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11-11-11 by Screen 7
Screenshot 1 of 11-11-11
James Marshall is an insomniac who lives in the big city. One night, a mysterious set of events take him outside to investigate - only to realize there is a dangerous threat to him and his friends lurking behind the shadows. Can you help convince his neighbours they're in danger, find a way to safety and perhaps even stop the disaster? * Some scenes may scare younger players, or those with a ne...

Released: 26 Dec 2011
A Christmas Tale DEMO by Screen 7
Screenshot 1 of A Christmas Tale DEMO
Ever wondered what would happen if Santa were to crash in a strange city, with dancing men and no Christmas spirit? Ever wondered how he'd figure out a sabotage? No neither did we. But if you want to explore these bizarre events, why not play this game :D It's got beards... and, some other stuff too :D...

Released: 3 Jan 2002
Dumbass Drivers! DEMO by Screen 7
Screenshot 1 of Dumbass Drivers! DEMO
Are you ready for some cuuurrrraaaaaazyyyy dumbass driving?!

Race against the clock in this top-down crap-fest of speed & dangerous driving.

4 missions in the demo!...

Released: 5 Nov 2008
Games Galore! DEMO by Screen 7
Screenshot 1 of Games Galore! DEMO
In this slightly buggy alpha demo you have one objective - repay the bank who've recently set up your little business! Hire the right staff, get a few games on the go and watch the money roll in! Many thanks for everyones support for this little game. Not all features in this demo work. And activating some may crash it; but have fun, AND LET ME KNOW YOUR CODE-WORDS!!!! :) Bug: D'oh! If you a...

Released: 2 Jan 2008
Screenshot 1 of Indiana Jones™ and the Fountain of Youth DEMO
2011: Version 1.2 available.

In this demo, you play Indiana Jones as he explores the island of Bimini - to try and un-cover something the Nazis may have missed! But does he have all the right clues, or is it too late? Find out in this 10 room playable demo!...

Released: 26 May 2006
Screenshot 1 of Indiana Jones™ and the Fountain of Youth ROLLING DEMO
A fairly old rolling demo, showcasing new (at the time) screenshots, animations etc....

Released: 12 Aug 2003
Screenshot 1 of Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Spheres
A short game to celebrate the festive 08 season and the new year by the Fountain of Youth team. Miez created this from scratch as his first AGS project, instead of the usual flash animation.

Join Indy and Shelly as they search for a way out of their festive prison. The question is, have you got balls??

We hope you enjoy it for what it is!...

Released: 12 Jan 2009
Screenshot 1 of Indy and the Crystal Cursors DEMO v1.2
When professor Guzzo writes and informs of a mystical artefact that could hold great powers, Indy is reluctant to come on-board. But as events transpire, he finds himself on his least epic adventure yet - jetsetting to places like Scotland, Africa & Atlantis! This is just a programming project of mine, and I cannot take credit for the majority of its conetnts. Dialogue is rough in some areas and p...

Released: 26 Jun 2010
Kinky Island DEMO by Screen 7
Screenshot 1 of Kinky Island DEMO
You play Joey Cormack in this short playable demo, as he arrives under very strange circumstances at an island which he (and you) will never forget! Solve a few puzzles, check out some boobies, wait for the full-game!! This is an LEC style adventure with a strange GUI :D PLEASE, this is a game for adult players 18+ so respect that! NOMINATED FOR BEST AGS DEMO 2006 (cheers! whoever bothered to do t...

Released: 13 Nov 2006
Lost In Paradise DEMO by Screen 7
Screenshot 1 of Lost In Paradise DEMO
SADLY THE FULL GAME SUFFERED A TERRIBLE FATE AND WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL I REMAKE THE ENTIRE BLOODY THING..! Feb 2011: v2 is now in the making. The contents of this demo will never feature, so consider it unique ;) Meet Ted, a boy set to enjoy a fantastic tropical holiday! His curiosity leads him to look for a missing girl on a small set of islands, and this demo features a small section...

Released: 29 Nov 2009
Night of the Testicle by Screen 7
Screenshot 1 of Night of the Testicle
Version 1.2, fixes a couple of errors from previous version. Contains strong language, not suitable for kids. TIME TO SHOW SOME BALLS! This is Night of the Testicle, a comedy sequel to Day of the Testicle. I've made this game for fun, to celebrate 10 years of AGS. It should not be taken too seriously! You play Lefty McBollock - a young testicle who lives in a city under threat from a myster...

Released: 8 May 2011
Santa Claus Down by Screen 7
Screenshot 1 of Santa Claus Down
1st person adventure shoot em up. When Santa is shot down over New Mexico it's up to Sgt. Jones to head in by air and track him down, taking out the persistent terrorist force preventing him from rescueing the most important person in the world along the way. With literally minutes of Santa's life at stake it's time to take up your side-arm and fend off the foes in this advent adv...

Released: 24 Dec 2008

Page 1 of 1 (12 results)

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