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AGS Yahtzee by Shade
Screenshot 1 of AGS Yahtzee
it's not an adventure but it's the good old yahtzee with some additions! there are 9 game modes "single", "double", "triple", "quadruple", "ultimate quadruple", "faint quadruple", "ultimate faint quadruple", "flower" and "countdown"....

Released: 25 Apr 2008
Screenshot 1 of Lichdom -
NOTE: Unrated for language because there is some considerable swearing, but it is all censored. A game in which you play as an Evil Lich named Derek. It seems like an average day to him, until something happens... Made for the June 2008 MAGS competition. Version

Released: 2 Jul 2008
AGS 180 Darts by Shade
Screenshot 1 of AGS 180 Darts
features: * customizable game mode * every player has his own profile * small statistics * 1 button gameplay * AI with 3 difficulties...

Released: 3 Mar 2009
Screenshot 1 of IWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG: The Game!
This is a super awesome fan game of a fan video of a licensed game series based on characters created in an original game series from the '90s.

Based around the "I Wonder What Happens..." video series by Majus and Co., IWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG: The Game! takes a (hopefully) humorous look at some of the zany things that Majus might decide to put Guybrush through whilst delving into th...

Released: 29 Nov 2009
Screenshot 1 of The McCarthy Chronicles: Episode 1
A film-noir inspired, supernatural detective story.

Rick McCarthy is a private detective marred by a secretive and destructive past.

He is pulled into a world of blood sacrifice and invocation.

Can he hide his past, solve the crime and get the girl?



Left click to move,

Hold the left button to interact,...

Released: 29 Nov 2009
Life by SookieSock
Screenshot 1 of Life
A short interactive art project about Life....

Released: 14 Jan 2010
Hope by Calin Leafshade
Screenshot 1 of Hope
Our hero awakens in a strange world, tethered to strange machines, unsure of how he got there and if he wants to go back... "It's like being pulled from a dream by the scruff of your neck." - Hood Conceived, drawn, scored and scripted in 48 hours ...

Released: 1 Feb 2010
Eternally Us by Ben304 & Calin Leafshade
Screenshot 1 of Eternally Us
A tale of love, life and friendship....

Released: 1 May 2010
Screenshot 1 of Living Nightmare: Endless Dreams
The sequel to living nightmare deluxe. James has just finished the journal entry, now 20 years old. You control him as he begins to realize that his nightmares are starting to collide with reality. (With some work this will be made into a trilogy, please excuse the strange cliffhanger ending.)...

Released: 31 May 2010
The Ever Beginning Tale by Calin Leafshade
Screenshot 1 of The Ever Beginning Tale
You find yourself in a strange new world and now you must find your way back home!...

Released: 17 Sep 2010
Screenshot 1 of ~airwave~ - I Fought the Law, and the Law One
Elodie Major has been running a little indie radio station called Airwave Radio with her friend Zak for 5 years now, and they've manage to win a strong following amongst the people of the small town of Wave. Recently, however, they've found themselves under pressure from mainstream record labels to play their music, and have resisted quite forcefully, but they haven't seen an end to this attemp...

Released: 15 Feb 2011
AGS Magus by Shade
Screenshot 1 of AGS Magus
Take out your magic wands and prepare yourself for a challenging card game! Your task: Predict how many tricks you will get and make your prediction come true in a battle against different opponents. But beware: You will only be rewarded if your prediction is right! - full AI - battle against 2-5 opponents - 3 game modes: single game, endless game and story mode...

Released: 18 Mar 2012
Patchwork by Ilyich
Screenshot 1 of Patchwork
It’s a big day for Daniel - he’s about to test a teleportation device he’s been building for the last few years.

Will everything go as planned, resulting in a stunning breakthrough in modern science, or is he, as it so often happens in situations like this, going to end up in a parallel universe, where magic and fairies are pretty common, while cell phones and sneak...

Released: 7 Jun 2012
Primordia by Wormwood Studios
Screenshot 1 of Primordia
What happened to the humans?

Set in a post-apocalyptic world strewn with cast-off machines, Primordia tells the story of Horatio Nullbuilt, a stoic robot who values his solitude and independence. Horatio spends his days studying the Book of Man, sparring with his droid companion Crispin, and tinkering with the airship they call home — a peaceful existence that becomes threatened ...

Released: 5 Dec 2012
AGS Mastermind by Shade & selmiak
Screenshot 1 of AGS Mastermind
Enhanced version of the good old mastermind. - new graphics - new interface - play with up to 22 rows - choose whether you can pick a color twice or only once - delete a color or even the whole row - set a random combination - copy a combination from any previous row - see how many tries you have left - points and highscore lists (thanks to Rocco for his module!) - profiles that store ...

Released: 3 Apr 2013
AGS 180 Darts 2 by Shade
Screenshot 1 of AGS 180 Darts 2
The focus is more one the darts experience this time. - new throw-system with possible bouncers - 1024x768 - throw on bull's-eye - double-in - save a replay of your match - see your ...average ...double rate ...highest checkout ...score 100+, 140+ ...and how many 180s you hit - everything is displayed as seen on tv! - the crowd now and then sings a little song - more complex and cu...

Released: 30 Apr 2013
Oceanspirit Dennis's Holiday Havoc! by Francisco Gonzalez
Screenshot 1 of Oceanspirit Dennis's Holiday Havoc!
In the year 20XX, Oceanspirit Dennis defeated the evil Santa Claus, but now he is back for revenge along with 8 of his holiday pals. Can Oceanspirit Dennis defeat them all?...

Released: 24 May 2013
Lema Sabachthani by Billbis
Screenshot 1 of Lema Sabachthani
You have been sentence to death.

But what you had done had to be done.

Made in one month for the MAGS februray 2014 (theme : Fictional Spirituality).

Left click: interact. Right click: look at. Space bar: show interactive areas. Any key: skip cutscene.

Available in English, French and Spanish. 2014/06/01: New version with minor additions. Now open source & resource. ...

Released: 2 Mar 2014
AGS Yahtzee 2 by Shade
Screenshot 1 of AGS Yahtzee 2
What you get: - Everything the first game had - Improved interface - Customize your game by changing the basic rules - Create your own tournament - Highscorelists (TOP- and BOTTOM-Score) for every game mode and tournament you create - Live highscore position (taking the score of the respective players into account) - Some new statistics - Import your old profiles, statistics, highscores ...

Released: 27 Jul 2014
All The Way Down by Calin Leafshade
Screenshot 1 of All The Way Down
A lovecraftian adventure set in rural Yorkshire, England....

Released: 1 Jan 2015
Him by Calin Leafshade
Screenshot 1 of Him
A horror game made for #AdvJam2016 You play an old man visiting an old haunted house. What mysteries will you uncover?...

Released: 21 May 2016

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