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Screenshot 1 of Coyote Episode I: The Mexican
The year is 1846.

The first settlers have reached California, and the United States are at the brink of war with Mexico. These are troubled times. And in these times, people look for a hero.

What they got was an outlaw.

Are you man enough to fill his boots?...

Released: 6 Mar 2009
Deflus Technical Demo by Ralph & Aapeli
No screenshot 1 for Deflus Technical Demo
This is a technical demo for a sci-fi based adventure game Ralph Schaafsma and Aapeli Kutila were working on.

This demo was made for the Release Something 2 competition back in 2005. ...

Released: 30 Oct 2005
No screenshot 1 for Horror Hospital Incomplete Demo
Horror Hospital Incomplete Demo

Created with the AGS Engine, the DeusEx editor combined with 3d models taken from Half-Life, Max Payne and other games.

Taking place in a haunted hospital strange things happen to our hero Phil that would make most break down and cry. He, however, is determined to get him and other sane ones out of this damned hospital.


Released: 7 Sep 2005
Lost In The Nightmare v1.1 by CoolBlue-Gord10
Screenshot 1 of Lost In The Nightmare v1.1
Are you ready for this? Then step into the dark world of Lost In The Nightmare and face your darkest dreams.. An 'interactive horror adventure' by Ahmet Kelesh, with pre-rendered 3D graphics and cutscenes with cinematical camera pitches. Pre-rendered 3D backgrounds taken from the Half-Life engine are used in Lost In The Nightmare. I'm preparing the HL maps with Valve Hammer Editor by myself ...

Released: 7 Nov 2005
Screenshot 1 of Lost in the Nightmare: 'Save Our Souls'
The deluxe version of Lost in the Nightmare, my 2005 released game.

Features of the deluxe version:

*A new level!
A terrifying extra level will be available to play when you finish the game with the good ending.
Some of the events on this new levels are depended on a decision you make, so it is a replayable level.

*Revisioned graphics
Changed t...

Released: 6 Jan 2008
Self by Gord10
Screenshot 1 of Self
Self is a freeware psychological horror adventure game. It's about the nightmarish world of a self-loathing man. The game is like an espresso; short, but intense. The story is definitely for adults who can endure playing a game about self-harm.

Story "Time" lost its meaning a long time ago.. And space, too. Between these four decaying walls, they became one with my soul. S...

Released: 20 Oct 2014

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