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The Will
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The Will
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Mamma mia! Winter Ice Cream Mayhem by Peter G. Bouillon
Screenshot 1 of Mamma mia! Winter Ice Cream Mayhem
Winner of the MAGS competition for June 2019.

Help a hungry customer get an ice cream!

Germans crave for ice cream as soon as the sun is shining -- even when
it is freezing and there is snow in the streets. Or so it is said (maybe
without justification). :)

This is the story of a hungry German that must battle:
* an Italian ice cream vendor,
* ...

Released: 16 Jul 2019
Grand Kitchen Escape by Peter G. Bouillon
Screenshot 1 of Grand Kitchen Escape
A cat, a dog or an aching ex party guest with a hangover are locked into Lea's kitchen. They need to get out. Can you help them?...

Released: 1 May 2018
Jake's Very Last Journey by Peter G. Bouillon
Screenshot 1 of Jake's Very Last Journey
Jake has an unfortunate mishap on his way home, a mishap that lands him right in the clouds. He needs to find his way to the Pearly Gates and into heaven. But to make that happen, he needs your help.

Encounter, and counter, a preachy neighbour and an ill-tempered ghost in a wild and wonderful journey!...

Released: 2 Dec 2019
Thinker by fernewelten
Screenshot 1 of Thinker
Meet a robot that lacks a voice module but is full of thought. Follow his life as he awakes from his crate. Help him escape his self-chosen isolation and help him struggle to stay charged!
A sci-fi Point & Click adventure

Released: 21 May 2021
Flight from the robots by Peter G. Bouillon
Screenshot 1 of Flight from the robots
A sci-fi Point & Click escape-the-room adventure.
Help Ian save himself and escape from his underground flat!
It's  the year 2154. The climate catastrophe has happened. Life on earth has become too hot, so humanity has had to move underground. The few human rebels that exist don't stand a chance against the robot's superiority.Meet Ian, a human that is actively collaborating with t...

Released: 13 Sep 2021

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