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Cosmos by Vetrijar
Screenshot 1 of Cosmos
All-age, addicting, time-based game in which you create a universe to advance levels. Combination of speed, accuracy, and planning ahead!

Addicting game I've found out. Made mainly for the six grade class I was teaching, but found adults and seniors enjoy playing this game for hours!...

Released: 1 Jun 2004
Integer Battleship by Vetrijar
Screenshot 1 of Integer Battleship
This is a game I made for teaching students about Integer addition and subtraction. Nice guessing game for you to try out. As before with the other ones, this was made for sixth graders during my student teaching semester. Sorry about the size. this was the first program I made and the sounds are 8megs...

Released: 2 Jun 2004
Shells by Vetrijar
Screenshot 1 of Shells
Fun game ! Kind of like mindsweep so there's not much to explain other than you are using shells to determine what's around it. Don't dig up a starfish or you lose ! It's REALLY hard to even get to level 4, but you can! ...

Released: 2 Jun 2004

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