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This is the Way
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The Three Piggies a Remediation
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2020-08-08 10:32:12, heltenjon

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pSyCHo!@! by Sashasatan
No screenshot 1 for pSyCHo!@!
No, I don't do drugs....

Released: 16 Feb 2003
Slime Quest 2 Demo by Sashasatan
No screenshot 1 for Slime Quest 2 Demo
I have been busy as a bee and now I bring you the demo of the sequel to Slime Quest for Pizza. Slime doesn't want pizza anymore-it wants something new and exiting. It wants burgers! However, things are not as simple as they seem. Slime's creator, Dr. Jackulla creates an even better slime or "zlime" which is a huge hit on the pet market. Everyone wants to capture slime to get the formula...

Released: 10 Feb 2003
Slime Quest for Pizza by Sashasatan
Screenshot 1 of Slime Quest for Pizza
This is my first ever game. It's about a piece of slime that comes alive in an experiment and gets real hungry. For some reason all it wants is pizza. Guaranteed to put you off softdrinks for life!...

Released: 8 Feb 2003

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