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A Christmas Ghost by Racoon
Screenshot 1 of A Christmas Ghost
A MAGS Game for the December 2019 Challenge 'Create your own Christmas'.
Help the little ghost find his Christmas adventure and maybe make friends along the way.

It is more of an interactive story than an adventure game. Make your own decisions, there are 6 endings to this short story. Enjoy!...

Released: 3 Jan 2020
Doors by Racoon
Screenshot 1 of Doors
A long corridor with 5 Doors. You ask yourself what lies beyond? Just go exploring!

Released: 25 Apr 2020
Screenshot 1 of If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers
A tale of dark and troubling things, a narrative-driven point-and-click adventure that explores the stories of four different characters in a masked ball taking place on a train in the late 1920s....

Released: 10 Mar 2021
In search of Marina by Slasher
Screenshot 1 of In search of Marina
An underwater adventure created for Jan MAG 2021 by Slasher and Racoon...

Sparky always meets his friend Marina at the same time everyday and they enjoy time together having fun playing games. However, one morning Marina is nowhere to be seen. Where is Marina? Sparky sets out to find her....

Left click to interact and right click to look.
Click X to disable Active inventory item. ...

Released: 27 Jan 2021
Little Leonardo by Racoon
Screenshot 1 of Little Leonardo
Its a really boring afternoon. You are a young boy with an enthusiasm for art and looking for a new project. What could be more worthwhile than emulating one of the greatest masters of all time?

This is a little game that was made for MAGS January 2022. It contains almost no speech, making it a good game to play with kids too.

For anybody stuck, I have posted a walkt...

Released: 31 Jan 2022
The Cat Case by Racoon
Screenshot 1 of The Cat Case

A Mix of MAGS October& MAGS November 2020

Be a Mouse detective trying to solve a curious case in your junkyard hometown.

Update: After I reuploaded the game a few days ago, there was a bug that did not let you finish the game. I have fixed that now hopefully. Please let me know if something does not work again. Thanks! :)

Released: 4 Dec 2020

Page 1 of 1 (6 results)

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