gas station before each c...

Released: 26 Sep 2014
Scary Maze Halloween 2016 by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Scary Maze Halloween 2016
My take on a classic jumpscare game, made in two hours, but which I think fits with the scary mood everyone is feeling around halloween 2016......

Released: 31 Oct 2016
Shunday by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Shunday
The first chapter of a very uncompleted horror game made for the January 2017 MAGS contest. Very rough around the edges, and I hope I can get it finished soon because I love the story and feel of the game. I was hoping to get a bit more done but ran into some issues that took hours to fix. I hope that at the least this might be an intriguing glimpse of what might become a decent horror ga...

Released: 1 Feb 2017
Space Tunneler by CaptainD
Screenshot 1 of Space Tunneler
A retro arcade game made for MAGS December 2015. Guide your spaceship through the space tunnels without getting destroyed.

Features: 5 difficulty levels, 7 tunnels to navigate, a shop to buy ship upgrades after tunnel 3, Rock soundtrack....

Released: 1 Jan 2016
Space Tunneler Deluxe by CaptainD
Screenshot 1 of Space Tunneler Deluxe
An updated version of my old MAGS game from December 2015, this is an arcade game with a fairly substantial dose of strategic planning involved. Available for Windows and Linux (though I have no way of testing the Linux build)....

Released: 16 Aug 2018
Speed Buggy: Manifold Destiny by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Speed Buggy: Manifold Destiny
Speed Buggy: Manifold Destiny was made for the September 2014 MAGS Contest, the theme of which was "Cross Country", meaning a depiction of a journey.

The game is based on an old kids' cartoon show called "Speed Buggy" in which an intrepid racing team, with a talking car, tour the world's racing circuits while getting caught up in all kinds of adventures.

This game hopes to recapture ...

Released: 29 Sep 2014
Stable Pete and the Joust (DEMO) by Sandra T. Almeida
Screenshot 1 of Stable Pete and the Joust (DEMO)
Pete, the stable boy, has grown tired of shoveling horse crap. With dreams of becoming a prince by marrying princess Mary Belle, he decided to enter the contest the King has decided to throw for the purpose of finding her a new husband. Game res: 640x360, 32bit Music No SFX No Speech 2/12/2017: V1.1 Fixes - Exit dialogue line missing - End of demo pop-up msg missing - Ability to talk...

Released: 30 Nov 2017
Strawman Bombing Disposal by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Strawman Bombing Disposal
You are crossing a Washington D.C. road when a truck pulls away revealing something shocking. This game is not meant to be easy. Only a very few will probably have the patience to complete it. The game starts and ends suddenly as I wanted it to feel like you are abruptly thrown into a situation and then right back out of it. You can click to skip a bunch of diaglog and/or cutscenes to cut...

Released: 29 Nov 2018
T.O.T.S: Trick-Or-Treat Simulator by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of T.O.T.S: Trick-Or-Treat Simulator
This game was made for the October 2014 MAGS contest, the theme of which was Halloween. Two players can simulate a bit of creepy Trick-Or-Treat fun without a direct net-link or file-swapping. One player is the Home Owner, and the other is the Trick-Or-Treater. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!...

Released: 30 Oct 2014
Tales by AprilSkies
Screenshot 1 of Tales
Alfred Walsh is the new custodian of a library who unwittingly unleashes a mysterious curse on the books within. It's up to him, with the help of many great heroes (and some lesser ones) to fend off the curse of Oblivion and save our beloved tales before it's too late! - Whimsical story, characters & animation - Point & click, inventory items & puzzles - Full voice acting & original soundtrac...

Released: 15 Nov 2016
Tales - Tech Demo by AprilSkies
No screenshot 1 for Tales - Tech Demo
An out of work layabout, Alfred Walsh, thinks he has found a cushy job as the custodian of a private library. He has no idea how wrong he could have been. When otherworldly forces intrude he is forced to abandon his career path: the casual dusting off of books between well-earned naps, and is thrust into a battle to save the very heart and soul of what makes humanity what it is. Languages: Engl...

Released: 3 Apr 2014
The Black Hand Gang by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
No screenshot 1 for The Black Hand Gang
This is a project I created to bring my much-loved young readers book from my childhood, which is now out of print, back to life in the form of this game.

In this interactive book you take on the part of a rather pretentious gang of young detectives who foil the criminal plots of the baddies in true Scooby-Doo style.

I hope this game truly represents the origi...

Released: 14 Dec 2013
Screenshot 1 of The Clockwork Labyrinth
The Clockwork Labyrinth is a first person point-and-click puzzle adventure. A mysterious message on social media lures you into a weird underground complex to rescue a damsel in distress. You must pit your wits against the labyrinth and find your way to the enigma at its heart?

When you enter the Clockwork Labyrinth (you'll need a ticket!) you will encounter four challenging regions:

Released: 29 Jun 2018
The Condemned by slasher
Screenshot 1 of The Condemned
The Condemned A combat and adventure game. On a remote island the most vicious form of illegal entertainment is about to go live online. The players: ruthless death-row killers. The game: Last guy standing wins his freedom and a million dollars. Nine will die. Fight to win. Fight for freedom. Fight for justice. You play as Jack Conrad. Stab, bottle, spike club, kick and punch you...

Released: 29 Apr 2015
The Era-Gone Trail MAGS by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of The Era-Gone Trail MAGS
You play a group of tiny mammals trying to evade the destruction of the meteor impact that killed off the dinosaurs.

If you can make it to the end of the era you will be able to evolve and possibly thrive (in the full version).

This is the MAGS version of this game and only includes limited gameplay compared to the full vision of the game.

But it's still kinda fun!...

Released: 30 Apr 2019
The Garden of Hades by Elen Heart (elentgirl)
Screenshot 1 of The Garden of Hades

The Garden of Hades is a surreal first-person adventure in which you have to save the soul of a woman held by Hades, the ancient god of the dead, by navigating five very different settings: a little girl's dream, a young woman's psychedelic trip, a comic book journey into space, a pack of Tarot cards in a puppet theatre, and a detective story concerning a China

There are man...

Released: 8 Aug 2021
Screenshot 1 of The Hobbit: Rise of the Dragon King
This is an adventure Boardgame based around Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. It is a project exercise that i wanted to do and no more.... It has gaps for additional features and improvements. It is fully playable and if you want to pass away a few minutes playing a boardgame, with tumbler, die, and a variety of cards to pick up, then why not give it a play?... If you like Troll's, Gobli...

Released: 1 Jul 2015
THE LAST SUPPER, A WHODUNNIT by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
This is my MAGS entry for August, 2017, the theme of which was "The Bible". It's a pretty basic whodunnit mystery game where you try to figure out which disciple betrayed Christ to the Roman soldiers for 30 pieces of silver. IMPORTANT: THE GAME IS RANDOMLY GENERATED EACH TIME YOU PLAY. THE GUILTY ONE WILL NOT JUST BE JUDAS. IT COULD BE ANY ONE OF THE DISCIPLES. I had planned a much better...

Released: 31 Aug 2017
The Rotary Club (MAGS June 2017) by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of The Rotary Club (MAGS June 2017)
Rotate your rotors, and fire up your engines to rescue stranded climbers on the slopes of high altitude mountains... Good luck with making that half-mil to win the game... The game is roguelike, one slip on the stick and you're mountain-fodder, so I doubt anyone can win it. But maybe...just maybe...? HAPPY SKIES!...

Released: 2 Jul 2017
The Shaft by Kastchey
Screenshot 1 of The Shaft
Sgt. Reed has been tasked with descending into an abandoned underground
facility, activating the power generator and opening the main entrance.
things did not exactly work as planned, leaving Reed stranded
underground with no means of communication, most of the gear lost and
very little idea of what went wrong in the first place and, most
importantly, what lies at the bo...

Released: 30 Dec 2018
The Smallest Points by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of The Smallest Points
The destiny of a towering future literary figure is at stake when Gloria writes a love letter to her sweetheart, John. Can the smallest points save her from a mediocre life of drudgery married to this sop, and save her great writing talent for all the ages to enjoy?!...

Released: 4 Apr 2017

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