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Birdy Birdy by Sandra T. Almeida & Kastchey & Ibispi
Screenshot 1 of Birdy Birdy
Play as a sparrow... I'm not sure how to describe the game without spoiling the story and the few puzzles...
Made for MAGS July 2019, themed "Animal protagonists".
Point&Click Adventure game

New LINUX version provided on mirror download link!
Res: 1024x576 32bit colour.
The 3D main character is a placeholder, due to lack of time....

Released: 5 Aug 2019
Lab Rat Maze! by Sandra T. Almeida & Benjamin Penney
Screenshot 1 of Lab Rat Maze!
Ever wondered what a lab rat feels when someone places him into a maze? Well, now you no longer have to wonder! Experience it for your self! Feel frustrated by the unfair tasks, extreme level of memory and other skills requirements that evil humans put poor rats through! Point&Click style! And keyboard helper (use keyboard as help certain tasks). Two levels of difficulty! (Only difference i...

Released: 3 Jun 2018
Space Cross: The BSG-Team by Sandra T. Almeida & Morgan E. Willcock
Screenshot 1 of Space Cross: The BSG-Team
Starbuck's crash of the week takes him to a planet where he meets some odd people. Take control while he tries to fix his viper and return to the fleet.

Mags entry under the theme: Crossover
Game res: 960x600 32bit Full color!
Download link: MediaFire(Windows) | Mirror link: MediaFire (Linux)

MAGS winner! :)

12-01-2020: Version 1.3 fixes loading file when no s...

Released: 31 Jan 2019
Trade it forward by Sandra T. Almeida & heltenjon
Screenshot 1 of Trade it forward
Charly needs to have the new DroneMaster 5000!

Unfortunately, all he owns, is a trouser button.
Help Charly doing some good trades and perhaps cut some corners in his attempt to get ahold of the toy of his dreams!

Based on a true story! (or maybe an urban legend...)

Game resolution: 640x360, 32-bit in colour!

Made for MAGS August 2021 (Theme: By hook or by crook)

Released: 31 Aug 2021

Page 1 of 1 (4 results)

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