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Screenshot 1 of Alpha - X TECH DEMO
A demo for the upcoming futuristic mystery, Alpha - X. Includes:

--First person perspective
--Demonstration of art, music, sound FX and GUI
--Usable Alpha - X network terminal. Go to the operations center and use the terminal to learn more about Neo York, or type in the name of one of the characters you meet to learn more about them.
--A demonstration of your DRIFTER's deep scan fu...

Released: 2 Feb 2007
Screenshot 1 of Alpha X - Project: SMASH
Welcome to ALPHA X - PROJECT: SMASH, and the city of Neo York in the year 2199. You are Rhys Dryden, a detective with Bureau 6, working in department 636, the newly-formed strikeforce to hunt down users and pushers of the notorious and deadly narcotic known as SMASH. You have been tasked with hunting down Zeke Russell, the only SMASH dealer ever to give you the slip, after he murdered another Bure...

Released: 13 Jan 2007
Screenshot 1 of ESPER: The Town on the Edge of Darkness
In ESPER: The Town on the Edge of darkness, you play as Ian McDermott, head investigator of the ESPER society, a group dedicated to the exploration and revelation of paranormal and occult activity. You have been called to the prison cell of one Mr. Frederick Stiles, who has been imprisoned for murdering a young girl. Stiles is your CLIENT, however, and he claims that the girl was already dead at t...

Released: 31 Aug 2005
Heart of Abraxas by esper
Screenshot 1 of Heart of Abraxas
One Room, One Week competition game in which you find yourself trapped in a basement, unsure of who you are or what you are doing there. The strange arcane symbol on the floor at your feet seems to restrict your movement, and the menacing darkness around you can only be broken by the light of discovery. Who are you? Why are you here, and who has done this to you? Will you live long enough to find ...

Released: 2 Feb 2006
My Burden to Keep by Perpetual Diversion
Screenshot 1 of My Burden to Keep
It is May 3rd, 1941.

Just as the sun peeks over the horizon on that cold spring morning, a harrowing report comes in to the sheriff's department. The mayor has been murdered in his home.

Solve the murder/Clear your father's name. Two wills struggle on separate paths towards the same goal, to find out what really happened. Who killed mayor James Scott?...

Released: 28 Oct 2018
Secrets by ManicMatt
Screenshot 1 of Secrets
Half serious and half comedy adventure about a man who gets a call from his brother, who says he's in trouble. When our hero Jake gets to his brother's apartment, he finds him bleeding to death, attacked by those who tried keep him silent!

Full music soundtrack!

Fully spoken speech!

Thanks to http://gamesolutions.efzeven.nl for hosting my game!...

Released: 18 Sep 2006

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