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Stellar Mess - Demo
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Broken Windows - Chapter 2
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Beyond Terror by Sameera Wijesundera
Screenshot 1 of Beyond Terror
10 years have passed after the end of your involvement in a deadly Mafia group named "RAGE".You and Jack who betrayed the Rage Mafia group, are now living a peaceful life.One day you hear in the news that your friend Jack has been murdered in the same street of your house.Did any of the Mafia group members survive to seek revenge? ...

Released: 7 Aug 2006
SL vs AUS O7 by Sameera Wijesundera
No screenshot 1 for SL vs AUS O7
It is the finals of the 2007 cricket world cup. The match is between Sri Lanka and the mighty Aussies.The situation is really tense. You are Dilshan representing Sri Lanka. Can you score 10 runs of 2 balls against Brett lee and win the cup for Sri Lanka? This game includes video clips and commentary from Tony Greig. This is also the first cricket game to be made in AGS. Though the game is betw...

Released: 23 Sep 2006
Screenshot 1 of Spacewar episode 2 ( Curien strikes back)
Welcome to the world of spacewar. You are Manaken Spacewalker the best young apprentice Medai counsil has ever had. In the second episode of the spacewar series Curien strikes back to get the crystal back from the Medai counsil. He comes with his army and it is your task to perilish him and his army. Also save the crystal and the presdent of the Medai Counsil. After loads of constructive critsism...

Released: 29 Jun 2005
Spacewar( episode 1 the crystal) by Sameera Wijesundera
Screenshot 1 of Spacewar( episode 1 the crystal)
Inspired by the starwars series spacewar( episode 1 the crystal) is a quick short adventure game. You would find a person called Curien who is working for the ulitimate unknown lord. Later in the episodes he will be revealed. In this episode you take on the mighty challenge of bringing back the importan crystal that was stolen from the Medai Counsil. Good luck and may the force be with you!!...

Released: 20 Jun 2005

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