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Psychopomp by Riaise
Screenshot 1 of Psychopomp
Made for MAGS November 2016, with the theme "Afterlife". The Psychopomp must guide newly dead souls to the Hereafter, but can they make the journey to safety?...

Released: 28 Nov 2016
Screenshot 1 of The Execution of Anne Boleyn
Created for MAGS September 2017, for the theme "Past and Future Collide". When villains from the future alter the past, a time traveller must try to set history back on track with the help of an imprisoned queen....

Released: 30 Sep 2017
The Secrets of Jesus by Amir Matouk
Screenshot 1 of The Secrets of Jesus
The Secrets of Jesus is a classic point & click adventure game, which tells an old tale in a completely new manner.

What if Jesus had been able to escape his crucifixion? Would he escape the Romans, who are still bent on enforcing their death sentence? Or maybe even start a family with his great love? Just slip into his role and figure it out!
But before it is time t...

Released: 8 Nov 2019
Trivial Pass You It by Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle)
Screenshot 1 of Trivial Pass You It
A very bare-bones proof-of-concept Trivia Contest game I made for the Nov 2017 MAGS contest, the theme of which was "Contest". You can either play the included trivia Q&A sets, add questions to existing Q&A sets, create your own sets of trivia Q&A, or all of the above. Trivia Q&A sets can be shared to other people and played within the game hence the rather on-the-nose attempted pun in the g...

Released: 30 Nov 2017
Screenshot 1 of Old Woman Beardychin and the Scruffedy Bumtious
Old Woman Beardychin is quite content to follow the same routine day after day, when suddenly her life is turned upside down by the arrival, and subsequent departure, of a Scruffedy Bumtious. Thus begins an epic journey, full of peril and mishaps, which takes Beardychin far away from her safe and comfortable home. Will she ever find the Bumtious again?

Download link is a 59MB zip file, mirr...

Released: 5 May 2016
Memories Fade by Riaise
Screenshot 1 of Memories Fade
Made for MAGS February 2017, with the theme "As Time Goes By". After the loss of his beloved wife, an old man seems to be forgetting her. With the help of an old photo, can his son remind him of the good times they once had?

Available for both Windows and Linux....

Released: 25 Feb 2017

Page 1 of 1 (6 results)

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