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Screenshot 1 of Alba the Explorer: Princess Marian part V
Alba, Princess Marian's eldest daughter, tries to make a mothers day card. You can help her!

# Mother's day 2004 present for my wife

# Including real artwork by Alba herself

# Parody of "Dora the Explorer", Alba's favourite TV show...

Released: 22 Dec 2004
Awakening of the Sphinx DEMO by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of Awakening of the Sphinx  DEMO
Guide General Horemheb to explore 18th Dynasty Egypt and discover secrets and his destiny ...

The 18th Dynasty of Egypt is one of the most eventful. Tuthmoses IV had a dream as a boy that if he uncovered the Sphinx he would become Pharoah. Later in the dynasty, Akhenaten rejected the traditional polytheistic religion of Egypt and turned to workship Aten. He built a new capital at Amar...

Released: 28 Apr 2004
Screenshot 1 of C.U.T.E. The Marvellous Adventures of Princess Marian part VII
The FUTURE! The Constabulary for Universal Time Enforcement police the sphere of Time Travel, making sure that naughty people dont go back and kill other people's parents, etc. Top operative Sara is at thier headquarters, preparing for a new mission. Meanwhile, President of the Universe Alba prepares to make her inaugral address......

Released: 30 Aug 2005
Pixel Hunt by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of Pixel Hunt
Despite the title, Pixel Hunt should not feature any pixel hunting. The game is set in a land of pixels, and puns on graphics terminology are at saturation level (see, there's one already!) Visit Hotel GIF and find out the dark deeds going on there and see if you can save the day Optional voice pack (2M) at http://www.ssh.me.uk/phspeech.zip Source code available at http://www.ssh.me.uk/phso...

Released: 25 Feb 2005
PMX: The Magic Hat by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of PMX: The Magic Hat
Princess Marian sets out on her biggest adventure yet, to make a new magic hat. This is the longest Princess Marian game, with the most gameplay, making it a "proper" game. It is also the 10th game in the series (hence the X)...

Released: 1 Sep 2006
Screenshot 1 of Princess Marian and the Fountain of Unicorns
Princess Marian, with her new baby Sara in her sling, goes hunting for Alba and her father, who have mysteriously disappeared. Help Marian locate them both.

* Christmas 2004 present for my wife

* Alba sings not once but twice in this game!

* Thanks to CJ again, Alba, and the rest of the FOY team for not minding me ripping off some of the stuff from the demo...

Released: 22 Dec 2004
Princess Marian VIII: Snowfight by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of Princess Marian VIII: Snowfight
Yes, Princess Marian is up to her adventures again. This time she fights the forces of evil in a two-player snowball fight!...

Released: 16 Dec 2005
Princess Marian XI: Light re-leaf by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of Princess Marian XI: Light re-leaf
Another compelling drama in the world-renowned Princess Marian series. A fresh young pair of artists have joined the team and brought a whole new level of graphic quality....

Released: 20 Dec 2007
Princess Marian's Pigeon Pinger by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of Princess Marian's Pigeon Pinger
Half a world apart, poor Princess Marian misses her SSH and worse still, his hotel's internet connection is down. How else can she send him a message?

Help Princess Marian get her communications through......

Released: 31 Jan 2011
Rock, Rock, Rock by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of Rock, Rock, Rock
Ug and Og, two cavemen, are getting somewhat bored of their game "Rock, Rock, Rock" as it always seems to end in a draw. If onkly someone could invent paper and scissors, the game would take on a whole new lease of life!

MAGS Entry for October 2008....

Released: 28 Oct 2008
Snakes on a Plane by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of Snakes on a Plane
Live out your dream to be Sam Jackson!...

Released: 4 Sep 2006
SSH's Walkcycle Generator by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of SSH's Walkcycle Generator
Walkcycle generator and Paint program, written in AGS.

See forum thread http://www.bigbluecup.com/yabb/index.php?topic=26501.0 ...

Released: 10 May 2006
The Adventures of Princess Marian by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of The Adventures of Princess Marian
Escape from the castle and rescue your husband.

This was a 6th-anniversary-of-first-meeting present for my wife, so the graphics are amateur, there's no sound or music and its full of private jokes you won't get. However, my wife loves it and I hope someone can geta laugh from it: its my return payment for AGS getting me very much into my wife's good books! Default AGS/Sierra inte...

Released: 28 Jan 2003
Screenshot 1 of The Adventures of Princess Marian II: Mother's Day
A game that challenges you to find out what your baby daughter is saying!

A thrilling sequel, featuring a Star-Wars scroller and more cuteness than you can bear. Graphically similar to the first game, you'll find it even shorter and less challenging....

Released: 28 Mar 2003
Screenshot 1 of The Dark Cave: Adventure of Princess Marian IV
While out flying on her magic hat, Princess Marian gets caught in the rain and takes shelter in a cave. Can you get her home safely? This game is a wedding anniversary present for my wife, and as such is more cute than actually "good game". Still, some people seem to like these games I make. Now with optional music pack at: http://www.ssh.me.uk/darkcavemusic.zip...

Released: 10 Sep 2003

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