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2021-06-21 10:25:48, The Last To Know

2021-06-19 13:18:52, heltenjon

2021-06-19 11:42:28, Andy

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Inferno: The Demo Of A Rotten Bastard by The Butcher + Spyros
Screenshot 1 of Inferno: The Demo Of A Rotten Bastard
Gac presents the game Inferno: the demo of a rotten bastard. Made by the Butcher and Spyros. A political history game about Luxemburg's imperialism during the 14th century. Download now or be damned for a lifetime! ...

Released: 9 Dec 2002
The Book of Spells by Spyros
Screenshot 1 of The Book of Spells
It is 1384 A.D. in a small village on small island lived Aarh, the mighty warrior, with his people. One day the truth that was hidden from him had to be unveiled. He was the last one chosen to complete a mission, a mission for which thousands tried and died before him. He had to find the last 12 pages of the Book Of Spells....

Released: 23 May 2000
Wet by Spyros
Screenshot 1 of Wet
The winner of the first MAGS competition!!!You play a fish in his everlasting struggle to escape from a fish-bowl...

Released: 16 Jun 2001
Screenshot 1 of Little Willy's darts game
It's a joke dart game about little willy. Just to show the ability of AGS to make small arcade games....

Released: 23 Aug 2001

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