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Screenshot 1 of Boy in Da Hood: Give Me the Money!
NEW server... May 2011 You hear of a competition to win $100,000. To win it you have to mug, steal and pilfer anything you can. You play Fanito, a young hoodlum, running with the likes of Balinzo, a rough, tough mobster. He has you at 2-1 in the competition! The hoodlum with the biggest amount at the end of the competition wins the $100,000 prize! The rules of the competition state: ...

Released: 3 Feb 2011
Screenshot 1 of Episode 2: Redpants meets Robinson Clauseau
Episode 2 of the Redpants series...

Redpants wakes up on a desert island and meets Robinson Clauseau who has just been marooned by Yellow Beard the infamous pirate of the 7 seas!

* Find stuff and build a shelter

* Look for food

* Make a raft

* Find all of Yellow Beard's hidden treasure chests

Can you complete the tasks and help ...

Released: 28 Jan 2010
Screenshot 1 of Frank Stallone - The Driver and Mob Enforcer
UPDATE: NEW SERVER ...MAY 2011 Set in America during the 20's prohibition and the wall street crash you are Frank Stallone, a Taxi driver who by accident becomes involved with Al Capo, a bigtime Mobster. The poor get a small slice of crust action but the rich get the loaf. In your case it's definately the small crust! Anyhow, there you were, waiting to pick up a fare when suddenly this ma...

Released: 13 Mar 2010
Screenshot 1 of Fur Balls 1 - evil be thy name: Bundles of mayhem!
New server..May 2011 TITLE: Fur Balls 1 - evil be thy name: Bundles of mayhem!... STORY: Uncle Silas is being terrorised by mysterious critter fur balls who are eating his food, objects and wrecking his house! Uncle Silas has asked you, his nephew Willy, to help him by getting rid of them, but its not easy!!! They started appearing after a meteor storm a month earlier and are now ...

Released: 20 Dec 2010
Screenshot 1 of Indy Bones: The Book Of The Gods
NEW server... May 2011 You are Indy Bones: an intrepid explorer, museum lecturer and adventure seeker. You are called by Professor Wilkins to join him in Egypt, he claims to have found the ancient tomb of Uky. Uky was a pharoah who lived 5000 years ago and the ancient Gods had entrusted him with their Holy book. It is a book of immense power. Together you both set off into Ukys tomb ...

Released: 30 Nov 2010
Screenshot 1 of Redpants: The Princess and the Beanstalk
You are Redpants, a young Elf who yearns to be a hero. With your two friends Chris and Simon you set out to find interesting things to do.

In this first episode Redpants enters the world of monsters and magic to rescue Princess Verdana, who is being kept by an evil King who has her as his soon-to-be wife after tricking her father over landrights and is keeping her in his hide-away towe...

Released: 28 Dec 2009
Screenshot 1 of Sawn 1: Pain is just the start!
V2.00 Now with extra sound.

Sawn 1: Pain is just the start!

Horror / Drama.

1 room Game.

You've seen the film (Saw), you know the score.

You are abducted and wake up in a dungeon with your foot clamped.

There is a religious, hooded madman on the loose who has planted a tiny explosive device in your neck!

You have just 5 m...

Released: 26 Jun 2011
Sharky's 3: The Heist by barefoot
Screenshot 1 of Sharky's 3: The Heist
Title: SHARKY'S 3: The Heist (V2.00 June 10th 2011: couple of bugs sorted) Storyline: A 'would be' master criminal (Sharky) has planned the BIG job. He plans to steal $300,000,000 in gold bars from the worlds biggest bank: The Zurich Metro bank! To help him complete his master plan he enlist the services of a local team. He has 3 teams to choose from.. Who will you pick for the BIG job?...

Released: 9 Jun 2011
Screenshot 1 of The  Hamresanden Chronicles II: The Black Prism
* May 18th 2011... V4.00

This is the second instalment of the series.

You are Magrid, a Wizard to the royal court and Asgrim's Nemesis.

Asgrim is an evil red wizard intent on ruling the earth through blood, murder and tyranny.

He has returned to earth to regain control after his defeat last time. This time he has found a Black Prism, capable of much po...

Released: 12 Apr 2011
Screenshot 1 of The Secret of Garbh Eileach
New server.. May 2011 What is is the Secret of Garbh Eileach? You travel to Garbh Eileach, a remote Scottish island after receiving a call from your Uncle who explains about a secret society that your grandfather Hamish McHoodle was involved with. Uncle McHoodle has a diary he was left in Hamish McHoodle's will that tells of a secret chamber that Hamish McHoodle built to store French aris...

Released: 27 Feb 2011
Screenshot 1 of TIGER HAWK SQUADRON 1
This is a short, shoot 'em up style game. You play as Airman Conrad who wants to join the TIGER HAWK SQUADRON: the very top elite squadron. You have passed the written exams now you must complete a series of sorties which includes: destroying enemy planes, tanks, boats, weapons factories and obliterate terrorists hold up in mountain caves. You start off with a Panther GX plane and work y...

Released: 2 Sep 2011

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