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Screenshot 1 of Adventure: Welcome to the Genre
When another threat to the Adventure section of the Gameworld starts looming, Thalia James is once again in pursuit of it. Discovery, puzzles and strangeness abound in this sequel to Adventure: The Inside Job and Adventure: All in the Game....

Released: 23 Jan 2018
All The Way Down by Calin Leafshade
Screenshot 1 of All The Way Down
A lovecraftian adventure set in rural Yorkshire, England....

Released: 1 Jan 2015
Among Thorns by Matt Frith
Screenshot 1 of Among Thorns
In a world suffering with a technological plague, Cora Bry is recruited for a shady job. Made for MAGS, January 2016. Update 07/03/2016 - Fixed a few bugs and changed download link to itch.io page...

Released: 31 Jan 2016
D-List Diva by Kini Games
Screenshot 1 of D-List Diva
Until recently, Davina Diamondes was a superstar. But ever since her ‘controversy’, the venues have been getting smaller, the crowds thinner, and the budget tighter. She’s lost her entourage, and the record label has assigned you, a booze-swilling, animal-hating misanthrope named Bill, to be her new tour manager. 

In this free comedy point-and-click adventure – created in two w...

Released: 25 Sep 2023
Feria d'Arles by Tom Simpson
Screenshot 1 of Feria d'Arles
Molly dreams of being the bravest matador in France. Explore the city of Arles and enter the world-famous tournament. Uncover corruption, conspiracy, and a load of bull.

Point and click your way around the French city of Arles, famous for:

- bull fighting
- being difficult to pronounce
- being where Van Gogh cut his ear off (and painted some masterpieces, I guess.

Released: 7 Dec 2019
Foundations by Matt Frith
Screenshot 1 of Foundations
Will Nara find what she is looking for after years of scavenging along the wall? A short classic point and click adventure game by Matt Frith. One click interface - Left click to interact/look. Made in two weeks for Adventurejam 2015...

Released: 19 Apr 2015
Screenshot 1 of Living Nightmare Deluxe
The re-make (more like entirely new game based on the old version) of my training game, Living Nightmare. You are James, a 20 year old, who is thinking back to the past, and his memories of one of the worst nights of his life. You now take control of a 5-year-old James. WARNING: There are some scary moments, so either read the spoilers included if you're a wuss, or just don't play at all....

Released: 22 Mar 2010
MINDBOGGLER by Ibispi and Babar
Screenshot 1 of MINDBOGGLER
a MAGS game jam game for the theme 'Pure evil'. The game was kind of rushed so it's missing a lot of interactions.............enjoy...

Released: 3 Oct 2016
Screenshot 1 of Narcoleptic Weight Loss Expert
Narcoleptic Weight Loss Expert is a strategic button clicking game in which you must help a man get fit, whilst struggling to stay conscious. Using calorific transubstantial technology you are able to trade the calories burned by your client to purchase new items to stay awake and keep motivated. But really it's all about the music. This was original a 4 hour game jam that we made a year ago...

Released: 22 Jun 2014
Screenshot 1 of Star Trek Newton: Part One - Anomaly
Crewman John Fischer is a recent graduate of Starfleet Academy assigned to the USS Newton, a
Constitution-class vessel currently tasked with performing scientific surveys in Sector 004. On
the completion of his first week aboard his new assignment, John begins to realise that the reality
of life in Starfleet isn't all chasing hostile aliens and meeting strange cultures. In fact, i...

Released: 1 Nov 2009
Screenshot 1 of The Day That Nothing Happened
Join Mika as she seeks to pull the town back from the brink of destruction and despair! Explore the forest and town and talk to lots of curiously camp animals and inanimate objects as you go! Can you save the day in time to have a big cake with a zombie at the Anniversary Celebration? A game made to celebrate the ten year passin gof the beginnin gof the Reality on the Norm project, but detaile...

Released: 21 Jun 2011
The Shortest Journey by Matt Frith
Screenshot 1 of The Shortest Journey
Made in two weeks for #Advjam2016 Manu dreams of finding treasure. A short, dialog-free point and click adventure game by Matt Frith, featuring the music of 'Sounds for Pixels' Left Click to interact. Right Click deselects inventory item....

Released: 26 May 2016
Screenshot 1 of The Surprisingly Short Adventure of Leopold Kettle
Join Leopold on his incredibly short adventure on the lovely island of Peanut Wharf.

Made for MAGS, July 2015....

Released: 6 Aug 2015
Theropods by Kostas Skiftas & Tinystuffz
Screenshot 1 of Theropods
Theropods is a point and click adventure game that combines puzzles with a cinematic story, colourful characters and a retro aesthetic. Oh, and lots of dinosaurs!

Well, only one dino in this demo! But you can expect more in the full game which we are currently running a Kickstar...

Released: 25 Jul 2019
Screenshot 1 of Tomes: Layne's Discovery
Tomes: Layne's Discovery, is a relatively short (took beta testers between 45 minutes and 2 hours) and story-driven game that revolves around a young man with a litany of personal problems. Through investigations and a fair amount of seeing his way through internal crises, Layne eventually stumbles upon the Tomes, and a new mystery begins....

Released: 23 Mar 2014

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