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Screenshot 1 of A Gunshot in Room 37
Entry for the fourth One Room One Week competition. A very short and simple game.

You play a criminal of some sort, and you need to escape the authorities....

Released: 8 Jun 2006
Screenshot 1 of Escape From Lurrilous
[Entry for October 2003 MAGS]

You play as Mac, a young boy who comes into a clash with the police and is sent to a human nature research institute in New Mexico. You are meant to escape from the institute.

I hope I got rid of the bugs. The inventory acts a bit odd occasionally, but you should be able to play it. The readme contains some maybe usefull information....

Released: 23 Oct 2003
Screenshot 1 of Mard's Personal Little Revenge
[January 2004 entry]


A short game about Mard, a completely normal Stickland's citizen... well, almost normal...

Check the readme for known bugs, since there are two of them... And I'm not sure about typo's either...

But in the update I just uploaded, some typos and one previously unknown bug are fixed....

Released: 27 Jan 2004
Screenshot 1 of The McReed Case
[Entry for September 2003 MAGS] My first finished game ever, hence the quality. You are a policeman, and you go after a missing person. As always, things get ugly.

This is my first finished project, hence the quality. I appologize for the typing mistakes, which I have surely made, just not noticed myself.

I have added the updated version, which adds one visual/audial shoot...

Released: 26 Sep 2003
Screenshot 1 of The McReed Case: Interrogation BETADEMO
Finally (speaking for myself that is) the first sort of official release concerning MRC2; this betademo that is.

No further commentary, apart from PLEASE report me the bugs and such, and give feedback on what you like and what you think I should change.

NOTE: Most of the inventory interaction replies are still missing....

Released: 19 Dec 2004

Page 1 of 1 (5 results)

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