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AGS-Invaders by Rocco
Screenshot 1 of AGS-Invaders
Old Style Shoot'em Up Game, builded with the shoot'em up module i developed for the coding contest. If you interested in the module or the complete game-sources, you can download this files here -> http://www.virtual-illusion.com/board/index.php?topic=8.0...

Released: 14 Feb 2006
Airbreak by Rocco
Screenshot 1 of Airbreak
Syd wants to be the new funk-guitar player, at the band from maestro Francesco van K. Airbreak, so he has to step through the musicschool, improve his music-ability to finally get on stage with The Maestro himself. The complete Source Files from this game are also available under http://www.virtual-illusion.com...

Released: 30 May 2004
Screenshot 1 of City of Thieves: Rescue Sandy
Burglar simulation, inspired from They stole a million and The Clou. Story: Dave Miller, an retired burglar is forced to burglarize until his depts are paid off. The syndicate boss underlines this special pressure by hijacking and imprison Sandy, Daves beloved Girlfriend. Only successfull burglarys can avert the evil events. - Top-Down View Burglar Game - Player-related news stories 3...

Released: 6 May 2011
Screenshot 1 of Maniac Mansion Mania - Episode 9 - radioactive
Bernard gets the honorable task, to remove a radioactive threat in the foxcave. The major of Ronville personally asks Bernard for help. At first Bernard has to decontaminate the cellar, at the same time Bernard tries to improve his mark in chemistry. Whether Bernard will have success? Fortunately there is his helpful neighbor Hoagie, who is a good friend in hard times. available Languages: ...

Released: 5 Sep 2005
Screenshot 1 of Super Pitstop Racing
This game is a mixture between Pitstop and Super-Sprint, with the feel of the good ol C64-days, with grandios SiD Music (c) by 20CC. * Top-Down View Racing Game * Pitstops * Tire-wear * Fuel Consumption, * different track surfaces * Car damage * Highscore Lists MAGS Winner 07/2008 Theme 'Retrofest'...

Released: 2 Aug 2008

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