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Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] Carrot Adventures PMQ
You play as Dave while being accompanied by Mr.Mog, your fateful friend and reliable salesmen. You have received a quest to travel to the City of spirits to find a girl named Yuki....

Released: 9 Jul 2011
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] Mythical Gambit
Dave has all his memories back now however he is still trapped in dream. For some reason a problem in his dreams are preventing him from seeing color. Help him get fix his vision problem and escape the dream world with the power of your phone in real life! Note: must have a QR scanning program installed on your phone. Note: If you don't have a phone you can still get the QR links in the Txt ...

Released: 22 Apr 2012
[Into the series] OceanSpirit Dennis by Studio 3 x Mog.Net
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] OceanSpirit Dennis
Play as Dave and go on a search for the 3 three magical Stars better known as the Dawn Stars. ...

Released: 25 Jan 2012
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] PMQ Legends
Help Zeke Cid save the forest by solving the puzzle of the forest and collecting the 4 hidden [Tech]Cube Cores in this short 3D adventure. Mouse Control(Right click to switch through you current mouse modes) Full screen is recommended....

Released: 20 Sep 2011
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] PMQ Spin-offs
the story that that is the story of another game but the "fake" start of this game: Play as tidus as you set on an epic (mini) adventure with a key blade from kingdom hearts. Recommened that you play/watch a little of ff.x & kh to get why this game has this story....

Released: 12 Apr 2010
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] Portable Knights: PMQ
[Left Click = Walk][Right Click = Interact] For years now Dave has sworn to ave those in harm from evil. However he is bout to come face to face with a a sick little girl stuck in acoma. The Docters say that this is her last nigh and if she does not wake up then they must pull the plug. Dave knew he couldn't help her in the real world so he wen't to sleep in order to Dream Link into her mind. H...

Released: 29 Feb 2012
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] Pub Master Quest
Remake scheduled for 2013-1014....

Released: 27 Aug 2009
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] Pub Master Quest 2
Remake scheduled for 2013 - 2014....

Released: 28 Jul 2010
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] Pub Master Quest 3
Tifa's Ballad is a Movie project for one of my classes. My Teacher is bugging me about give the stuff I will have the update the version of the Movie out tomorrow. The Movie is about the back story of Tifany Lotus making here way into the PMQ series. *The Update just adds the end credits....

Released: 27 Apr 2012
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] Shogin Crystal Legends B1
Update coming 2014...

Released: 11 Jan 2010
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] Shogin Crystal Legends B2
v2.0 The Dawn Sword has transformed into a magical clone of Dave, together the two must take down the Troll Lord in this spin-off quest. Note this game has absolutely nothing to do with the other PMQ games I make/made. This game sorta follows the events of the real world in 2012. ...

Released: 31 Dec 2012
Screenshot 1 of [Into the series] Shogin Crystal Legends B3
Fantasy Dough is a Trivia RPG about making the greatest Pizza ever! Help Dave search the Pub for the ingredients for the Fantasy Dough Pizza and save the Pub from closure by the high class Food inspector....

Released: 1 Mar 2013
AGS Coloseum Demo by icey games
Screenshot 1 of AGS Coloseum Demo
Information on the Demo The Demo version is a short look into the beginning of the game. You can only play as Dave and a lot of the stuff is unavailable as well. *** This game has a lot of new features such a graphics, music, and many other things. It will be able to use DLC feature from Pub Master Quest Legends. I plan to push all my other projects out of the way to fully focus on this game ...

Released: 8 Jan 2012
Screenshot 1 of Concurrence (MAGS)
Concurrence is a so called cinematic platform game. Unlike other platform games you will know (like �Super Mario Bros.� or �Sonic the Hedgehog�), this game focuses on realisitic movements, puzzles and a dense atmosphere. If you have played games like �Prince of Persia�, �Another World� or �Flashback� you will know what awaits you. Many of parts of...

Released: 7 May 2011
Screenshot 1 of Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator
Corporal Merrick was on leave one evening and tried to hook up with some cute vampire twins. In an attempt to impress them, he allowed himself to be made into a vampire. Unfortunately his army found out and enrolled him in a secret experimental bionic implant program. Now half vampire, half robot, and more than half confused, Merrick must escape the base where he is being held or spend the rest...

Released: 30 Oct 2011
Screenshot 1 of final fantasy XV fanmade
Fanmade game showing off the trailer of FFXV...

Released: 10 Oct 2009
Firefly story 3d by icey games
Screenshot 1 of Firefly story 3d
The first AGS game in stereoscopy. best to run this game in full screen so you don't strain your eyes because of the stuff outside of the game including the window frame Cross eyed your eyes to view in 3d!...

Released: 11 Dec 2010
Gear Blade™.DX by icey games
Screenshot 1 of Gear Blade™.DX
Gear Blade™.DX made by Studio3 & S3online All art by Isiah sweeting ...

Released: 9 Apr 2011
No screenshot 1 for Mythical Gambit Flawless Fatality
[Completed Demo] This demo features a random encounter with 1 out of 2 monsters randomly chosen upon start. There is also 2 songs of which 1 will be picked at random to play....

Released: 19 Jul 2013
Screenshot 1 of Mythical Gambit Tales of the OceanSpirit[Demo]
[rushed demo] Mythical Gambit: Tales of the OceanSpirit, is a demo themed around OSD. The Demo is created to show a bit of how my Bakesale game will work however. It's a bit rushed because of school but I was able to create some simple elements to connect the unfinished code from MG:FF to form a Junction System for the Demo. ...

Released: 29 Jun 2013
neku's new trip (chap1) by icey games
Screenshot 1 of neku's new trip (chap1)
After some time neku finds his self back in shibuya with some new people. But some how they know him. Help neku as he travels to new worlds to recover his memory as he battles the noise and heartless ...

Released: 21 Nov 2009
Screenshot 1 of neku's new trip[complete book]
NNT complete book:Neku's personality is rather unsociable. He has a lot of difficulty understanding people, so he always keeps to himself. Unfortunately, this results in his dislike of dealing with other people. His opinion of others is so low that he tends to see people only for their use. Neku refuses company, as he feels that friends only drag him down, cause him pain when they fail him and mak...

Released: 31 May 2010
Oceanspirit Dennis 2 by icey games
Screenshot 1 of Oceanspirit Dennis 2
Can you complete your task while keeping a promise? Play as Dennis while being accompanied by a young lady named suka lockbed on a great adventure in the OS Universe. Click the mirror for the latest version (2.0)...

Released: 31 Dec 2010
Screenshot 1 of OceanSpirit Dennis 2 beta
Test the beta of the first part of the game....

Released: 2 Dec 2010
Screenshot 1 of Oceanspirit Dennis 3D [MAGS]
Oceanspirit Dennis: 3D by studio3 & square peniks How to play: 1. Follow the warnings at the start of the game. 2.To view in 3d correctly read this:http://www.digital-photography-tips.net/stereoscopic-3d-trainer.html 3. at the bottom of the screen their is a area for your commands & a battle log. 4. To find out what the black eye button does read the warning at the start of the game...

Released: 28 Apr 2011
Screenshot 1 of Oceanspirit Dennis: Rise of the Spirit[Demo]
This is a demo of OSD:ROTS please Enjoy, rate, & leave feedback :)...

Released: 27 Aug 2011
Screenshot 1 of Oceanspirit Dennis: Scourge of the Underworld
this is a short battle in the game but still fun! let me know what you think(after NNT i might start working on this game)...

Released: 18 May 2010
Screenshot 1 of OceanSpirit Dennis: Scourge of the underworld HD
Dennis is back(Well he never went anywhere) on a endless "HD" battle with his hair stylist Toya Toya....

Released: 22 Oct 2011
Screenshot 1 of Oceanspirit Dennis: The Full Name Of This Game Won't Fit In The Subject Line!!1
Oceanspirit Dennis: My Very First AGS RPG Game Ever Made by Me and Square Enix: Can Someone Please Tell Me How to Upload It So You Can All Play It: Episode VIIIXCMIICM: The Legend of Zelda Edition 3DSX: Ocarina of Majora's Past: Cloud Strife's Precursor Story!!1: PubMasterQuestPMQLEgeNDS: DON't post in MY THREAD if you don't like This Game Plxkthnz: Oh, ALSO KINGDOM FINAL HEARTS FATNASY VIXYCCII: ...

Released: 10 Jul 2011
Screenshot 1 of OSD Archipelago Adventures 1
Oceanpspirit Dennis returns in his biggest game yet!

This game combines elements of both RPGs with turn-based tactical combat games, adds in a dash of mini-games and side quests, and mixes it all together for a unique OSD stew that's both fun and funny. I hope you enjoy it....

Released: 25 Sep 2011
Screenshot 1 of OSD LAST BOSS Dennis Returns 1.5 HD ReMIX
Get ready to face ff against the last boss in OSD. However just because this is the last boss does that mean that OSD is over?...

Released: 1 Dec 2011
OSD Last Boss DX by icey games
Screenshot 1 of OSD Last Boss DX
Help Dennis and the hooded boy defeat karen in OSD Last Boss DX!!!...

Released: 14 Jul 2012
Screenshot 1 of OSD Sorta 99% 著名 [MAGS]
A simple joke game. OSD get picked to go on the hit show of the underworld: Sorta 99% FAMOUS, hosted by Debra Snotcat. She thinks she is funny but she really isn't though. A prequel to Ben304's second OSD game: Oceanspirit Dennis - ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯. ...

Released: 8 Nov 2011
OSD vs Cloud Strife by icey games
Screenshot 1 of OSD vs Cloud Strife
Face off against Cloud strife in this epic battle to celebrate Dennis's Bday! ...

Released: 15 May 2012
Screenshot 1 of OSD: The lost world[FULL]
play as teen Dennis in his first episode....

Released: 1 Nov 2010
Screenshot 1 of Pub master quest Legends v3.0
Version 5.0 coming soon. It will bring a lot more to the game and thus will be the best version so far. I'm looking into December Release so stay tuned.

*Recently I noticed 4.0 has been deleted for some odd reason and I don't think I have it on my PC anymore, version 5 shouldn't take that long so please bear with me.*

This version is called the "Feedback Beta"


Released: 22 Aug 2011

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