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Abducted: 10 Minutes!!! by AussieSoftTM
Screenshot 1 of Abducted: 10 Minutes!!!
You play Detective Michael Ebb, from the City Police. Back in 1974, while working for the International Police, you sent a bunch of terrorists to jail. One day, watching the news at home, the bulletin is interrupted with an important message for you: the terrorists are back to haunt you!!! They've got your 20 year old daugther and threaten to kill her in ten minutes. As there's no time to as...

Released: 15 Oct 2004
Screenshot 1 of Al Gurbish in... Nick it & Run!!! (English & Spanish available)
The City of Thathurst is hosting the most prestigious award night in the world of adventure gaming "The Stan's". You are Al Gurbish, reputedly the worst agent in the secret police...

...and your task is to steal the precious Stan yourself to keep it safe from the local crooks....

Released: 22 May 2003
Book of Destiny (DEMO) by AussieSoftTM
Screenshot 1 of Book of Destiny (DEMO)
A short demo of AussieSoftTM's new and most ambitious project....

Released: 19 Dec 2003
Casablanca,The Day After by AussieSoftTM
Screenshot 1 of Casablanca,The Day After
After Ilsa and Laszlo left, you were left with a headache. Sam won't stop playing that silly "As time goes by" song. You are to make him shut up, and you can do so in at least four different combined ways. This game won the July 2003 MAGS comp. ...

Released: 13 Jun 2003
Chick Chaser by aussie
Screenshot 1 of Chick Chaser
Andy's just been dumped by his girlfriend. Your task in this tearful romantic comedy is to help him get her back.

Thanks to Steve McCrea for hosting the main download link....

Released: 17 Aug 2005
Frank the Farmhand Part 2 by Mattias Jeppsson
Screenshot 1 of Frank the Farmhand Part 2
After having escaped from the agents, Frank and his friends are captured by the american military and brought to a military camp on the island of Guija.

Frank needs once again to save his friends, and escape from the clutches of the Syndicate!

UPDATE: version 1.1!!

In the second part of Frank's adventures you'll find yourself on an exotic island with lots...

Released: 30 Mar 2005
Screenshot 1 of Night of the Raving Feminist (DEMO)
Dr. Evil kidnapped your girlfriend, Obdulia, and was about to take over the world when she broke free and enslaved him.
Your goal?
Rescue Dr. Evil of your nazi girlfriend's grip.
It's intended to be a full-length game. This is a single-room fully playable game....

Released: 6 May 2003
Screenshot 1 of Space Quest IV.5 - Roger Wilco And The Voyage Home V3.00
Space Quest IV.5 is a full length fan game in the style of the orginal Sierra Space Quest games with humor, action and adventures.
Roger returns to Magmetheus from Space Quest XII, where he saved the world once more.
But his adventure is not over now, a young woman asks for help, our hero Roger Wilco tries to help and stumbles
into another adventure filled with love, humor, trouble and.....

Released: 15 Jun 2008
Screenshot 1 of Wolf Country (DEMO)
Late 1800s. Dr. Alistair Carlisle, a man versed on the Occult has summoned four people to a mysterious family gathering. You happen to turn up at their reunion by chance, and find yourself involved in a hunt where you might end up being the prey. This is the complete Chapter 1 of this adventure. Featuring a whole chapter worth of gameplay. It is released as a demo in the hope that the project m...

Released: 9 Mar 2005

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