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_Access by Akatosh
Screenshot 1 of _Access
Winner of the "Best Innovation" award in 2007. Yays!

Be the hacker you always wanted to be.

Language and Sex/nudity ratings due to in-game chat channels.

UPDATE 2012/09/13: I've re-uploaded the game to Mediafire. I hope this fixes the persistent trouble with eSnpis.

The graphics are partially stolen from Uplink. Go to its website. Now. (http://uplink.co.uk)


Released: 10 Mar 2007
Screenshot 1 of A Gunshot in Room 37
Entry for the fourth One Room One Week competition. A very short and simple game.

You play a criminal of some sort, and you need to escape the authorities....

Released: 8 Jun 2006
Screenshot 1 of Alone in the Night
A short game made for the second One Room One Week Competition. Features: - LOTS of animations! - ONE playable room! - Well, that's pretty much everything......

Released: 5 Aug 2005
Barely Floating by Stemshock Interactive
Screenshot 1 of Barely Floating
Somewhere along the east coast of Africa, pirates have attacked a luxury yacht! They have taken a few seemingly wealthy passengers as their hostages, a family and an old man, hoping to collect a hefty ransom for each of them. When the hostage negotiations go awry, the rescue duties land on the weak shoulders of an unlikely hero. Little does he know that the ship's crew, that stands in his way, is ...

Released: 12 Aug 2012
BYO-Hero by Tony Watkins
Screenshot 1 of BYO-Hero
​The full Point-and-click Adventure game > where YOU get to be the HERO!

YOU (your drawing/picture HERO) has been unceremoniously thrown out of the Royal castle. You find yourself left alone in a forest with nothing in your possession and you soon realise that you have been booted out since you were next in line to the throne!

You must use your wits and skills a...

Released: 19 Sep 2020
Day of Darkness by Marq Watkin
Screenshot 1 of Day of Darkness
Marty is on his way home after a night drinking, when he is kidnapped. He wakes to find himself in a cellar. Obviously, the objective is to escape. It's only a small game...

Released: 6 Nov 2004
Day of School by BotKiller LEANDROMAGNOP
No screenshot 1 for Day of School
Adventure game in spanish...

Released: 15 Sep 2006
Deflus Technical Demo by Ralph & Aapeli
No screenshot 1 for Deflus Technical Demo
This is a technical demo for a sci-fi based adventure game Ralph Schaafsma and Aapeli Kutila were working on.

This demo was made for the Release Something 2 competition back in 2005. ...

Released: 30 Oct 2005
Screenshot 1 of Escape From Lurrilous
[Entry for October 2003 MAGS]

You play as Mac, a young boy who comes into a clash with the police and is sent to a human nature research institute in New Mexico. You are meant to escape from the institute.

I hope I got rid of the bugs. The inventory acts a bit odd occasionally, but you should be able to play it. The readme contains some maybe usefull informati...

Released: 23 Oct 2003
Illumination Diminishing by Jackey Anderson
Screenshot 1 of Illumination Diminishing
People are navigating the darkness in a future where the sun's light has diminished....

Released: 23 Apr 2017
Lone Case 2: Scars by Sho-Ryu-Ken corp
Screenshot 1 of Lone Case 2: Scars
After the demise of the planet because of the nuclear blast, what was once pure is now dirty what was alive is now dead , what was blur is now clear , what was courage is now fear.

Dave Dell now , four years later after what happened on Lone Case: Locomotive Breath, finds himself in a camp , where a group of survivors have gathered in an effort to survive. The planet has become a wastel...

Released: 7 Dec 2007
Screenshot 1 of Mard's Personal Little Revenge
[January 2004 entry]


A short game about Mard, a completely normal Stickland's citizen... well, almost normal...

Check the readme for known bugs, since there are two of them... And I'm not sure about typo's either...

But in the update I just uploaded, some typos and one previously unknown bug are fixed....

Released: 27 Jan 2004
Pixel Hunt by SuperScottishHero
Screenshot 1 of Pixel Hunt
Despite the title, Pixel Hunt should not feature any pixel hunting. The game is set in a land of pixels, and puns on graphics terminology are at saturation level (see, there's one already!)

Visit Hotel GIF and find out the dark deeds going on there and see if you can save the day

Optional voice pack (2M) at http://www.ssh.me.uk/phspeech.zip
Source code available at http:...

Released: 25 Feb 2005
PMUVCHVT by Akatosh
Screenshot 1 of PMUVCHVT
I did it. I made a working eleven-roomer in 7 hours. Psheeew.

Entry for the MAGS competition February 2007.

This time, you're the villain.

Mirror actually is the Music.vox file - 12 MB, so beware!...

Released: 24 Feb 2007
Screenshot 1 of Stan Ames, Private Eye - Episode 1 - Murder Incorporated
Stan Ames, PI (for short), is the first in a series of episodes following the exploits of a seemingly washed-up detective. Each episode will put Ames on dangerous worldwide missions of conspiracy and intrigue.

The pilot episode “Murder Incorporated”, introduces Stan Ames as a lowlife PI who's good for nothing more than snapping photos of cheating husbands and cleaning up what the cops l...

Released: 11 Feb 2006
The Island by Dima Software
Screenshot 1 of The Island
You leave your home and go on a vacation, but your planes motors catch fire and your plane crashes on a small island in the Pacific. You must help Bob to get off that island in this SHORT game by Dima Software....

Released: 16 Jun 2002
Screenshot 1 of The McReed Case
[Entry for September 2003 MAGS] My first finished game ever, hence the quality. You are a policeman, and you go after a missing person. As always, things get ugly.

This is my first finished project, hence the quality. I appologize for the typing mistakes, which I have surely made, just not noticed myself.

I have added the updated version, which adds one visual/audial shoot...

Released: 26 Sep 2003
Screenshot 1 of The McReed Case: Interrogation BETADEMO
Finally (speaking for myself that is) the first sort of official release concerning MRC2; this betademo that is.

No further commentary, apart from PLEASE report me the bugs and such, and give feedback on what you like and what you think I should change.

NOTE: Most of the inventory interaction replies are still missing....

Released: 19 Dec 2004
Tomb of the Moon by Tommi \'Ishmael\' Kivist� & Aapeli \'Pablo\' Kutila
Screenshot 1 of Tomb of the Moon
Entry for the third One Room, One Week competition featuring cartoony graphics, innovativeish scripting and original story and soundtrack....

Released: 31 Jan 2006

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